Darlene Rodriguez Husband David Rodriguez Married Life And Kids

Darlene Rodriguez Husband

Exploring the life, marriage, and family of Darlene Rodriguez husband, David Rodriguez: A journey through their married life and parenthood.

Darlene Rodriguez is a journalist and co-anchor of Today in New York on WNBC. She became co-anchor in 2003 after reporting for WNBC and co-anchoring Weekend Today in New York.

Rodriguez has filled in as a newsreader for The Today Show on NBC. She was a reporter for WCBS Newsradio 88 and BronxNet Cable before joining WNBC.

A native of the Bronx, Rodriguez graduated from Christopher Columbus High School and the University of Miami.

She created local cable news programs on cross-cultural cuisines while in college.

Rodriguez still enjoys cooking and crocheting in her free time. She currently lives in Croton-on-Hudson, New York.

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Darlene Rodriguez Husband David Rodriguez

The co-anchor of Today in New York, Darlene Pomelas Rodriguez, is married to David Rodriguez, who was a New Rochelle police force sergeant.

In 2008, David was accused of using his authority to have sexual contact with a seventeen-year-old girl. He later admitted to misconduct and pleaded guilty.

He was one of the officers who arrested the girl’s boyfriend on domestic violence charges.

The girl claimed Darlene Rodriguez husband returned alone later and raped her. He admitted to official misconduct for having a sexual relationship with the teenager.

Darlene Rodriguez Husband David Rodriguez
Darlene Rodriguez husband David Rodriguez, was found guilty of official misconduct. (Source: Instagram)

Darlene Rodriguez husband resigned from the police force and pleaded guilty to official misconduct, a misdemeanor. He was sentenced to probation and counseling.

The incident caused embarrassment for Pomelas, his wife, and the popular morning show host. The journalist stood by her husband throughout the ordeal.

He expressed deep regret for his actions, which he acknowledged were an abuse of his authority as an officer. Despite the scandal, the couple remains married today.

Darlene Rodriguez Married Life

Despite the accusations of rape against David, Rodriguez chose not to abandon him.

She stayed with her husband during the court procedures and shared, “I’m here to support my husband. I believe in him. I love him. He’s innocent 100 percent.”

Later, Darlene was found guilty by the court. However, due to his plea, he received a one-year conditional discharge and was ordered to stay away from the teen for five years.

After being found guilty, the former police sergeant resigned from the New Rochelle police force.

Darlene Rodriguez Husband
Darlene Rodriguez husband, admitted that he used his influence and pleaded to the misconduct. (Source: Instagram)

Even during this time, the news anchor stood by her husband. The couple faced difficulties together and overcame them.

However, she was severely criticized for supporting her convicted husband. Critics on Twitter questioned her motives and judgment.

Not allowing the situation to damage their relationship, the pair weathered the storm and remain together today.

Eleven years later, there are no signs the scandal still impacts the Rodriguez family.

Interestingly, the Rodriguez family still lives in their Westchester County home, purchased in 2004, four years prior to the misconduct case that shook their world.

Darlene Rodriguez Kids

The co-anchor of Today in New York has two children with her husband, David. The couple’s first child, Olivia, was born in 2006.

Darlene took a short maternity leave from the morning show before returning to her hosting duties.

She brought baby Olivia along with her on air a few times, showing the child off to viewers.

Their second child, David Jr., arrived in 2008, shortly before the scandal emerged over her spouse’s misconduct with a teenager while serving as a police sergeant.

Darlene Rodriguez Husband
Pictured: Darlene Rodriguez with her husband and children. (Source: Instagram)

Despite the turmoil, the journalist focused on motherhood. She also took David Jr. to work with her, letting him play on set and interact with crew members.

She has said balancing her career with raising kids has been a challenge, but her priority is family.

The anchor is protective of her children’s privacy but gives fans an occasional glimpse into her life as a working mom through social media.

Motherhood has only boosted her popularity as a warm, relatable morning show host.

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