Meet Claudia Iacono Kids Husband And Murder Case Update

Claudia Iacono kids and case update

The subject of Claudia Iacono Kids began trending into the news after surprising disclosures on the woman’s murder case. Let’s find out what happened to her. 

Recently, Claudia Iacono’s Death news sparked Netizens online. The Brazen shooting outside the salon caused fear in everyday citizens. Who killed Montreal’s Mafia figure’s daughter-in-law? Engages users online as they want to know facts regarding the case. 

Reportedly, Claudia Iacono lived in the Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough. The woman was dubbed because of her family’s involvement in the gangster culture. 

The late woman was in her late-30s at the time of her passing, as suggested by the CBC post. 

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Meet Claudia Iacono Kids 

According to sources, Claudia Iacono was the owner of Salon Deauville. She was shot dead in a parking lot. 

As reported by Yahoo, Iacono was 39 at the time of her death. She was the daughter-in-law of the late mob boss Moreno Gallo.

The mother expressed immense pride in her daughter, celebrating Gineva’s first-place victory in a competition. Unfortunately, she is not alive to join the celebration. The woman expressed her anticipation for the future.

Claudia’s caption extends congratulations to her daughter’s winning team and all the participants who presented teamwork for their success.

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Meet Claudia Iacono’s Husband Anthony Gallo

The deceased woman Claudia Iacono was the wife of Anthony Gallo. Her husband Anthony is the son of Montreal Mafia figure Moreno Gallo, meaning Claudia is his daughter-in-law.

Claudia’s father-in-law was killed in Mexico in 2013. According to several reports, she was not involved in any sort of criminal activity and was busy working in her salon. 

According to Radio-Canada, her husband and brother-in-law Moreno Gallo Jr. were involved in organized illegal activities. 

Security forces are expecting some kind of retaliation after the tragedy from the underworld. 

Claudia Iacono Case Update

Sadly, beauty salon owner Claudia Iacono was shot to death in a targeted shooting on Tuesday, May 17, 2023.

Reportedly, she died of a shooting wound near a parking lot of her beauty salon Salon Deauville, in the Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough.

According to Radio-Canada and CBC reports, a gunman shot Claudia Iacono five times at 4:30 pm after waiting for her. 

People often get confused over the topic as controversies surround Claudia, and her close ones are not ready to believe that their favorite woman is no more. 

According to concerned authorities, wives were rarely targeted in Mafia attacks, but Claudia’s case differs.

The Montreal Police revealed in a public report that the deceased woman’s car collided with a building after being fatally shot.

Claudia Iacono case update
Claudia Iacono case update. (Source: CBC)

The woman was declared dead on the spot. A spokesperson of Montreal Police reported to CBC, saying, “The victim’s vehicle was in motion when she was hit by bullets and collided with a building.” 

As per reports, witnesses mentioned that the shooter ran away after opening Fire. 

Due to the tragedy, several people grieved the woman’s death and came online to post condolences.

Despite the broad daylight shooting, Montreal Police still said the city was safe. The officer called the timing of the shooting concerning and non-dangerous to other citizens as the murder was all targeted. He said, “We cannot always prevent all the revenge from organized crime.”

However, concerned authorities are trying to serve the victim’s family justice. Likewise, the responding officers didn’t report any arrests or identify suspects but only detected motives behind the shooting.

Unfortunately, the woman’s beauty salon workplace has dealt with a series of targeted attacks earlier. In 2015, SPVM Police officers had previously met Iacono after her salon had been the target of a Molotov cocktail attack, reported by Radio-Canada.

Since limited information about the incident has been released to the press, we hope to gain a detailed disclosure in the coming days.

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