Cole Deboer Brother Brock DeBoer, Sister: Siblings And Family

Cole DeBoer Brother

Who is Cole Deboer brother, Brock DeBoer? Discover the possibility of him having a sister or other siblings in the following sections.

Cole DeBoer, a familiar face from MTV’s “Teen Mom 2,” garnered attention when he began dating Chelsea DeBoer in 2014.

Fast forward to today; married to Chelsea, they’ve become parents to Aubree, Watson, Layne, and Walker.

The couple’s passion for design led them to build their dream home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where Chelsea took the creative reins while his handiwork brought her visions to life.

The TV Star’s love for woodworking, fitness, and tending to farm animals on their property shines through.

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Cole Deboer Brother Brock DeBoer

Brock DeBoer, the older brother of Cole DeBoer, resides in Los Angeles and is pursuing a career as a porcelain artist.

Despite not being twins, the striking similarity between the siblings caught fans by surprise when he shared a rare photo in 2022.

The uncanny resemblance between the brothers prompted fans to dub them “twins,” noting their shared facial features, infectious smiles, and well-toned physiques.

In the snapshot posted by the duo, they appeared side by side, showcasing near-identical grins and physical attributes.

Their facial structures mirrored each other, contributing to the perception of a striking resemblance.

However, the most noticeable point of distinction lay in their hairstyles—Brock flaunted long, flowing locks, a marked contrast to the TV personality’s shorter, cropped hairdo.

The unexpected likeness between Cole and Brock stirred a wave of astonishment among their followers.

Cole DeBoer Brother
Cole DeBoer posted a rare picture featuring his sibling, Brock DeBoer.(Source: The U.S. Sun)

Comments flooded the post, emphasizing the brothers’ incredible similarity, with many expressing awe at their shared genetic traits.

The photo’s reception was a testament to the uncanny parallelism between the two, despite not sharing twin status.

The DeBoer siblings lead different lives in terms of professions and geographical locations.

However, their shared genetics and evident camaraderie showcased in the snapshot served as a striking visual testament to their brotherly bond.

Despite the physical distance separating them, the TV star is rooted in South Dakota, while Brock resides in Los Angeles.

The photo served as a rare glimpse into their relationship, highlighting their physical similarities and affirming the strong familial connection they share.

Cole Deboer Sister: Siblings

Cole DeBoer’s family is primarily recognized through his relationship with his older brother, Brock, leaving little information in the public domain regarding potential sisters.

Despite the acknowledgment of Brock as his sibling, details about any sisters connected to him remain undisclosed or unpublicized.

The spotlight often focuses on his life in relation to his wife, Chelsea DeBoer, and their expanding family, featuring their journey on television and social media.

Cole DeBoer Brother
Cole DeBoer is pictured with his wife and kids. (Source: Instagram)

However, insights into the TV personality’s immediate family beyond his brother Brock have not been extensively shared or brought to public attention.

This lack of information regarding his sisters doesn’t diminish the significance of his familial bonds but rather highlights the privacy and discretion maintained in certain aspects of his personal life.

While the TV personality’s brotherly connection with Brock has occasionally emerged in the public eye, his potential relationships with sisters, if any, have remained private.

This aspect of his life is shielded from widespread recognition or discussion.

Cole Deboer Family

Cole DeBoer was born on April 18, 1988, to parents Bret and Jennifer DeBoer. He graduated from South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD.

He works as a personal trainer and handyman. After meeting Chelsea at a gas station in 2014, he moved in with her and formed a close bond with Chelsea’s daughter, Aubree.

He and Chelsea married in 2016 and have since welcomed three children: Watson, born in January 2017; Layne, born in August 2018; and Walker, born in January 2021.

Chelsea and the TV star have achieved success designing and building their dream home in Sioux Falls.

Their passion for home design led them to start a new HGTV series, “Down Home Fab,” in 2023, focused on helping couples construct unique homes.

Cole DeBoer Brother
Cole DeBoer and Chelsea are parents to a trio of kids. (Source: Instagram)

As a family, the DeBoers enjoy life on their property, where Cole’s woodworking and hands-on skills allow them to complete projects together.

Their family time involves tending to their many farm animals and engaging in fitness activities.

Between his ever-growing family and successful career alongside his wife, DeBoer has created a full life after entering the public eye thanks to Chelsea’s longtime role on Teen Mom 2.

Though now in the spotlight himself, he remains focused on supporting Chelsea and their children as a husband and dedicated father.

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