Cesar Montano New Wife Socorro “Kath” Angeles: Divorce With Ex Sunshine Cruz

Cesar Montano New Wife

Cesar Montano new wife: His transition from his past marriage with Sunshine Cruz to a life alongside Socorro “Kath” Angeles marks a significant chapter in the actor’s personal journey.

Actor, producer, director, and politician Cesar Montano is well-known in the Philippines. Originally a commercial model, Montano became well-known for his parts in action and B movies.

His breakthrough performance in Hollywood came from his portrayal of José Rizal in the film José Rizal.

Among the actor’s well-known motion pictures are Bagong Buwan, José Rizal, Panaghoy sa Suba, and Muro Ami.

In addition, Montano produced music and films, making his directing debut with Panaghoy sa Suba.

His career has been varied despite facing political obstacles; in 2016, he was appointed Chief Operation Officer of the Tourism Promotions Board.

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Cesar Montano New Wife Socorro “Kath” Angeles

Cesar Montano embraced a new phase of his life with Socorro “Kath” Angeles, a private individual, shaping a familial bond with their trio of children: Liam, Samuel, and Kristen.

Their intimate connection, shielded from public scrutiny, became apparent during Montano’s 59th birthday celebration, where he openly shared moments of happiness alongside Kath and their daughter.

Through the director’s online charity event, their family dynamics took center stage.

Cesar Montano New Wife
Cesar Montano is presently romantically involved with his life partner, Socorro “Kath” Angeles. (Source: PEP.Ph)

It revealed the actor’s commitment not just to philanthropic causes but also to nurturing a life away from the public eye alongside his life partner.

This glimpse into his personal life highlighted his devotion to both family values and humanitarian efforts, illustrating a facet of his character beyond his entertainment career.

It signified a deliberate choice to prioritize personal connections and altruism, showcasing Montano’s depth and commitment beyond the glitz and glamour of showbiz.

Cesar Montano Divorce from Ex-wife Sunshine Cruz

Cesar Montano and actress Sunshine Cruz tied the knot in a Christian ceremony in 2000, sharing three daughters: Angelina Isabelle, Samantha Angeline, and Angel Francheska.

However, the couple pursued the annulment of their marriage, finalizing the process in August 2013.

Their separation marked a pivotal turning point in Montano’s personal life, ushering him into new relationships and endeavors.

Cruz has continually emphasized the possibility of maintaining amicable relations with Montano following their separation.

Following their divorce, she expressed hope for their daughters’ future and happiness with Montano, Kath Angeles, and their siblings.

Cesar Montano New Wife
Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz were present at their daughter’s graduation ceremony. (Source: ABS-CBN)

Their collective effort to prioritize their children’s well-being and share significant milestones, like attending their daughter Sam’s graduation, reflects their commitment to co-parenting.

The actress also revealed candid conversations with Montano during shared events.

They discussed matters such as Montano’s battle with COVID-19 and potential acting projects, indicating a renewed level of communication and mutual support.

She remains open to collaborative opportunities with Montano in the acting realm, acknowledging his prowess as an esteemed actor.

As her daughters transition into adulthood, she prioritizes having an open and communicative relationship with them, emphasizing the value of guidance and building strong familial ties.

Cesar Montano Family

Cesar Montano’s familial journey encompasses multiple relationships and losses.

His first marriage to Marilyn Polinga resulted in two children, with the tragic loss of their second child, Christian Angelo Manhilot, in 2010 due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Montano, then married to Sunshine Cruz, navigated family life while being an active member of various evangelical churches, signifying shifts in his spiritual journey.

His son, Carlos Diego Loyzaga, from his relationship with actress Teresa Loyzaga, lived with Loyzaga in Australia and later returned to the Philippines as an exclusive contract actor with ABS-CBN.

Cesar Montano New Wife
Last year, Cesar Montano marked his 60th birthday in the company of his children. (Source: gmanetwork)

The actor’s diverse family connections extend to his relationship with Miss Philippines Earth 2009, Sandra Seifert, with whom he shares a son named Corinth Ian, or Coco.

Despite his personal trials, he maintains a multi-faceted life, owning a farm in Pandi, Bulacan, and an Italian restaurant in Quezon City.

His expanding family, including three grandchildren as of June 2023, encapsulates the actor’s intricate journey through relationships, personal losses, and new beginnings.

 The director’s story intertwines complex relationships, losses, and new beginnings, reflecting the intricate tapestry of his personal life beyond the glitz of show business.

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