David Dobrik Net Worth : Houses & Cars

David Dobrik is a Slovak YouTuber star based in America who has accumulated a net worth of 15 million USD as of December 2023.

David’s family moved to the US from Slovakia when he was only six years old. He first got famous on Vine, the short-form video hosting service.

Later, he started a YouTube channel where he shared vlogs of him and his friends, popularly known as the “Vlog Squad.”

David Dobrik on America's Most Musical Family in 2019
David Dobrik on America’s Most Musical Family in 2019.

Dobrik started his YouTube channel in 2015, and in only a few years, he has accumulated 18.9 million subscribers and 8.2 billion views.

After gaining loads of success in the internet entertainment business, David has spread his wings into voice acting and reality TV shows. He is also the founder of an app called Dispo.

Quick Facts

Let us go through some quick facts about the YouTube star.

Birth Name Dávid Julián Dobrík
Stage Name David Dobrik
Pet Name Dave
Net Worth 15 Million USD
Birth Date 23 July 1996
Age 27 Years Old
Birth Place Košice, Slovakia
Nationality Slovak
Religion Christian
Ethnicity White (Caucasian)
Education Vernon Hills High School
Zodiac Sign Leo
Father’s Name Pavo Dobrik
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings Toby Dobrik (Brother), Ester Dobrik and Sara Dobrik (Sisters)
Height 5’9” feet or 1.75 m
Weight 75 kg or 165 lb
Body Type Athletic
Skin Tone Fair
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Shoe Size 10.5 (US)
Sexual Orientation Straight
Relationship Status Single
Relationships Liza Koshy (2015 to 2018)
Children None
Profession Youtuber, Podcaster, Internet Personality, Television Host
Active Years 2013-Present
Social Media YouTube, Instagram, Twitter
Last Update December 2023

David Dobrik: Income and Net Worth

David is the highest-paid internet personality in the world.

He is currently worth 15 million USD.

However, in 2020, David’s net worth was around $20 million.

His decrease in net worth was because he stooped posting on his YouTube channel because of the pandemic.

Moreover, YouTube stopped monetization of Dobrik’s YouTube videos because of his sexual assault allegations.

His videos earn an average of 950,000 views per day; this results in an estimated revenue of around $4,750 per day and, likewise, $1.7 million a year.

David used to earn $275 thousand per month from YouTube revenue in 2019, but the numbers have gone down to only $2000 per video recently.

Since he gathers more than ten million views per video, Dobrik charges his sponsors accordingly.

He earns around $10 thousand to $50 thousand per sponsor.

Other than that, he also sells merchandise on his official website, and most of them are always sold out.

He sells hoodies, sweatshirts, pants, t-shirts, hats, phone cases, diaries, and many more ranging from $12 to $45; this makes the YouTuber a fortune.

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David Dibrik’s Houses and Cars

Dobrik’s fans are aware of his lavish life and fun career. He boasts his houses, cars, electronic gadgets, even a custom-made iron man suit in his vlogs.


David’s $2.5 Million Home

The YouTuber owns a $2.5 million mansion in Studio City, CA. It is only five minutes drive from Universal Studios.

The four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms house was built in 1953.

It facilitates parking spaces for two cars and a huge swimming pool.

David's 2.5 million LA home.
David’s 2.5 million LA home.

The mansion runs over 2,700-square-feet of land. David said that the house is “not too modern but not too old either.”

Likewise, the YouTuber has decorated the living space with a non-functioning gumball machine, a self for his awards, and several neon signs.

The property also showcases beautiful views of Universal Studios, the Comcast building, and The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter.

David Dobrik’s new $9.5 million mansion

David had been looking for a new home for a long time because of stalkers and fans showing up at his old house.

Finally, in 2020, David purchased a $9.5 million mansion in the San Fernando Valley’s Sherman Oaks neighborhood.

Fans were surprised by the mansion’s price; however, David got a bargain as the house was initially listed for $12 million.

It is six bedrooms and seven bathrooms spec-built mansion that runs over 7800 square feet of space.

The living area boasts lustrous terrazzo flooring and floor-to-ceiling windows.

The mansion also features a large swimming pool with an inset spa, an equipped gym, a temperature-controlled wine closet, a 35 seat movie theater, a basketball court, a gourmet kitchen slathered in white marble, and an upstairs master suite with views of the mesmerizing skyline.

The outside lounging area is perfect for David to film his vlogs as it consists of a full outdoor kitchen with a BBQ center, a quaint loveseat on a swing, and a grassy patch of lawn for all of his “science experiment” vlogs.

But most of all, fans loved to see Dobrik’s custom addition to the house. The living area consists of a water fountain that gives out fruit punch instead,


If there is anything David is most known for, it is giving away cars to his friends. However, he himself drives a few luxurious sets of cars.

One of them is Dobrik’s, Tesla Model X. The YouTuber purchased the car for $90 thousand and owned one in white.

Fans have frequently seen the car in his vlogs, including when he sends the car flying by mistake.

David with his Tesla Model X.
David with his Tesla Model X.

