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Azadeh Moshiri Wikipedia

Azadeh Moshiri has had an impressive career as a journalist and reporter, due to which netizens are searching for Wikipedia of Azadeh Moshiri.

She began as a consultant for FTI in New York from 2014 to 2016 while studying journalism at night at New York University.

In 2016, Moshiri returned to the UK to transition into journalism.

She started at the Press Association and worked as an election results taker for the Brexit referendum.

This gave her crucial experience in a newsroom environment.

She then became a trainee journalist at the Press Association, learning the fundamentals of news writing and reporting.

Eager to expand her skills, Moshiri next worked for UKRADIO in London in 2017, gaining valuable experience in radio journalism.

BBC Azadeh Moshiri Wikipedia

Azadeh Moshiri’s career has rapidly accelerated in recent years, leading to her new role as Senior Journalist and Reporter at BBC World News in 2022.

Moshiri got her start in journalism by working for both FTI Consulting and taking night classes at New York University from 2014-2016.

Upon returning to the UK, she sought out opportunities that allowed her to break into the field, first working on election coverage of Brexit with the Press Association.

Eager to learn from veteran journalists, she joined the John Schofield Trust mentoring program in 2018, named after a journalist killed in Croatia while on assignment in 1995.

This gave her crucial advice and guidance early on. About a year later, BBC hired her as a junior producer, drawing on her experience as a producer at CNN.

Her talent and drive were evident as Moshiri climbed to an on-air reporting role at BBC in the following years. She credits the mentors that aided her career progression.

In April 2022, all this hard work paid dividends when she earned the position of Senior Journalist at BBC World News.

She will be front and center, delivering breaking news and analysis on major international stories.

At a relatively young age, Moshiri has already built impressive journalism experience spanning print, radio, TV, and more.

With her new high-profile position at BBC World News, Moshiri can leverage this diverse skillset to cover impactful stories for global audiences.

Her meteoric career trajectory reveals her determination to succeed in journalism.

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Azadeh Moshiri Age

Azadeh Moshiri was born in London on January 1st, 1990, to Iranian journalist Nazanin Ansari and businessman Farhad Moshiri.

She is currently 34 years old. 

She comes from a background of privilege and prominence as the daughter of exiles.

Azadeh Moshiri Wikipedia
In 2017, Moshiri gained valuable experience in radio journalism by working for UKRADIO in London, as she was eager to enhance her skills. (source: johnschofieldtrust)

Moshiri graduated high school in 2008 and then attended Duke University in America.

She earned a dual Bachelor’s degree in English/Literature and Political Science after 5 years in 2013.

Even as an undergraduate, Moshiri started building her career by interning at places like FTI Consulting and Finsbury.

After finishing university, she entered a consultant role with FTI in New York City from 2014-2016.

Eager to pivot her focus to journalism, she took evening classes at NYU.

By 2016, Moshiri returned to the UK to break into journalism first as an election results taker for Brexit coverage.

Azadeh Moshiri Husband

Based on a brief online search, publicly available information does not appear to confirm whether Iranian actress Azadeh Moshiri has a husband.

Her Instagram account features numerous photos of herself, but none definitively indicate a spouse.

Azadeh Moshiri Wikipedia
Azadeh Moshiri will have an impactful career as she continues to develop her reporting skills. (source: Duke)

This could suggest that Moshiri prefers to keep her personal life private, which is quite common for celebrities.

With no clear evidence online of a husband, marriage, or even a boyfriend, it seems reasonable to conclude that Moshiri is currently single and focused on her blossoming acting career.

As an actress in her early 30s with several recent high-profile roles, it makes sense that her priority now would be establishing herself professionally in the Iranian entertainment industry.

While her relationship status remains ambiguous, Moshiri is making a name for herself through her talents and hard work as an actress.

Given the lack of public information, further speculation about her marital status would be unfounded. Her private life remains just that – private.

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