Blueface Net Worth: Lifestyle & Career

An American rapper and songwriter Johnathan Jamall Michael Porter a.k.a Blueface‘s Net Worth is approximately $4 million as of 2021.

He is known mainly for his off-beat style of rapping and song composition.

His career in rapping started in January 2017 under the name Blueface Bleedem.

However, in June 2018, he released his first full-length project named (Famous Cryp).

Rapper Blueface is also known for his football skills. He played as a quarterback from 2014 to 2016.

Johnathan Jamall Michael Porter
Johnathan Jamall Michael Porter (Blueface)

He even led his team of Arleta High School to victory at an East Valley League Championship in 2014.

In 2019, his remix song Thotiana (featuring Cardi B and YG) hit number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100.

His hit “Thotiana” song talked about a top prospect high school quarterback disrespecting his coach due to his desire to pursue women and face.

Porter (Blueface) had taken an interest in rap music at a very young age and mainly listened to 50 Cent, The Game, and Snoop Dogg.

He has also received co-signs from popular artists like French Montana, Roddy Ricch, and DJ Mustard.

As of 2021, he has released 18 singles and 5 songs as a featured artist.

You may also want to know about Blueface’s childhood motivation 50 Cent.

Quick Facts

Let’s learn some facts about the gifted rapper Blueface.

Full Name Johnathan Jamall Michael Porter
Known as Blueface
Net Worth $4 Million
Date of birth 20th January 1997
Place of birth Los Angeles, California, United States
Residence Santa Clarita, California, United States
Marital Status Single
Children Javaughn
Father’s name Johnathan Porter
Mother’s name Karlissa Angelic Saffold
Siblings Kali Miller (Sister)
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Age 24 years
Education Arleta High School
Hair color Dark Black
Eye color Dark Brown
Height 6 feet 3 inches (190cm)
Weight 78 kg (171.9 lbs.)
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Profession Rapper, Singer
Years active 2017- Present
Social media TwitterInstagram, Facebook
Last Update April, 2024

Blueface: Net Worth and Income

Blueface’s net worth of $4 million approximately is comprised of his career as a rapper, show appearances, private investments, houses, cars, jewelry, and sponsorship deals.

Blueface started his career with initial revenue of $26.2K approximately in 2018.

Similarly, his revenue grew in 2019 with approx. $692.4K with by one music hit releases.

As 2020 started, rapper Blueface hasn’t done many hit releases that have impacted his revenue to drop to $387.8K compared to 2019.

However, with all the record deals, sponsorships, endorsements, and investments, the rapper’s annual salary is still under review and has not been disclosed yet.

Further, in 2021, Porter is estimated to have earned $90.3K till April, and his net worth to rise.

Blueface: Cars and Houses


Like any person with millions of dollars net worth, Blueface’s net worth also comprises luxury cars.

Porter (Blueface) is a car fanatic, and his collection of luxurious cars seem to cross over half a million dollars.

Firstly, way before he started making a fortune, he used to own a Mercedes Benz Sedan.

Next, he owns a Black 2019 Porsche Panamera that is worth around $120K. It is a mid/full-size luxury vehicle that features a 330-677 horsepower engine.

The Porsche is technically a gift from Wack 100 to sign the record with Cash Money West.

Another in his collection is his Matte Blue 2020 Mercedes Benz AMG GT-63, worth around $162K.

The luxury 4-door coupe features a 630 horsepower engine that produces a torque of 664 pounds per foot at 2500 – 4500 rpm.

The next one is a Corvette C8 convertible priced at around $90K. This convertible features a 490 horsepower engine that produces a torque of 470 pounds per foot.

Blueface poses with his Corvette C8 convertible

The rapper is also seen driving a Bentley, which has not been publicized.

He yet has a plan of expanding his collections soon.


Blueface’s net worth comprises of a mansion worth $1.2 million in Los Angeles, which he claims to be the biggest house in the area.

The house is exactly located in Santa Clarita, California, where he lived with his mom when he was younger.

His house was built in 2018, and it spreads 4290-sq-feet across two floors that offer 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms.

Overall, the lot is over 8000-sq-feet with a spacious garage and a massive driveway that allows Porter to keep his luxury cars safe and drive them freely.

Blueface poses in front of his house and cars.

This house has almost all the expected modern facilities with amenities that include a bonus room, a chef’s kitchen with breakfast bar, a formal entryway, a great room with a fireplace, and a loft.

However, rapper Blueface added some of his touches to the house with a blue camel mural wall graffitis with designs that portrayed his personality.

On the whole, this property is the first and the only property that Blueface has for now.

It’s interesting how a young rapper with very little rap career could afford a million-dollar property.

Blueface: Lifestyle, Dressup, and Vacations


Johnathan Jamall Michael Porter (Blueface) clearly lives a luxury lifestyle, and like most rappers, he also likes to spend his riches on jewels.

He is a big fan of jewelry such as finger rings, diamond chains, and earrings and has a collection of over a million dollars.

Early in his rap career, Blueface started with just a gold necklace with a Mercedes logo that showed his love towards the brand.

Later on, when the rap star started making a fortune, he linked with Avianne & Co. and got a custom blue Benjamin Franklin pendant that carried 462 diamonds and is worth $72K.

