Armand Aucamp Partner Tannah Harris, Gay Relationship Timeline

Armand Aucamp Partner

Armand Aucamp Partner Tannah Harris is also a South African model and fitness coach or personality. 

Armand Aucamp is a South African actor and model celebrated for his exceptional acting prowess, earning admiration from audiences far and wide.

With over thirteen years in the entertainment industry, he has made an indelible mark on various platforms, including television, film, theater, and radio.

Armand has lent his talent to various local and international projects throughout his illustrious career, showcasing his versatility and dedication to the craft.

His notable appearances in television series such as “Die Boekklub,” “Ballade Vir’n Enkeling,” “Krotoa,” “Sterlopers,” and “Hard Copy” have garnered him acclaim.

Beyond the South African borders, Armand Aucamp’s talent has shone on the international stage.

He graced the screen in HBO’s “Homeland,” BETtv’s “Madiba,” and the CBC 6-part mini-series, “The Book of Negros.”

Armand Aucamp Partner Tannah Harris

Aucamp’s romantic journey has been intertwined with Tannah Harris for over three years.

Tannah, like Armand, is a model and a fitness coach or personality, showcasing their shared passion for a healthy lifestyle.

Armand Aucamp Partner
Armand Aucamp with his partner, Tannah. (source: Netwerk)

Their relationship has thrived; as of 2023, they have been together for approximately four years.

Armand and Tannah have become a beloved and admired LGBTQ celebrity couple in South Africa, winning the hearts of many with their love and compatibility.

Despite limited available information about Harris’s personal life and background, he is described as an incredible partner who challenges Aucamp and experiences personal growth alongside him, contributing to Aucamp’s genuine happiness.

Their bond was further strengthened during the challenging times of the COVID-19 lockdown in 2021 when they shared a life in an apartment in Seapoint.

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Armand Aucamp Gay 

Armand Aucamp, the talented actor and model, has embraced an open and authentic expression of his sexuality as a gay individual.

While he had known about his sexual orientation for a considerable period, he initially hesitated to share this aspect of himself with the world.

Armand Aucamp Partner
Armand Aucamp has announced that he is openly gay. (source: mambaonline)

On Boxing Day in 2011, at 24, Armand Aucamp took a momentous step by courageously revealing his sexual orientation to his family, friends, colleagues, and the broader public.

His coming out was a significant milestone, and he shared this deeply personal aspect of his life through a heartfelt Facebook post.

Despite concerns voiced by some about the intersection of his private life and his public persona as an actor, Armand has remained steadfast in embracing his identity.

Alongside his partner, Tannah, they occasionally share glimpses of their life on Instagram, fostering a sense of openness and authenticity that resonates with their followers.

Armand Aucamp Relationship Timeline

The relationship timeline of Armand Aucamp, the esteemed South African actor and model, traces a journey of love and connection.

In 2020, it was apparent that Aucamp and Tannah Harris had been together for nearly two years, hinting at the inception of their romance around 2018.

As of 2023, their enduring love story surpassed the four-year mark, indicating that they began their journey together in 2019 or possibly earlier.

Likewise, in 2023, the most recent available information reaffirms that Armand Aucamp and Tannah Harris remain a couple, solidifying their bond for at least four years.

While Armand Aucamp’s current relationship with Tannah Harris is well-documented, there is limited information regarding his previous romantic involvements.

The details of his past relationships remain undisclosed in the search results, keeping the focus on his enduring partnership with Tannah Harris, which has blossomed into a testament of love and companionship.

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