Chinese Kitty Parents: Father Nitti And Mother Nicky Ethnicity

Chinese Kitty Parents

Delve into the captivating world of Chinese Kitty parents as we spotlight the influential role of her mother, Nicky, in her life and burgeoning career.

Chinese Kitty is a multi-talented artist who has made her mark as a model, singer, and influencer within the hip-hop community.

The Dallas-born creative first stepped into the spotlight by appearing in music videos for rappers like Fabolous, Ludacris, and Young Dolph.

Her sultry looks and scene-stealing presence in these videos helped propel her modeling career as well, leading to feature spreads in popular magazines such as Smooth, Shygirl, Dynasty, and Model Modele.

Parlaying her video vixen fame, Chinese Kitty also embarked on a career as a rap artist in her own right.

She leveraged her existing industry connections to collaborate with known acts and release a series of mixtapes and singles.

Songs like “On Me,” “Bankrupt Remix,” and “Hit Stick” play to her femme fatale image with bold lyrics celebrating sexuality, wealth, and confidence.

Backed by low-budget but high-impact music videos, these tracks have brought Chinese Kitty hundreds of thousands of views and a dedicated fanbase.

Chinese Kitty Parents

While details on her father are scarce, her mother Nikol Hing, better known as Chinese Nicky, has been hugely influential in shaping her path to fame.

As a stalwart source of support, Chinese Nicky has embraced Chinese Kitty’s unconventional career as a model, rapper, and reality TV star.

She even appeared alongside her daughter on Love & Hip Hop: Miami, offering guidance and defending her against detractors.

Beyond acting as a mentor, Chinese Nicky has also seemingly provided financial backing to fuel Chinese Kitty’s creative ventures and influential image.

Within their family, Chinese Kitty is one of eight siblings exposed to both their Guyanese and Chinese heritage by their parents.

She has one brother and four sisters, along with two other siblings whose genders are unspecified.

While Chinese Kitty may be the most publicly renowned member of the family, they nonetheless remain close-knit and supportive.

In summary, Chinese Nicky has been indispensable in nurturing Chinese Kitty’s talents and controversial public persona.

Their large, blended family continues to provide a foundation for Chinese Kitty to lean on as she navigates her boundary-pushing career between modeling, music, and reality television fame.

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Chinese Kitty Father Nitti And Mother Nicky Ethnicity

Chinese Kitty was born Taylor Hing to parents of diverse ethnic backgrounds that have undoubtedly shaped her creative identity.

Her father, the music producer known as Nitti, is African-American.

Chinese Kitty Parents
Chinese Kitty’s mother Chinese Nicky is 44 years old as of 2024. (source: instagram)

Her mother, Nikol Hing (or “Chinese Nicky”), has both Chinese and Guyanese roots as a television personality.

As a child raised in the melting pot of Queens, New York with a Chinese-Guyanese-Black heritage, Chinese Kitty grew up surrounded by an array of cultural influences.

Such multicultural exposure has informed her artistic versatility as she blends modeling, rapping, and reality television.

Chinese Kitty has incorporated her blended ethnicity into her public image and creative output.

Her name itself is a nod to her Chinese ancestry, while her music and aesthetics integrate the hip-hop culture she inherited from her father’s side

Chinese Kitty family details 

Chinese Kitty was raised as one of eight siblings in a tight-knit Guyanese-Chinese family.

Navigating a crowded household, she remained very close with her parents and six brothers and sisters despite the numbers.

Chinese Kitty Parents
Chinese Kitty has garnered a lot of fanbase through her craft. (source: Instagram)

This supportive family unit provided a foundation for Chinese Kitty to later build her modeling and music career.

Becoming a young parent herself, Chinese Kitty now strives to give her son the same affection and encouragement she received from her kin.

She frequently shows off her pride and joy on social media, documenting their sweet mother-son moments.

However, when it comes to romantic relationships, Chinese Kitty tends to keep that aspect of her personal life out of the public eye.

While not much is known about her dating history or current status, her family remains central to her identity.

In a career where image is everything, Chinese Kitty’s relatives help keep her grounded in reality.

The stability of her parents, siblings, and young son balances the fickle glamour of her public persona.

Though she plays an over-the-top character on shows like Love & Hip Hop, her family connections ensure she stays true to herself.

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