Who Is Clartee Robinson, Kane Robinson Wife? Married Life And Daughter Nubian

Kane Robinson Wife

As the rapper’s popularity continues to rise, so does the curiosity of netizens. Stay tuned to uncover key facts about Kane Robinson wife and kids. 

Clartee Robinson is best known as Kane Robinson’s wife, nicknamed Kano. He is a well-known personality in the music industry.

Kane, a British rapper and composer, is popular for his grime music style, a London-based electronic dance music genre.

Clartee’s partner has had numerous popular albums and songs, including “Home Sweet Home,” “London Town,” and “Made in the Manor.”

Apart from his music career, he also featured in many filmography works, “Tom Boy,” in which he played the role of Sully.

Moreover, he has also engaged in other projects, like writing a book and co-founding a record label called Homegrown. 

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Who Is Clartee Robinson, Kane Robinson Wife?

It is not uncommon for a celebrity wife to be on the media’s radar. Indeed, many people have made a profession out of it.

While some celebrity wives hog the limelight and splurge on fame, Kane Robinson’s wife, Clartee, mostly stays out of the media.

Clartee is well known for being a VIP companion. There isn’t much to see about her as a person.

Kane Robinson Wife
Kane Robinson enjoys spending time with his loved ones. (Image source: Instagram)

So far, it is unclear what Clartee does for a living, leaving us curious about her occupation and daily work.

Moreover, there is a lack of insight regarding Clartee’s accomplishments in her previous years.

Only a few photos of her uploaded by Kane on his verified Instagram handle provide a glimpse into their shared moments together.

Kane Robinson Married Life and Daughter Nubian

Kane generally prefers to keep his personal life out of the spotlight.

It can be proved by going through his social media handles, like Instagram, where he rarely shares glimpses of his personal life.

While he frequently shares updates about his career, he has maintained a veil of secrecy around his marriage.

Kane Robinson Wife
Kane Robinson is a father of an adorable daughter. (Image source: Instagram)

While saying that, he is also the father of his adorable daughter, who brings endless joy to his life.

He can often be seen sharing photos of his little ones on Instagram, showcasing the beautiful moments he shares with his beloved daughter.

Kane Robinson Early Life

Kane Robinson, aka Kano, hails from East Ham, London. He was raised in a Jamaican household and became familiar with reggae music early.

In his formative years, Kano developed an interest in grime music, which was just starting to gain popularity in the UK underground scene.

Regarding his educational history, he attended Langdon Comprehensive School in East Ham. There he met future colleagues and grime musicians D. Double E. and Footsie.

Kane Robinson Wife
Kano’s career began in the early 2000s. (Image source: Instagram)

They formed a group named N.A.S.T.Y. Crew and began playing at local parties and bars. Growing up in a rough part of London wasn’t easy, but Kano was focused on making it as a musician.

He began writing his own music, producing it, and playing it live at various gatherings as he slowly gained recognition in the grime music industry.

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