Chance Veazey Accident Details – What Happened? Injury Wife And Age

Chance Veazey Accident

Chance Veazey accident was a shock for his fans, so the player had to retire. Chance Veazey was a former baseball player who played for the University of Georgia Bulldogs from 2007 to 2009. Find out more about Chance Veazey accident in this article.

Chance primarily played as a catcher and was known for his defensive skills. While at UGA, Veazey was a two-time SEC Academic Honor Roll member and was named to the ESPN The Magazine Academic All-District team in 2009.

Despite his injury, Veazey has remained a beloved member of the team, and his former coach, David Perno, has spoken highly of him in interviews.

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Chance Veazey Accident Details – What Happened?

Chance Veazey had a promising career as a second baseman for the Georgia Bulldogs baseball team. Unfortunately, his career was cut short due to a severe motor scooter accident that paralyzed him from the waist down.

Chance’s spinal cord was severed, and he received a grim diagnosis of being paralyzed below the waist.

The accident was severe enough to leave Veazey with a long road to recovery. The spinal cord injury he sustained likely ended any hope of him playing baseball again.

Chance Veazey Accident
Chance Veazey during his fishing activities. (Instagram)

Despite his injury, Veazey has continued to inspire others with his resilience and determination throughout his recovery.

In fact, he has been seen practicing negotiating curbs in his wheelchair with a physical therapist to aid in his rehabilitation.

Although Chance Veazey’s athletic career was brief, his legacy lives on. He has inspired many, showing that it is possible to overcome challenges and pursue a fulfilling life even in the face of adversity.

Today, Chance inspires others through his advocacy work, speaking engagements, and commitment to living life to the fullest.

Chance Veazey wife

Chance is married to his wife Molly. Molly and Chance had known one other since they were in middle school in Tifton, Georgia.  They both started dating when they were in their senior year of high school.

Chance received a full scholarship to play baseball for USG in 2009, the couple went to a separate college, but their bond was inseparable.

After the devastating accident which caused Chance to be paralyzed waist down, Molly became his support.

Chance Veazey
Chance Veazey with his wife Molly. (Source: Instagram)

According to Chance, “Molly would drive up every weekend to come to see me and hang out with me.” However, in 2012, the couple broke up three years after the accident. Although, according to chance, his injury had nothing to do with the breakup.

Veazey and Mathis occasionally interacted and crossed paths, but during those six years, they dated other people.

 While they were both working in their hometown, they finally made the decision to give each other another shot in 2018 after six years of breaking up. 

After rekindling their feelings for one another, they dated for one and a half years before he proposed to Molly. After, the couple tied the knot in 2020. They have been happily married, and his wife has been his rock and support.

Chance Veazey Age

Currently, there is no information about Chance’s age. However, he is believed to be around in his early thirties.

He was born to his parents Darby and Todd Veazey. His parents supported him in his recovery journey after his scooter accident in 2009.


Chance Veazey
Chance Veazey with his family. (Source: Instagram)

Even after suffering from a tragic accident, Chance has a very positive outlook on life. He after finishing his education started working as an insurance agent in his hometown Tifton.

Chance’s story is an inspiration to many people who have faced similar challenges.

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