Charlene Choi Husband 2023: Is She Married? Ex Ronald Cheng BreakUp

Charlene Choi Husband

Is Anthony Shi Hengcong Charlene Choi Husband in 2023? Fans and followers are curious to learn about the married or relationship status. Learn about it below. 

Charlene Choi Tsoek-jin, born on November 22, 1982, is a Hong Kong-Canadian actress and singer.

She gained fame as a member of the popular Cantopop group Twins, alongside Gillian Chung.

Choi was born in Vancouver, Canada, and later relocated to Hong Kong with her family. After completing her education at Rosaryhill School, she embarked on a full-time modeling career in Hong Kong.

It was during this time that she caught the attention of Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG), which led to her pairing with Gillian Chung to form the dynamic duo known as Twins.

As a member of Twins, Choi achieved great success in the Cantopop music scene. The group released numerous hit albums and became known for their energetic performances and catchy songs.

Apart from her music career, Choi has also ventured into acting, starring in various films and television dramas.

With her talent, charm, and contributions to both the music and entertainment industries, Charlene Choi has become a well-known figure in Hong Kong and continues to captivate audiences with her versatile skills.

Charlene Choi Husband 2023: Is She Married?

As of 2023, Charlene Choi is not married.

Following her breakup with Anthony Shi Hengcong, there have been no reports or indications of her being in a new relationship or getting married.

Charlene Choi Husband
Charlene Choi pictured with Anthony Shi Hengcong. (source: asiaone)

After the dissolution of her long-term relationship, Choi took an extended break and embarked on “revenge-style” vacations to help heal from the emotional impact of the breakup.

Close friends have been by her side during this time, providing support and companionship as she finds solace and moves forward from the end of her previous relationship.

While Choi’s personal life continues to be a subject of interest to the public, she has chosen to keep her current relationship status private.

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Charlene Choi Ex Ronald Cheng BreakUp

Charlene Choi, the renowned Hong Kong singer and actress, was previously married to singer-actor Ronald Cheng.

The couple had a secret wedding in Los Angeles in 2006, keeping their relationship private for many years.

Charlene Choi Husband
Ronald Cheng and Charlene Choi during a press conference in Hong Kong on March 27, 2010, discuss their marriage. (source: china)

However, in 2010, Choi announced during the promotion of the film “The Secret Order of Beauty” that she and Cheng had already separated for some time due to mutual understanding.

Despite the end of their marriage, Choi expressed that she had no regrets about marrying Cheng.

She stated that she was truly in love at the time and held no remorse for their union.

However, she also revealed that her perspective on marriage had evolved.

The breakup between Choi and Cheng was amicable, with the couple deciding not to divide their property assets.

They managed to part ways on good terms, reflecting their mutual respect and understanding.

Since their separation, both Choi and Cheng have continued to pursue their respective careers in the entertainment industry.

Charlene Choi kids

Charlene Choi, despite her successful career, has always prioritized maintaining a balanced perspective on her personal life.

As of now, she does not have any children and has openly expressed her enjoyment of spending time with her boyfriend.

She has stated that she does not currently plan to have children, choosing to live life on her terms and not succumb to societal pressures or expectations.

However, Choi has also shown foresight and practicality by deciding to freeze her eggs.

This decision provides her with the flexibility to potentially have children later in life if she decides to do so.

It exemplifies her independence and her belief in making choices that are right for her and her future.

Choi’s approach to her personal life reflects her strong sense of self and her commitment to living authentically.

Her story serves as an inspiration to many, reminding us of the importance of making personal choices that align with our values and life goals.

By prioritizing her desires and being proactive in planning for the future, Choi demonstrates a sense of empowerment and the ability to shape her path.

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