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Azi Acosta

The phenomenal success of their movie ‘Pamasahe’ came as a surprise to director Roman Perez Jr. and newcomer star Azi Acosta. To learn about Azi Acosta Wikipedia and read the article.

The movie ‘Pamasahe’ recorded the highest number of streams on its first day of streaming on Vivamax on December 10, 2022.

Azi, who was unknown prior to the movie, expressed her joy and gratitude for the success of the film, attributing it to the team’s hard work and the support of the viewers.

The film’s unique and surprising story, as well as Azi’s excellent performance, were among the reasons why the audience embraced “Pamasahe.”

While Vivamax’s stars, particularly Angeli Khang, are known for their acting skills, Azi’s emergence poses a significant threat to her.

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Azi Acosta Wikipedia Biography and Real Name

The netizens and admirers want to know about the Philippine star, Azi Acosta wikipedia details, as she has garnered fans’ attention with her acting.

According to the sources, Azi has been performing and training in entertainment since she was little.

The actress has made her appearance in several theatres and short films, and she has also worked in advertisements.

Azi Acosta wikipedia
Verified Officially part of Viva family, thank you for the warm welcome! (Source: Instagram)

According to Azi’s IMDb profile, her debut movie is Ang Babaeng Nawawala Sa Sarili, which was released in 2020 and is based on the horror and thriller genre.

The movie was directed by Roman Perez Jr. and written by Rod Santiago and John Carlo Pacala. It stars Ayanna Misola, Diego Loyzaga, and Adrian Alandy.

Sitio Diablo, An/NA, Selina’s Gold, and Pamasahe were the movies released in 2022 that Azi portrayed and garnered tonnes of fans on her social media accounts, including Facebook.

Further details about the internet personality and actress, Azi Acosta wikipedia, and her real name are not revealed.

Azi Acosta age 

The admirers of Philippine actress Azi Acosta are eagerly waiting to know about her age so she celebrates her birthday on January 8. However, her age remains unknown.

Azi longs for a complete family as she grew up with separated parents, which could be a possible reason why she was able to portray her complex character in ‘Pamasahe’, entrusted to her by Perez, with ease.

‘I am happy with my life, but I am easily affected by other people’s emotions, which is why I immediately felt for a character in the movie. 

Azi Acosta
Azi Acosta and Alex Medina in Erotica Manila (2023) (Source: IMDb)

If there is perhaps an emotion that I draw from, it is just my longing for a complete family since I grew up with separated parents, Azi said.

The actress showcased her acting skills alongside Julio Diaz and Mark Anthony Fernandez in the movie.

Her outstanding performance in “Pamasahe,” which is one of the well-crafted films written and directed by Roman, makes her deserving of acting nominations next year.

Azi Acosta Instagram 

Unlike other popular celebrities, Azi Acosta is very private about her personal and professional lives.

She is active on several social networking sites, including Facebook and Instagram, where she updates her forthcoming events and projects.

Azi Acosta
Idol, next time you’re free to ride the ship. Don’t bring the poison anymore (Source: Instagram)

Even though Azi is a popular Philippine star, she has not uploaded many pictures and clips to her account.

As of now, the entertainer has uploaded only 43 posts and has over 122k followers on her Instagram account.

Furthermore, she posted a brief video of herself practicing boxing on Instagram, demonstrating her athletic physique.


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