Another one of his luxury cars is the Ferrari 458 Spider. It is the first car ever to combine a mid-rear engine with a retractable folding hardtop that delivers.

David owns one in sleek metallic red. However, he seems to not take good care of it, as in one of his vlogs, he crashed it into an oak tree outside a nightclub.

The car originally sells for $263,533, but the reparation cost him another $10 grand.

David Dobrik: Lifestyle and Vacations


Other than expensive houses and cars, David lives a humble life. He is rarely seen wearing anything other than his own merch.

David frequently goes out with his friends to different nightclubs for the vlogs but isn’t seen drinking in any of those.

Because of his pubic breakup with fellow YouTuber Liza Koshi, he likes to keep his love life as private as possible. His day-to-day life consists of filing podcasts with Jashon Nash and vlogging with his friends.

Similarly, the YouTuber has an exquisite taste in food; his favorite dish is the Hawaiian steak, which his assistant Taylor makes for him.


David is frequently on vacation, vlogging with his friends; however, since the coronavirus pandemic, he has not traveled.

Since Dobrik isn’t allowed to go outside the US, the places he could vacation are limited.

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David Dobrik: Charity

Dobrik is frequently called the most generous YouTuber of all time.

He does a lot for his fellow vlog squad members. However, he hasn’t kept from helping his fans from time to time.

Recently, David partnered up with EA and helped people during hard times caused by the pandemic by giving away ipads, Xbox, and cash to several of his fans.

He also donated $50 thousand to various organizations helping the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

The YouTuber has also paid for several of his fan’s college tuition.

David Dobrik’s Sponsors

Fans who watch David’s Vlogs know that he has a lot of sponsors. He mentions them at the beginning of almost every video.

They also help him with several of his car give-aways.

For instance, the mobile-focused ticket platform, SeatGeek, helped Dobrik to buy three Mercedes for his childhood best friends, a BMW M3 model for Nick (Jonah in David’s Vlog), a blue BMW for David’s father, a white Mercedes for his assistant/childhood friend Natalie.

He also got a Tesla Model 3 for his friend Alex, a Mustang for one of his fans, a Ferarri for himself, and many others.

Likewise, Other of his sponsors include a publicly traded meal-kit company called Hellofresh, an online food ordering and food delivery platform.

Doordash, a Venture capital company, Spark Capital, along with many other brands like Honey, Dollar Shave Club, EA Sports, General Mills, HBO Max, Facebook, and Audible.

David Dobrik: Career

Although David uploaded his first-ever vine in 2013, his career as an entertainer did not flourish right after.

While in Vine, he collaborated with other popular vine starters who would later become members of the Vlog Squad.

As Vine got less and less popular, he created his own YouTube channel in 2015. Only after a year, in August of 2016, he gained one million subscribers.

Currently, the YouTuber has over 18 million subscribers and counting.

Most of his vlogs are real-life content of his friends partying, pranking each other, doing challenges, traveling, and having fun together.

In August 2016, David created his second channel called David Dobrik too, where he posts bloopers and behind the scene content.

He used to post three vlogs a week for a long time but decreased to two vlogs. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, he hasn’t uploaded any vlogs.

In December 2018, Dobrik surpassed the 10 million subscribers milestone, hence was given a Diamond Play Button by YouTube.

David then became a judge in a musical competition on Nickelodeon called America’s Most Musical Family, with fellow judges Ciara and Debbie Gibson.

2019 was the best year of Dobrik’s career because he was featured in several shows outside YouTube.

He co-hosted the 2019 Teen Choice Awards and won the Choice Male Web Star award himself.

Likewise, he was named the sexiest heartthrob of 2019 by People magazine.

In 2020, Dobrik launched the camera app called Dispo. Although the app received a lot of backlash due to the ongoing sexual assault scandal, it was well-received by David’s fans.

In October 2020, Dobrik launched his fragrance brand David’s Perfume with Flower Shop Perfumes Co.

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Some Facts about David Dobrik

  • David has been married and divorced before for a vlog; he married a Vlog Squad member, Jason Nash’s 77-year-old mother, as a joke in Vegas. Although they got divorced six months later, Lorraine still makes appearances in his vlogs.
  • One thing David is popular for is gifting his expensive cars to his friends. In several of David’s vlogs, he surprises his fellow Volg Squad members with cars and has gifted over twenty cars to date.
  • Dobrik cannot leave the US because he is not a citizen yet. He and his family entered the country under DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), and hence if he leaves, he won’t be allowed to enter the country for the next ten years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was David Dibrik “canceled”?

2020 was not a good year for David Dobrik because his friend and a Vlog Squad member, Seth, came forth with sexual assault accusations against the vlog squad. Likewise, he was also accused of not paying the members properly and putting people’s lives in danger for vlogs.

Why does Trisha not like David?

The internet personality Trisha Paytas dislikes David Dobrik as she claims that David didn’t ask for her consent before posting vlogs of her naked and for abandoned her when she was getting treated in a mental hospital.

Is Natalie dating Dobrik?

Natalie Mariduena is David’s long-time friend, a Vlog Squad member, and also his assistant. However, she is not in a relationship with David; she is currently dating another Vlog Squad member, Todd.

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