Candice Brathwaite Wikipedia Age: Husband And Family

Candice Brathwaite Wikipedia

Candice Brathwaite is a bestselling author, writer, and media figure. Her book, “I Am Not Your Baby Mother,” was a Sunday Times bestseller. Is the Candice Brathwaite Wikipedia page available? Find out.

Brathwaite contributes as an editor to Grazia magazine and works as a presenter on Lorraine.

Her writing has been featured in major publications like The Guardian, Harper’s Bazaar, Stylist, Metro, and the Huffington Post.

Additionally, Brathwaite founded the online initiative “Make Motherhood Diverse,” which aims to improve the representation of diverse mothers online.

She also has a significant following and influence as an online personality. She has a YouTube channel with more than 7,000 subscribers.

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Candice Brathwaite Wikipedia and Age

Candice Brathwaite was born in 1992, as of now, 2024, 32 years old.

The Sunday Times bestselling memoir “I Am Not Your Baby Mother” reveals Candice’s experiences growing up as a black woman in London, motherhood, and identity issues.

Beyond her literary achievements, Brathwaite has carved out an influential career in the media.

Candice Brathwaite Wikipedia
Candice Brathwaite and her husband Bode in one frame (Source: Instagram)

She previously worked in publishing and now contributes cover stories and columns to Grazia magazine while also featuring regularly as a presenter on ITV’s popular daytime show Lorraine.

Fashion has been another arena for Brathwaite to make her mark. Known for her style, she collaborated with clothing brand BEEN London on a handbag collection.

When she’s not writing or working in broadcast and fashion, Brathwaite makes time for passions like TV shows such as Sex and the City; she recently posted reviews and commentary on its spinoff, And Just Like That, to Instagram.

Through her multifaceted career and writing, Brathwaite continues to provide perspectives on critical cultural issues around race, womanhood, and identity.

Candice Brathwaite husband 

The London-based author and blogger Candice is married to motivational speaker and influencer Bode Aboderin (aka Papa B), and they have three children named Ren, Esmé, and RJ.

Originally from London, England, Brathwaite has carved out a prolific career in media.

She contributes as an editor to Grazia magazine, features regularly as a presenter on ITV’s Lorraine, and collaborated on a handbag collection with clothing brand BEEN London.

Candice Brathwaite Wikipedia
An adorable image of Candice including her husband Bode and their two children (Source: Facebook)

Her husband, Bode, has also established himself as an empowering voice online and as a speaker.

Recently bestowed the honor of being the only male speaker at “Pregnant Then Screwed,” a festival celebrating mothers with careers, Bode is embracing his role and championing #blackfatherhoodislit.

He tackles thought-provoking issues with Brathwaite on their weekly podcast “Pillow Talk” and aims to motivate viewers on his IGTV series “Papa Don’t Preach!”

Bode Aboderin, Candice’s husband, has massive fans and followers on his social media handles, including Instagram. 

Candice Brathwaite family

Candice and Bode actively share glimpses into their professional and personal lives on their social media accounts.

The couple posts pictures and videos documenting various aspects of their lives and frequently shares heartwarming moments with their three children, highlighting their deep commitment and affection for their family.

Candice Brathwaite Wikipedia
An image of Candice with her late father (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, the author and blogger commemorated her late father, who passed away fourteen years ago, by uploading a poignant image of a moment shared between them.

As you navigate Candice and Bode’s Instagram profiles, you’ll discover enchanting images showcasing the couple’s meaningful interactions with their children.

These snapshots provide a touching portrayal of the family’s shared moments, emphasizing the joy and quality time they spend together.

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