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Filipino songwriter and singer, and frontman of American Rock Band Journey Arnel Pineda’s net worth is $20 Million.

Arnel Pineda, originally Arnel Campaner Pineda, was born on September 5th, 1967, in Tondo, Manila, Philippines.

He became a household name in the Philippines during the 1980s and internationally in 2007 as the new frontman of the American Rock Band Journey.

Pineda was already well-known in Asia as a singer before joining Journey. He received numerous awards in the Philippines and all over the continent.

Arnel Pineda
Arnel Pineda

With an impressive fan following around the world, Pineda is one of the most famous Filipino musicians of all time.

His mother, Josefina Manansala Campaner, encouraged him to sing. Arnel also took part in many singing contests while growing up.

His mother died when he was 13 years of age due to heart disease. Her illness and medications left the Pineda family in debt.

To ease his father’s load, he started working and quit school. He spent countless nights sleeping in the streets and parks.

He didn’t have much to eat so he would eat a small package of Marie biscuit as food for several days.

Arnel worked as a scrap collector and hardly made money to fulfill his basics.

Sometimes he would go to the docks with his friends and take jobs such as docked ship and cleaning scrap metals.

Quick Facts

Birth/Full Name Arnel Campaner Pineda
Celebrated Name Ben Pineda
Net Worth $20 million
Profession Songwriter, Singer
Gender Male
Birth Date September 5th, 1967
Birth Place Tondo, Manila, Philippines
Father’s Name Restituto Lising Pineda
Mother’s Name Josefina Manansala Campaner
Siblings Roderick Pineda, Joselito Pineda, Russmon Pineda
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Nationality Philippine
Ethnicity Asian
Religion Christian
Sexual Orientation Straight
Age 56 years old
Weight 132 lbs. (60 kg)
Height 5 ft. 4 inches
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Tattoo Left lower arm Left upper arm Right lower arm Right upper arm tattoo
Marital Status Married
Spouse Cherry Pineda
Children Cherub, Matthew, Angelo & Thea
Medium Singer, Songwriter
Band Journey
Social Media InstagramTwitterFacebook
Last Update April, 2024

Arnel Pineda Net Worth and Income

Front Man of the Rock bank Journey Arnel Pineda has an estimated net worth of $20 Million.

For the time being, the major contributor to his net worth is from album sales of the band and tours.

Nonetheless, Arnel has landed himself in endorsements and modeling, which has helped him boost his net worth.

The rock star was discovered by one of the original members of the band Journey from the internet. In the year 2007, Arnel became the lead vocalist of the Rock Band “Journey.”

Moreover, Pineda did series of concert tours with the band in 2008.

In addition to being a singer, Pineda is also engaged in numerous local shows in the Philippines.

Some of the Notable earnings of the singer

Year Source Income
2008 Record Sales 2008

Estimated earnings from the album Revelation with Journey (1.753 million copies sold)

2011 Record Sales 2011

Estimated earnings from the album Eclipse with Journey (195, 648 copies sold)


Arnel Pineda House

Manila, Philippines House

Not much information about the house is available, but the rock star lives in a house in Manila.

This boxy-shaped lakefront house is beautifully designed and offers all the luxurious amenities. The house offers a swimming pool, bedrooms with a beautiful lake view, a hot tub, and a patio.

Similarly, rock star also owns a house in the States.

Arnel Pineda Cars

Reportedly, the signer owns a wide variety of wheels. First in the collection is Land Rover Range Rover. It is a luxurious SUV and comes with a sticker price of $92,000. It is even more expensive in the Philippines with all the government taxes.

Likewise, others in his collection include Dodge Challenger SRT. This car comes at the cost of $59,570. Similarly, Pineda also owns a Mercedes Benz and Hyundai Starex.

Arnel Pineda after manila-proofing his minivan
Arnel Pineda, after manila-proofing his minivan.

Additionally, In 2018 Pineda turned to Atoy Llave’s to customize the interior and Manila-proof his minivan Hyundai Starex. Atoy Llave basically turned the Hyundai Starex into a Karaoke Television on wheels. This minivan costs right around $24,000, but with customizations, it can go way up.

Arnel Pineda Lifestyle and Vacations


Being a rock star also comes with the responsibility of looking like one.

But, Arnel likes to keep it simple when it comes to living.

Despite having millions of dollars to his account, he likes to live a low-key life.

Star lives with his family in Manila.

Unlike rappers in showbiz, Arnel likes to keep it simple in terms of clothes and fashion.

However, for concerts, he dresses up like a typical rock star. Leather Jackets, skinny jeans, and boots are his primary choices for live performances.

