Birdman Net Worth: Income & Earnings

Hip Hop artist Birdman has a net worth of $100 million in 2021, making him the fifth richest rapper globally.

If anyone, who came from the street, has got massive success in hip-hop music, it must be Birdman.

Bryan Christopher Williams, known as Birdman, is an American rapper, music producer, and entrepreneur.

Birdman is, indeed, one of the wealthiest rappers in the world. He began his rap career in 1990 and has released five albums since then.

Rapper Birdman Potrait
Rapper Birdman Potrait

As a result, his contribution to hip-hop in the 90s played an essential role in the development of the industry.

The rapper was born on February 15, 1969, in New Orleans to Johnnie Williams and Gladys Brooks as Bryan Christopher Brooks.

Unfortunately, Birdman lost his mother at a young age and was raised in a foster home. His childhood wasn’t sound.

He was a member of street gangs, involved in robberies, drugs, smuggling, even went to jail, and this is how an underdog rapper was born in the USA.

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Quick Facts

Here are some table facts on Birdman for a quick update


Full Name Bryan Christopher Williams
Birth Date February 15, 1969
Birth Place New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
Nick Name Birdman, Baby, Beatrice, Bubba, Big Tymer
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Age 54 years old
Height 5 ft 8 in
Weight 84 kg or 185 pounds
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Dark brown
Build Average
Father’s Name Johnnie Williams
Mother’s Name Gladys Brooks
Siblings Three siblings
Education Secondary Education Level
Marital Status Un-married
Present Girlfriend Toni Braxton
Kids Bryan William Jr.

Bria Williams

Profession Rapper


Awards BET Awards for Viewer choice

BET Hip Hop Award for People’s Champ

Active Years <1990
Net Worth  $100 million
Last Update December, 2023


Birdman | Net Worth & Income

Once they got out of the prison, Bryan and his brother saw the trend of the emerging bounce sub-genre of hip-hop in the nightclubs of New Orleans at the time.

The brothers incorporated their own music house as the Cash Money Records in 1992. They traveled across Louisiana enjoying acts, trying to find artists to enroll in their new record label afterward.

His early recruits were Kilo G, DJ Mannie Fresh.

Birdman performing at Club Nokia

Later in 1995, Birdman recruited Lil Wayne, which proved to be a blessing for his wealth in his last days.
Recruiting and managing the artists, Cash Money Records grew to be one of the biggest record labels in southern America, in the end.

Subsequently, the team was able to sign a contract worth 30 million dollars in 1998 with Universal records.

With the early success of Brook’s company, the rapper had a net worth of $40 million at the age of 22.

Other Ventures

In early 2010, the rapper, in a joint venture with his brother, Slim, formed an oil and gas exploration company, Bronald Oil and Gas, LLC.

However, the evidence of the company’s presence was limited to a website.

Although Brooks said that he had been in the oil business for almost five years and made decent money out of it, the website indicated he was still looking for potential land acquisition and oil and gas leases.

Later in April 2016, Bryan launched his clothing line, “Respek” and “Rich Gang.” The Merchandise sells at a premium price among his fans with his quotes and face as graphics.

Birdman Career Earnings By Year

Year Amount
2007 $12 million
2008 $10 million
2009 $9 million
2010 $10 million
2011 $15 million
2012 $20 million
2013 $21 million
2014 $24 million
2015 $18 million
2016 $18 million
2017 $20 million
2018 $20 million
2019 $20 million
2020 $22 million


Birdman | House, Car, Watches

As of 2021, the net worth of this great rapper is $100 million. In conclusion, this has allowed Birdman to buy and invest in various real estate properties, Luxurious vehicles, Jewelleries, etc.


In his early life, he lived in a 10,948 square-foot mansion in Louisiana, hit by the deadliest hurricane, Katrina, in 2005. Since then, Bryan hasn’t returned to this eerie New Orleans home. Today, this property is worth 600 grand.

The hurricane destroyed almost $15 million worth of his real estate and properties.

Later, the hip hop king, Birdman, lived in a massive mansion he bought in 2012 for $14.5 million for many years.

To tell the truth, the mansion has a fascinating history. It was owned by Hip hop producer Scott Storch who paid $10.5 million in 2006 for the villa. Later, multi-billionaire Russell Weiner acquired the same estate in 2010

Sadly, he came up with a legal dispute with the bank and had to sell the house for $10.9 million in November 2019.
Nevertheless, he still owns several properties, including a $30 million condo in Miami.


Birdman’s motors are considered one of the best car collections in his industry, and of course, he can own several beasts with his wealth.

The collection includes a Lamborghini Aventador, which costs $500 thousand.

Furthermore, the rap mogul owns a luxury passenger van, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, which costs $150 grand.

The Cash Money founder and CEO also owns a custom red Bugatti Veyron, the fastest and most luxurious brand for the wealthy top 1% of Americans. This beast with 1000 horsepower can cost $2 million.

Rapper Birdman's Bugatti
Rapper Birdman’s Bugatti

In addition, Birdman also owns a $2 million Maybach 62S Landaulet powered by a V12 engine capable of 612 bhp.

