Chris Hemsworth Net Worth: Lifestyle & Upcoming Movies

Australian actor, known and beloved for his role as “Thor” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Chris Hemsworth has a net worth of $130 million.

Chris  Hemsworth is the middle child who grew up with two brothers. With the support of his family with similar interests, Chris got into acting.

He was first exposed to fame after his roles as Kim Hyde in an Australian TV series “Home and Away.” He stepped into Hollywood and started doing movies like star trek and a perfect getaway.

Chris was offered an opportunity to play “Thor” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. It was now that Chris started experiencing stardom and a crazy amount of fan following.

Chris Hemsworth

He did 8 movies with Marvel before his craziest earning movie “Avengers: The Endgame.” Chris Hemsworth was had an unimaginable net worth and was listed in the lists of highest-paid actors.

Chris has given Hollywood great movies like “Men in Black,” “Red Dawn,” and “Rush.” Chris continues his acting career but is also a fitness freak.

He released his own app Centr to track the health and fitness of people. He is married to model Elsa Pataky.

Chris is a wonderful husband, a loving dad to his three children, twins Sasha and Tristen Hemsworth, and the couple’s oldest, India Rose Hemsworth.

Quick Facts

Here are some facts about Chris Hemsworth at a glimpse

Full Name Christopher Hemsworth
Net Worth $130 Million
Birth Date August 11, 1983
Birth Place Melbourne, Australia
Residence Byron Bay, Australia
Nick Name Kip, Hemsy
Religion Catholic
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White (He is of Dutch, Irish, Scottish, English, German descent)
Education Heathmont College
Horoscope Leo
Father’s Name Craig Hemsworth
Mother’s Name Leonie Hemsworth
Siblings Luke Hemsworth (older brother), Liam Hemsworth (younger brother)
Age  40 years old
Height 6 ft 3in (190 cm)
Weight 201 lb (91 kg)
Skin Tone Fair
Build Muscular
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Beard or Moustache Both
Distinctive Features Gorgeous looks (voted Sexiest Man alive by Pople’s Magazine in 2014)
Feet/ Shoe Size 12(US)
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marriage  Married
Wife Elsa Pataky
Children 3 (Tristen, Sasha, and India Rose)
Profession Actor
Endorsements sponsored by TAG huer.
Close Friend Chris Evans
Trainer Luke Zocchi
Genres Superhero, Action, Horror
Social Media TwitterInstagramFacebook
Awards G’Day USA excellent in Film Award(2015), MTV movie award for the best fight(2013)
Manager AMW Talent Booking Agency
Major Works Avengers: Endgame, Rush, Home and Away, Men in Black International
Last Update May, 2024

Chris Hemsworth: Net Worth and Income

Chris Hemsworth has a net worth estimated around $130 million. The Australian actor earns from his acting ventures, tv shows, brand endorsements, investments, and other income sources.

His income in INR is 975 Crore. His monthly salary is more than a million.

Chris has earned major money and title from his role as Thor. The Marvel Cinematic Universe pays him 4-5% of the film he stars in makes.

Marvel Studio’s record-breaking movie “Avengers: The Endgames” earned a gross of $2.5 billion worldwide. It featured celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. and Brie Larson.

The Studio paid Chris $15 million apart from the profit for the movie giving him a rank of 24th in Forbes Celebrity 100 earnings in 2019. It was estimated that he earned $76.4 million.

Chris is paid by Netflix and other streaming sites yearly. His involvement in his app “Cendr” is also a source of his income.

Chris Hemsworth: Houses, Cars, and Watches


Chris does not hesitate to spend money for his family’s safety. With his wife earning millions of dollars, they can afford luxurious accommodation where their children can grow up.

Currently, the family is living in a  temporary house in Tallow beach, which was purchased by their Byron bay 1st management. The house cost them a whopping $4.3 million.

The house features a custom-made mural wall, six bedrooms, a personalized gym center, spa, media room, and a rooftop infinity pool.

chris hemsworth house

They spend all of the money on a temporary house when their mansion is taking shape nearby. He also owns a home in Malibu. Talk about having a lot of money!


Chris has an impressive collection of cars. His knack for cars is very apparent as he has spent almost a million or two just on car purchases.

He drives around in his Cadillac Escalade worth $200,000. Other than that, he owns an Audi Q7 costing $90,500, an Acura MDX, which cost him roughly $45,000, and a Cadillac SRX.


