Artist Boom Dandimite Car Accident Death News Family And Age

Boom Dandimite

Boom Dandimite car accident occurred on April 2023 and he got hospitalized after being injured. But he couldn’t make it, and he passed away recently.

Boom Dandimite, a former dancehall crew Scare Dem member, tragically passed away following a devastating car accident.

His birth name is Herman Stewart, and he played a prominent role in the vibrant dancehall scene of the 1990s. He contributed to the group’s immense popularity alongside renowned artists such as Bounty Killer, Nitty Kutchie, Harry Toddler, and Elephant Man.

Under the mentorship of Bounty Killer, the Scare Dem crew ventured on extensive tours, which provided them with invaluable exposure. Their collaborations resulted in chart-topping hits like “Pure Gal” and “Many Many,” solidifying their status within the dancehall community.

Artist Boom Dandimite Car Accident Death News

In a tragic turn, the music industry was struck with sorrow as renowned artiste Boom and rising star Willful Skilful were involved in a distressing car accident on April 26, 2023.

The incident occurred on Half Way Tree Road, near a famous bakery, leaving both artists injured and shaken.

While Willful Skilful’s injuries were relatively minor, Dandimite’s condition was much more severe, causing him to be critical and requiring hospitalization.

The news of his hospitalization came as a shock to many, as he had been in the process of recovering from a previous accident that had left him bedridden in Kingston just a month prior.

Boom Dandimite Car Accident
Boom Dandimite car accident: The artist passed away recently after being injured in a crash. (Source: dancehall arena)

Shortly after getting off the plane in the United States, Dandimite fell and started foaming at the mouth. He was taken to the hospital right away.

Tragically, he passed away in the early hours of Sunday, May 20. This devastating news was confirmed by an insider who revealed that doctors in the U.S. discovered blood clots, various complications, and pneumonia during their examination.

They also found that Dandimite’s medical needs had been ignored while cared for in Jamaica.

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Boom Dandimite Family 

Dandimite’s mother, Cherry Sinclair, is experiencing deep sadness upon knowing about her son’s passing. She originally intended to celebrate her birthday on May 24, but in light of this heartbreaking news, she has postponed the festivities.

Due to the tragic circumstances surrounding Dandimite’s passing, his family is in a state of sorrow. Although additional information regarding his family life is unknown, he is survived by two boys and his three daughters.

Meanwhile, the internet is flooded with tributes to the late DJ as people from all walks of life come forward to pay their respects.

Boom Dandimite
Boom wishes his first girl child a happy birthday on October 4, 2022. (Source: Instagram)

One notable tribute comes from Sinjay Mavado, who posted a photo of himself and Dandimite engaged in a friendly game of draughts, accompanied by the heartfelt caption: “RIP my bro Jah know good ppl always go first wings up in Zion my DJ.”

Another individual deeply affected by the car crash that claimed his life is Deejay Wilful Skilful. Despite finding the right words, he expressed his sorrow, stating, “Words can’t explain @dancehalldandimite my bro… big dreams yuu favourite skilful song sorry mi legend!!!!!! It is so hard fi write rip Kmt but me ago always continue Di good work that yuu always want mi fi do musically!!!!!”

Boom Dandimite Age

Former Scare Dem Crew member Boom’s actual date of birth remains unknown, but according to specific sources, he would have turned 51 in July of this year. Tragically, he recently passed away, leaving a void in the music industry.

Before his untimely demise, he was scheduled to make a special appearance at the highly anticipated Reggae Sumfest on July 21. Fans eagerly anticipated his performance as part of the Boombox 90’s Badness lineup.

Alongside renowned acts such as General B, Harry Toddler, Jigsy King, Mega Banton, Nitty Kutchie, Silver Cat, and Tony Curtis, Boom was expected to ignite the stage with his electrifying presence and undeniable talent.

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