Body Found: What Happened To Evelyn Guardado? Case Update Age & Family

What Happened to Evelyn Guardado? The authorities have found the body of a missing person. It was after Evelyn dropped her friend off she went missing. 

The Eagle Pass Police officials are occupied looking for a County Constable who reportedly went missing after she dropped her friend off at home.

To further elaborate, the investigators discovered a body without any clothes on. The body was found recently, on Tuesday, on a ranch in a place named North of Eagle Pass.

Evelyn was last seen on Tuesday, and the body was suspected to be hers. Guardado was only in her early twenties when she passed away.

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What Happened To Evelyn Guardado? Case Update 

The 24-year-old Evelyn Guardado went missing on January 31, 2023, shortly after departing her job as a guard at a private detention center run by the GEO group. As for the group, it manages over 100 jails and prisons, and processing centers across the country.

According to the Sheriff Tom Schmerber of Maverick County, he revealed that the body was discovered naked and bruised in a field near Highway 277, which runs south to north parallel to the Mexican border.

What Happened to Evelyn Guardado?
Evelyn Guardado: the missing Eagle Pass’s body has been found but the investigation remains. (Source: Nayag Tricks)

Also, Her mobile phone’s most recent GPS location revealed an address. It was of a man who recognized the family as having seen her for a few minutes.

The Police officials in Medina County arrested a guy named Jesus Esteban Vasquez. He was the last person Evelyn Guardado was with before she disappeared on January 31, 2023. He was arrested in San Antonio, Texas, while he was driving a grey van.

On the contrary, it is still unsure whether or not Jesus killed her. The investigation is still ongoing and has yet to determine whether more people are involved in the heinous crime.

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Evelyn Guardado Age

Evelyn Guardado was only twenty-four years old when she was killed. On the contrary, her date of birth is yet to be revealed.

Guardado had an address in Eagle Pass, but it is thought that she also lived in other residences. 

To name some, they are in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico, and went between Eagle Pass and Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico.

What Happened to Evelyn Guardado?
The police officials brief on the updates of the case as the investigation is ongoing and the killer is still on the loose. (Source: Kens5)

Likewise, the Police officials stated that as part of the investigation, a search warrant was conducted on a residence in the 800 block of Buena Vista Drive in Eagle Pass.

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Evelyn Guardado Family Explored

Due to privacy concerns, the details regarding Evelyn’s family are yet to be revealed. It is understandable that their whereabouts are kept confidential. Moreover, the investigation is still ongoing, so the family needs their space.

On the bright side, we know that Evelyn Guardado’s sister, Gladys Guardado, shared a picture on Evelyn’s Facebook account. It is heart-wrenching to see the family deal with the loss. She also reposted information from local media about the discovery of her body.

On Gladys’ social account, she also believes the key suspect, Jesus Vasquez, has his hands on his sister Evelyn’s disappearance. Her family had not given up looking for her or gathering information regarding Evelyn’s last whereabouts. In addition, the family had also studied surveillance cameras in various locations where she had circulated before she lost track of him.

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