Bunmi Ninalowo Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is Bolanle Ninalowo Second Wife?

Bunmi Ninalowo Age

Bunmi Ninalowo age has sparked great curiosity and interest online, with many eagerly seeking to uncover the specific details regarding her birth as her celebrity profile continues to fascinate people.


Bunmi Ninalowo, wife of popular Nollywood actor Bolanle Ninalowo, has become a successful entrepreneur in her own right.

She runs the prominent Makanaki brand and has amassed a sizable social media following, with her fame stemming from both her husband’s celebrity status as well as her accomplishments.

Bunmi’s journey is an inspirational one – despite her marriage to a famous actor, she carved out her path and established a thriving career as CEO of Makanaki.

Additionally, she resides in Atlanta, USA while serving as a brand ambassador in Nigeria for Wholesale Naija, a luxury hair company.

Her entrepreneurial drive and savvy have set her apart even as she stays committed to her partnership.

Through determination and skillful leverage of her assets, Bunmi has created something distinct in bridging both American and Nigerian cultures while being an inspirational figure.

Her rising influence serves as a testament to realizing one’s dreams despite the odds.

Bunmi Ninalowo Age

Bunmi Ninalowo was born on September 10th, 1981, making her a Nigerian native belonging to the Yoruba ethnic group.

She met her eventual husband, Bolanle Ninalowo when she was 23 years old and he was 24 – still in their early twenties.

The pair quickly took a liking to each other, starting out as friends but soon transitioning to lovers as their strong bond and love grew rapidly.

Bunmi and Bolanle moved in together barely two weeks after initially meeting, speaking to the passionate pace of their romantic connection.

Now in her early forties, Bunmi has achieved remarkable success as an entrepreneur through hard work and leveraging her assets strategically – including her partnership with the popular Nollywood actor.

Her journey to personal and financial growth started out early through a chance encounter in her youth.

Despite the swiftness of their relationship, Bunmi and Bolanle have built lasting personal and professional lives after taking an instant liking to each other all those years ago during a fateful meeting when they were still discovering their paths.

Furthermore, Bunmi is now a renowned Nigerian entrepreneur running the successful Makanaki brand.

Her glamorous Instagram photos flaunting an expensive lifestyle have earned her thousands of followers, making Bunmi a famous face in Nigeria.

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Bunmi Ninalowo Wikipedia

Bunmi Ninalowo has become one of the most popular Instagram stars in Nigeria with over 321 thousand followers drawn to both her lavish lifestyle and famous husband2.

However, beyond her social media presence, Bunmi has established herself as a successful entrepreneur through hard work and leveraging her assets wisely.

Bunmi Ninalowo Age
Bunmi Ninalowo and Bolanle have once again declared that they are splitting up in 2023. (source: hallmarknews)

As founder of the prominent Makanaki beauty brand, Bunmi has inspired many by demonstrating it’s possible to balance business success with a thriving personal life.

Her journey with partner Bolanle Ninalowo has faced challenges, including swift early stages and maintaining individual pursuits.

Still, Bunmi has managed to excel in her ventures like Makanaki while being a hands-on wife and mother.

Both Bunmi’s Instagram fame flaunting her glam lifestyle as well as her real-world achievements managing a brand makes her story relatable.

Most of all, she epitomizes the philosophy that dedication, drive, and a passion for growth can allow one to accomplish their dreams despite circumstances.

How Old Is Bolanle Ninalowo Second Wife?

Bolanle Ninalowo has only ever been married to his first wife, Bunmi Ninalowo, who is 42 years old.

While the couple has had two separations throughout their relationship, they have only reconciled with each other and do not have other marriages.

Bunmi Ninalowo Age
Bunmi Ninalowo shares a special bond with her daughter Aaliyah. (source: yabaleftonline)

Initially, they were separated for 12 years before reuniting for a period of 5 years together.

However, Bolanle and Bunmi recently announced they have separated again.

Through all of this, Bolanle has not taken a second wife even during times apart from Bunmi.

All reports still point to Bunmi as his only spouse so far.

As such, details on the age of a non-existent second wife remain irrelevant in Bolanle Ninalowo’s case.

While he has faced marital difficulties resulting in two splits from his wife Bunmi, he has only reconciled the relationship with her so far.

Their bond has endured ups and downs for years. But Bolanle remains married solely to his first wife Bunmi, now 42, throughout.

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