Cheng Li Hui Illness And Health 2023: What Happened

Cheng Li Hui illness

Cheng Li Hui, also known as Zhong Luhui in Chinese, is a Singaporean businesswoman and ex-politician. Find out more about Cheng Li Hui illness and health issues. 

The Singaporean businesswoman and ex-politician was affiliated with the People’s Action Party (PAP) and

She served as the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Tampines East area within the Tampines Group Representation Constituency (GRC) from 2015 to 2023.

Before joining politics, Cheng gained 12 years of grassroots experience by assisting the People’s Action Party in their Meet-the-People Sessions at the Bukit Panjang Branch.

In the 2015 general election, she made her political debut as a member of a five-person PAP team competing in Tampines GRC and emerged victorious.

As a result, she became the Member of Parliament (MP) for Tampines East within the Tampines GRC.

In 2016, she was appointed Deputy District Advisor in the People’s Action Party Women’s Wing.

Ince 2012, Cheng has held the position of Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Hai Leck Holdings. 

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Cheng Li Hui Illness: What Happened? 

Cheng Li Hui recently stepped down from her political career, leading to speculation about the reasons behind her resignation.

Some people speculated that it might be due to the businesswoman’s health issues.

However, it was later revealed that the actual reason for her resignation was her involvement in an affair with Tan Chuan-Jin, a prominent politician.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, the Secretary-General of the PAP, acknowledged that they had been engaged in a romantic relationship since at least 2020.

Cheng Li Hui illness
There are no details regarding Cheng Li Hui illness and health issues (Source: CNA)

Lee stated in a response to their resignation letters that their resignations were deemed “necessary” to uphold the PAP’s long-standing standards of propriety and personal conduct.

As a result of their involvement, their individual parliamentary positions in Tampines GRC and Marine Parade GRC were left unoccupied.

The responsibilities of Cheng’s Tampines East division in Tampines GRC and Tan’s Kembangan-Chai Chee division in Marine Parade GRC will be shared among the remaining MPs within their respective GRCs.

Regarding Cheng Li Hui illness, she is reportedly in good health, but she has chosen not to disclose any specific health conditions she may have.

If any details related to Cheng Li Hui’s illness and health issues are made public, we will update those details in this very article.
Cheng Li Hui health update 

As mentioned earlier, Cheng Li Hui, the former politician, and businesswoman, has not disclosed any information regarding her health status.

Currently, there have been no updates or public statements made by Cheng regarding her well-being or any potential illness.

Notably, she was active on social networking sites, including Instagram, in the past, but her Instagram account has since been deleted due to her ongoing controversies.

This removal has made it challenging for the public to gather information or gain insights into her current health situation.

Cheng Li Hui illness
Cheng Li Hui is perfectly fine and in good health condition (Source: Mothership)

Without further information or updates from Cheng, it remains uncertain whether she is facing any health issues.

According to online sources, there is no information available regarding the businessman’s health condition prior to her decision to resign from her political career.

She has not made any public disclosures about having any illness or health issues. 

The details about her health status remain undisclosed, leaving the public with limited information in this regard.

Stay tuned for further updates on Cheng Lu Hui illness and any potential developments regarding her well-being in the future.

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