Chris Hemsworth’s love for watches goes beyond the money and flex. He loves how they are worth all the money because of the hard work and detail put into each one of them, how every watch has a past and tells a story.

He’s the brand ambassador for Tag Heuer and has a collection of analog and vintage watches. Chris says he wants to give his watches to his children when they grow up to carry on with his hobby.

He loves to sport other high-end brands like Hugo Boss and Rolex.

Chris Hemsworth: Lifestyle and Vacation


Chris lives a life that balances being healthy and being lavish. He has a gym to work out in his million dollars home where he breaks sweat every morning.

At times when he is not shooting, he is at home looking after his kids. He is also seen taking them to the beach with his wife. The couple loves letting their kids play outside.

chris’s wife and kids

Chris spends most of his time shooting and hanging around with his colleagues. Chris loves squeezing in workout routines in between shoots.

He is also known for his strict eating habits and diet plans. Only sometimes does he let loose to enjoy a cheat meal. Chris loves spending time with his family as well as his siblings. Brothers Chris and Liam spend a lot of time together and enjoy each other’s company.

Chris is involved in many projects that keep him occupied and his fitness app that he puts a lot of time into.


Hemsworth spent his vacation visiting his home in Australia before moving into his own home in Byron Bay.

He loves going to basketball games with his family and visiting the beach in time off. He spends his holidays with his family or flies around in his $6 million private jets.

Chris also books expensive yachts to treat his family time and again. With all of that money, he sure knows how to splurge.


Chris Hemsworth is a man of big heart who uses his net worth for the good of humanity and nature. Throughout his career, Chris has been very generous about donating and giving back to the community.

In 2020, the Australian wildfire was worse than ever. The wildlife was threatened, and people lost lives and property. Hemsworth stepped up at this time of crisis to donate a hefty sum of $1 million.

This was directed forward to frontline workers, casualties of the outbreak, and wildlife reform committees. Chris also went on to encourage other celebrities to contribute their part.

He has supported causes such as wildlife conservation, the Australian children’s foundation, and covid relief programs. Even locked at home, he continued to support the people in need.

He is also a part of the AGBO superhero league that actively donates to charities.

Upcoming Movies, Endorsements, and Investments

Upcoming Movies

After making his net worth of acting and movies, Chris Hemsworth has made many movies and shows.

Chris is now spending his time preparing for his upcoming movies. He quit the fourth Star Trek movie because of an underwhelming script.

He will also be continuing with his role of Thor in the fourth film, Thor: Love and Thunder. Chris started filming in Australia starting August 2020 and should release in 2022.

In October of 2020, “Mad Max: Fury Road” spin-off Furosia, starring Hemsworth.


Chris is known to be seen sporting big brands like Hugo Boss and Tag Heuer. Both of these watchmaking companies pay him a seven-digit sum for their sponsorship.

Chris has done advertisements for high-end brands such as Audi, Dr. Pepper, and Lexus.


Chris Hemsworth believes in investing in Bitcoin evolution and says it is the easiest way of moneymaking.  In a project co-hosted by entrepreneur Waleed Ali where he was invited,  he was asked how he made his millions, to which he replies

“my number one money-maker is a new cryptocurrency auto-trading program called Bitcoin Evolution”

The segment was cut off immediately by Australia’s banks but not before thousands of audience shaw through his app on how he makes his money.


Chris Hemsworth started his career playing movies like Star Trek, which was already a great success. His casting 2011 by Marvel as Thor was what we like to call “his big break.”

He became a world sensation and was a part of two sequels of the Avengers movie. He was a part of “Snow White and the Huntsman” in 2012 alongside actress Kristen Stewart.

His other works include Rush, Men in black international, and hosted an episode of the American show Saturday Night Live in  2015. He also starred in a Netflix original called “Extraction.”

His hard work and sincerity have won him different awards and recognitions. He won the People’s Choice award for favorite Action movie actor for his work in Avengers: Age of Ultron. He has had countless awards and nominations and continues to give his fans the best of his works.

3 Facts About Chris Hemsworth

  • Chris owns five of Thor’s hammers, one of which is in his bathroom.
  • Chris got into acting to support his family financially.
  • He almost ended up playing a different role in the comic book before landing his famous role as Thor.


How much is Chris Hemsworth’s wife worth?

Model Elsa Pataky is worth $50 million.

Who is richer among the Hemsworth siblings?

Chris is the richest at $130 million.

Does Chris have a hidden talent?

His hidden talent is sewing.

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