Birdman Maybach Exelero

$8 million Maybach Exelero is the king among his other cars, which he bought in 2011. A twin-turbo V12 engine powers this single-piece beast. Jay Z featured the vehicle in his music video, ‘Lost One.’


Imagine a watch that costs as much as a Bugatti. Even a Lamborghini owner dreams of riding a Bugatti.

The hip-hop mogul Birdman wears a Chopard Diamond watch that costs $1.5 million, the price of Bugatti Veyron.
Moreover, This vast and heavy 18 carats gold watch is covered with diamonds on its surface and has a leather strap. The dollar sign handle is made up of diamonds, as well.

You may have a glimpse in this video

Cuban Chain

Rapper Bryan has a very showy nature. Hence, he decorates his body with different pieces of jewelry, including a Cuban chain.

The Chain is covered with diamonds and is worth over $150 thousand.

Rapper Birdman with Cuban Chains
Rapper Birdman with Cuban Chains

To conclude, the Cuban chain is famous among the cholo artists. Rapper Zay-Z wore this hand-made jewelry for the first time.

Birdman | Lifestyle & Vacations

The lifestyles of rappers look quite materialistic on TV. Their contents contain explicit situations and statements, as well.

Nevertheless, expensive properties & vehicles, girls & boys, and of course, nudity, sex & violence are pretty common.

It is obvious the hip-hop king, Birdman, has a lavish lifestyle. To summarize, the rapper has consolidated his lifestyle with his work. He shows how he lives his life in his music videos, not the script.

Birdman lives like a gangster. He loves to live between girls; Not to mention, Bryan has eight ex-girlfriends. Currently, he is dating Toni Braxton.

Besides materials, Bryan values relationships. He raised Lil Wayne as his son since he was 12; although, they later had a legal dispute.

Besides music, the rap mogul has a passion for tattoos. Not to mention, the rapper has even pierced the art on his face.

Rapper Birdman and his Tattoos
Rapper Birdman and his Tattoos

He believes in routine and discipline for success.

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Rapper Birdman lives in Miami in a huge mansion, which seems vacation for him every day.

Despite that, he often flies different places in charted jets.

Rapper Birdman with his Jet
Rapper Birdman with his Jet

The cost to charter a lightweight jet, like Hawker 400XP, starts from $4000 – $6000 per hour.

The fare varies based on the number of passengers, scheduling, routing, one-way or round-trip, etc.

Birdman| Charity

Bryan Williams has, indeed, a very kind heart. He has been giving back to society since an early age.

Bryan has established his organization with his brother called The Johnny and Gladys Williams Foundation, named after their parents.

The foundation has been serving food to the street people of New Orleans for 20 years. They also get free health services.

Amidst the covid-19 pandemic, he covered the rent of hundreds of people in the New Orleans neighborhood for months. He donated $250,000 to a nonprofit organization called Forward Together New Orleans (FTNO).

In contrast, he serves for hunger, poverty, and business support causes.

Birdman | Albums & Music

Cash Money founder, Birdman, has released five solo studio albums, two mixtapes, 23 music videos, and 48 singles, which included 23 songs as a featured artist.

The debut album was released in 2002 as ‘The Birdman.’ Luckily, he got success in his first solo album. In just five months, it grossed to number 24 in the US Billboard 200.

In 2005, the rapper released his second album, Fast Money. It peaked at the top 10 on the billboard 200. The album’s two singles, Get Your Shine On” & “Neck of the Woods,” played in the top 75 of the US Hot R & R&B/Hip-Hop Songs; the label sold 65,000 copies of the album.

Furthermore, Rapper Bryan’s third album, Like Father, Like Son, reached number 3 on billboard 200. Rappers Birdman and Lil Wayne collaborated for the album, selling 176,000 copies in its first week.

Yet, they faced lawsuits for copyright infringement by Thomas Marasciullo, who claimed Bryan used his voice without permission.

Subsequentially, the Rich gang founder released his fourth album, Priceless, in 2009.

Besides music grossing, the artist earns decent money from live concerts and tours in different states. Not only that, but the rapper had also been to Africa in 2017 performing his shows.

Birdman | Social Media Prescense

The rapper is a celebrity and is quite active on social media.

Instagram   4.2 million followers

Facebook    5.4 million followers

Twitter       2.4 million followers

3 Facts About Birdman

  • Rapper Birdman didn’t get a name until he was one month and was called Baby; He has this nickname.
  • Birdman met Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., aka Lil Wayne, at the age of 12 and treated him as a son.
  • Bryan went to jail at the age of 16 for 18 months for dealing with drugs.


Are Birdman and Lil Wayne still friends?

Although the lawsuit went on for three years, they are again friends, and let’s hope they will collaborate in music in the future.

Is Birdman a gangster?

Officials say Birdman is, indeed, a member of Blood Gang.

Is Birdman richer than Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne has more wealth than Birdman. In contrast, they are both super-rich.

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