Carlee Russell Family: Where Are They From?

Carlee Russell family

25-year-old Carlethia Nichole “Carlee” Russell disappeared near Interstate 459 in Hoover after calling 911 and telling her family she saw a child wandering unattended. Find out more about Carlee Russell family. 

The details surrounding Carlee Russell’s abrupt disappearance were still murky early Sunday morning. 

The events began unfolding on Thursday night. Around 9:35 pm, Russell called 911 saying she saw a child on their own. 

She then phoned a family member and told them the same thing. After that, she pulled over on Interstate 459 South close to the 11-mile marker to check on the toddler. 

So on Thursday evening, she reported spotting an unattended young child to both 911 and a relative. 

When police got to the site on l-459 in Hoover where Russell stopped, they found her vehicle and some of her personal items nearby. 

However, they could not locate Russell or any child around the area, as per the statement from authorities. 

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Carlee Russell Family: Where Are They From?

The netizens are wondering about Carlee Russell family details. So here is what viewers need to know: 

There are few details known publicly about the origins and ancestry of Carlee’s family. 

However, currently, Carlee Russell family members reside in the state of Alabama in the United States. 

Alabama is situated in the southeastern region of the U.S. It is a state renowned for its pivotal role in the American Civil Rights Movement and with many historic sites. 

While the background of Carlee’s family tree remains vague, currently, she lives in Alabama. 

Carlee Russell family
Little details are available about Carlee Russell family (Source: ABC News)

When it comes to discussing Russell’s family, we know that her mother’s name is Talitha Russell. 

Unfortunately, there is a lack of additional information regarding the rest of her family members. 

As a result, it becomes challenging to determine the occupations or means of livelihood of Carlee’s other relatives. 

Carlee Russell Ethnicity and religion 

Very few details are known about Carlee Russell’s ethnic background or religious beliefs.

She has not publicly disclosed information about her ancestry, heritage, or faith that she practices.

Based on her outward physical appearance, it seems reasonable to speculate that Carlee may have African-American ethnic roots.

Carlee Russell family
Carlee Russell’s ethnic background and religion is not known (Source:

Although assumptions about her ethnicity could be made from her looks and name, Carlee has not revealed her exact racial or ethnic identity.

Similarly, any details surrounding whether she identifies with a particular religion or faith group remain uncertain.

Carlee has chosen to keep both her ethnic and religious affiliations opaque rather than openly declare them.

Her guarded privacy about these aspects of her identity means the public has little insight into her background related to ethnicity or religious beliefs.

Carlee Russell missing case update

The search for Russell ended late Saturday night when she returned home alone to her Hoover residence shortly before 11 pm.

Shortly after Russell was found, she was taken to receive a medical evaluation at a hospital. 

On Saturday, authorities announced their investigation into the traffic camera footage acquired from Traggic Cam Archive, an online company that stores and seels recording from traffic cameras

The search was called off after she mysteriously reappeared on her own two days after vanishing by the highway in Hoover upon claiming she saw an unaccompanied child. 

She is now safe and getting checked out at a hospital after the concerning disappearance. 

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