The next is a similar Benjamin Franklin pendant worth $100K made by Alex Moss of Avianne & Co. This pendant is crafted in 42-carat gold, has 7200 individual stones and 46 carats of Avianne certified diamonds.

In June 2019, Blueface connected with Blue Moon Jewelers and created a custom pendant worth $100K that portrayed a wet floor sign.

Blueface flaunts his jewelry of over a million dollars.

The pendant is a 70-carat chain with 5370 yellow canary diamond pieces that read out “Catch em slippin,” which is a part of the lyrics from his viral song “Respect My Crippin”.

After that, the rapper treated him with a custom $100 bill pendant from Blue Moon Jewelers. It is worth about $500K. It boasts more than 50 carats of diamonds and is considered one of the unique collections.

In mid-2019, Blueface unveiled his Bandana necklace worth over $500K crafted by Avianne & Co. The bandana features over 12,300 set stones and 130 carats of sky blue round cut diamonds built around 14-carat gold clasps.

Other than chains, this rapper has a custom teeth grill and multiple busts down watches from brands like Rolex, Audemars, and Patek.


Like most of the rappers, Blueface also likes to dress up hip-hop style. He mostly prefers baggy or loose clothing with unique graphic prints to pop out of the crowd.

Likewise, Porter is also a big fan of designer clothes, including Burberry and Gucci.

Blueface and his son pose in their Burberry

He is mostly seen wrapped in Burberry clothing with Balenciaga shoes on the feet.

The rapper also likes twinning with his son, who also happens to be wrapped in Burberry.

He also loves Gucci’s brand and is seen carrying his custom Gucci bags, belts, and shoes in events or any other shows.


Porter travels a lot for his shows and appearances; however, there is very little news about him on vacation.

In contrast to hectic show schedules, he did manage some time to travel to Dubai for a vacation in 2019 and posted several social media posts to confirm the news.

Other than that, rapper Blueface has not been seen traveling anywhere outside the country for vacation.


Blueface is not widely known for his charity works, and there is not very much to talk about.

However, in December 2019, the 24-year-old rapper made it rain money at the residents of the “Skid Row” neighborhood in downtown Los Angeles.

The video documented with the caption “the season of giving” portrayed as Blueface’s unorthodox act of holiday charity. On the other hand, the video quickly went viral with online controversy.

Blueface makes money rain to people in Skid Row

Although the intention of the act may have been different, most criticized it as “dehumanizing.” This resulted in the rapper getting arrested under the charge of dehumanizing.

Media, Investments, and Endorsements


The rapper made his first TV appearance in 2019 on BET Networks for Social awards 2019, where he performed his song “Thotiana.”

Except for the appearance, Blueface has mostly been featured in different YouTube channels.

For example, he appeared on Bigboy Tv for an interview, Complex YouTube channel where he goes sneaker shopping, and many other niches.


Blueface likes to keep his investments private and has not publicized the topic to his viewers.


A fraction of Blueface’s net worth also comes from endorsements and Instagram sponsors.

The rapper has recently signed a deal with a popular clothing brand Fashion Nova. Since then, the collaboration has released a product line of t-shirts that sells for $25.

Except for that, rapper Blueface has not been endorsed elsewhere.

Hopefully, we’ll see him rocking other brands as well.

Blueface: Career

The rapper’s music career began in January 2017 under the name Blueface Bleedem due to his ties with the schoolyard crips street gang.

He made his first impression upon being invited to his friend Ludiano’s music studio to retrieve a phone charger and then challenged to rap over a beat.

Eventually, he started to work to release his first song,Deadlocs,” onto Soundcloud.

However, in October 2018, he released a music video for his songRespect My Cryppinon WorldstarHipHop’s YouTube channel. The song immediately became a viral meme after it was posted to Twitter.

He released his next song, “Thotiana” and “Next Big Thing,” which earned more popularity.

Blueface’s song cover “Thotiana” that made on Billboard

He also started receiving attention with contests on his Instagram stories and posts using polls to determine his next high school visit. The contest brought new followers and helped grow his popularity.

On January 26, 2019, Blueface’s track,”Thotiana,” hit the Billboard Hot 100 at number 75, making his first Billboard chart entry.

Next, Blueface released an EP titled Dirt Bag that was preceded by the singlesDaddy,” “Bussdown,” and “Stop Clapppin.” The EP also featured guest appearances from “The Game, Rich the Kid, Lil Pump and Mozzy.”

Dirt Bag peaked at No. 48 on the Billboard Hot 100, where the song Daddy peaked at No. 78 on the Billboard Hot 100, and “Stop clappin” hit No. 48 on the Billboard 200.

On March 13, 2020, his most recent album,Find the Beat,” was released that featured 16 songs with various artists like Dababy, Gunna, etc. Unfortunately, the album was released to overwhelmingly negative reception.

3 Facts about Blueface

  • Blueface is the father of a male child whose name is Javaughn.
  • He used to work a surviving job at Office Depot.
  • He received a football scholarship to North Carolina State College due to his skills as a quarterback.


Is Blueface married?

The rapper Blueface defines his relationship as a complicated one. He is currently dating 2 women and has a son named Javaughn.

How much does Blueface charge per show?

Blueface is among the hottest rappers of 2021. Currently, he charges an average of $50K per show.

How did Blueface start rapping?

Blueface started rapping after his friend challenged him to rap over a beat.



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