Bert Kreischer Alcoholic Problems, Drinking And Rehab

Bert Kreischer Alcoholic

Bert Kreischer Alcoholic problem, which he has openly acknowledged and discussed in his comedy, serves as a significant part of his journey and the inspiration for some of his comic material.

Albert Charles Kreischer Jr. goes by the nickname “The Machine.” He is an American comedian, actor, reality TV host and podcaster.

Back in 1977, when Bert was a student at Florida State University, he gained fame for being a major party animal. Rolling Stone magazine even called him the top partier at teh university.

His story inspired teh movie “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder” in 2002. Bert has hosted TV shows like “Hurt Bert” and “Trip Flip.”

Moreover, Albert acted in a comedy film called “The Machine”. The movie was based on his life and journey/

Bert runs a production company called Berty Boy Productions. He creates and hosts podcasts like “Bertcast,” “Open Tabs,” and a cooking show,” Something’s Burning.”

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Bert Kreischer Alcoholic Problems

Bert Kreischer alcoholic problem has been a prominent part of his life story. He faces a challenge with his drinking habits and the image he has built around them.

Bert Kreischer Alcoholic
Bert Kreischer Alcoholic problem discussion on his podcast shows his life story and journey. (Source: YouTube)

The comedian is worried about what he calls a “branding issue.” He has a reputation for being a drinker and a party guy.

Additionally, the star is concerned that quitting alcohol might disappoint his fans, who expect him to be that person.

Furthermore, the artist feels he can not change his ways because it might be a betrayal to those who know him as a fun-loving drinker.

However, it is essential to remember that Bert does not owe it to his fans to keep drinking to maintain a particular image.

Steve-O, from MTV’s Jackass, pointed out that there are examples like James Hetfield from Metallica, who was known for being a hard-partying rock star with a beer always in hand.

Yet, when Hetfield got sober in 2001, it did not ruin his career. It might have saved his career and pushed him to fame.

So, Mr. Bert can make a positive change without letting it affect his career or identity. He is willing to dedicate his time and effort to his fans.

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Did Bert Kreischer Go To Rehab For His Drinking Problem?

In 2021, fans of teh famous “2 Bears, 1Cave” podcast found themselves puzzled when Bert briefly mentioned he was going to rehab.

Bert Kreischer Alcoholic
Bert Kreischer is not going to rehab but is busy with his shoots. (Source: YouTube)

Nevertheless, Kreischer later clarified that he was not planning to go to rehab. The exact reason for his upcoming hiatus from the podcast remained somewhat mysterious.

Many suspected that he might be going to rehab. Some are happy with his decision, even if the humorist does not confirm it.

It is common in comics for famous comics like Bert to use their life struggle and stories as their comic punch line.

So, unless the American Comedian confirms the confusion and speculation of his fans, the rumors remain mere gossip for people.

Moreover, A few speculated that it might be connected to teh filming of a movie based on Bert’s famous “Russian Story”.

His Russian story played a significant role in earning him the nickname “The Machine.” While Mr. Bert is away, his podcast partner, Tom, will continue the show.

They have also prepared some episodes in advance to keep fans entertained during Bert’s absence.

It is important to note that the podcast itself is not ending. Tom will continue to record episodes even though he travels back and forth between Texas and LA.

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