However, rock singer Arnel has been spotted boarding private jets. He has numerous pictures of himself boarding a private jet along with his family. There is no confirmation about whether he owns the jet or rents it.

Arnel had to face extreme challenges before rising to fame. There are many cases of people who are born poor but struggle through life and become successful, and Pineda is one of them. Everything worked out so much better for him when the time came, and he eventually gained financial stability.


The singer has been to many places touring with the band.

He has been to the White House to meet President Donald J. Trump with his fellow bandmates. It was not a vacation but somehow worth mentioning.

Likewise, for touring and concerts, the singer has been to Hong Kong, Dubai, Paris, Kuwait, Tokyo, etc.


Arnel Pineda is a charitable giver. He has been involved in three charitable foundations and supports five causes.

He is actively involved in Ma-A-Wish Foundation, World Food Program, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Likewise, Mr. Rock star supports causes such as Cancer, Children, Health, Hunger, and Poverty.

Similarly, he is the Arnel Pineda Foundation president, a non-profit, non-stock, and independent Philippine foundation.

The foundation provides quality education to underprivileged children, medical and health attention.

The foundation is headquartered in Timog Avenue corner EDSA.

1103 Quezon City, Philippines.

Arnel Pineda signing the Cadillac auction
Arnel Pineda signing the Cadillac for auction

Moreover, In 2017 Arnel autographed a classic Cadillac convertible for a cause along with his bandmates.

The car belonged to the former tour manager of Van Halen Scotty Ross, who later joined “Journey” as a road manager. 100% of the proceeds of the sale of the car will go to support the community.

The money will be used in the largest private hospital and public health provider in the Milot region of Haiti.

Furthermore, Pineda has helped to donate more than two million meals to the United Nation’s World Food Program in collaboration with the band Journey.

Additionally, Pineda gave his voice to an animated music video to gather support for Typhoon Haiyan’s recovery in 2014.

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Movies, Investments, Endorsements & Book Publications


Rock star Arnel Pineda has appeared in the 2013 documentary film. Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey, which is a documentary about the man himself.

According to Google, the documentary has 7.0 out of 10 IMDB ratings, and about 91% loved the film.

The film underlines the life of Arnel Pineda, his struggles, and how he became the frontman of the Rock n Roll band Journey.

The film was nominated and won the Audience Award in the best documentary feature category.

Similarly, Pineda has been a part of numerous other television series and documentaries over the years.

He is best known for his part in Lusitania 3D, and, 2010 May Bukas Pa.

He has three soundtrack credits, including 2017 Wildflower, 2015 Ang Probinsyano.

Likewise, he has three credits as an actor, one as a composer.


Besides making money from music and documentary films, Arnel has also appeared in television commercials. He has appeared in the commercial of Natural brand. Apparently, the star got substantial pay from the brand.


From collecting bottles and scraps to earn a living to be one of the most recognized faces in Rock n roll history, Mr. Pineda had quite a career. The singer’s life started turning for the better when he became the frontman of the Pilipino group Ijos in 1982.

He started getting a gig in a pizza parlor with the band and also joined another band named Amos when he was 15 years of age.

The same band would later win a remarkable contest in the Philippines. This encouraged them to participate in more contests. They even made it to the Yamaha World Band Explosion contest, which took place in Hong Kong. But they were disqualified given the reason of a technicality.

He later joined other bands and continued performing in popular restaurants. Later in his career, he co-founded a band Zoo with the guitarist. They released their debut album Zoology in 2007.

They became quite successful in the Philippines. In late 2000 Pineda was discovered by Neal Schon when he saw a YouTube video of Pineda covering songs, including those by Journey.

Pineda with band mates "Journey"
Pineda with bandmates “Journey”

The band would later sign Pineda as a frontman. They started touring and performing concerts. The band earned over $35 Million in revenue for their tour. They even performed at Super Bowl in 2009.

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Facts about Arnel Pineda

Pineda became a father at the young age of 20, but he did not get married.

Journey’s original founding members and lead guitarist Neal Schon handpicked Mr. Arneal in 2007 to be the band’s frontman.

Warner Bros. record label signed Arnel Pineda to record a self-titled solo album. “Iiyak Ka Rin” became a karaoke favorite in Asia.

He started abusing drugs after his first relationship failed.

While signing with Journey, Pineda thought the email sent by Neal Schon was some kind of prank but believed it after he received a phone call.


Is Arnel Pineda married?

Arnel Pineda married Cherry Pineda in 2001. He also has two other children.

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