Antje Traue Partner – Is She Married? Age Family and Instagram

Antje Traue

Although Antje Traue Partner is one of the hot media topics, sadly, she chooses to remain single and keep focusing on her acting career.

Antje is a versatile German movie industry icon known for her opposing role in the Superman film Man of Steel and Agnes Nielsen in the Netflix series from Germany.

She has been portrayed in several movies, including 5 Days of August, The Woman in Gold, The Seventh Son, and Man of Steel.

The stunning Antje has been actively involved in making a career as an actress since 1997.

In the German Television Awards, she got nominations for best actress for TV Mini-series Weinberg (2015) and the movie Berlin Eins ( 2015).

This article will disseminate information about Antje Traue’s partner, family, age, and Instagram.

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Who Is Antje Traue Partner?

As of 2023, the beautiful Traue is single and unmarried moreover, she is focused on her career.

She has previously dated the American actor Ben Foster who has been portrayed in movies like The Punisher, X-Men: The Last Stand and The Alpha Dog, and The Messenger and The Pandorum.

Antje Traue Partner‘Man of Steel’s Antje Traue has made a journey from East Germany to Krypton ( Source: New York Daily News)

The famous American actor Ben Foster is now happily married to Laura Prepon.

However, the cause of their breakup is still a mystery to their admires and the media.

Even though she has an excellent and charming personality, her being single is questionable to the media and her fans.

Once the information about her relationship timelines is revealed, we will be the first informer. So look out!

Antje traue age And family

The main lead of the Pandoram movie is a native of East Germany born in 1981, so she will turn forty-two this year.

Traue’s mother was a dancer and musician. Furthermore, the instructions about her parents and siblings are unknown.

Antje Traue
Antje Traue in action, horror, and mystery movie Pandorum ( Source: Pandorum 2009)

Even though she was raised speaking Russian, there is no doubt about her fluency in German and English language.

Unlike most celebrities, she is also private about her personal life and choices. She prefers to keep her information to herself.

antje taure Instagram explored

Being an outstanding actress, she is also active on social media and has a huge fan base on her Instagram account. She updates her fans about her upcoming movies or series through social media.

Antje also gives tribute to the late Wolfgang Peterson through her Instagram timeline, who was also her idol from her childhood and shares how lucky she was to be in his movies.

Antje Traue
The famous actress from the upcoming movie The Flash ( Source: SOAP IMAGES)

The actress has impressed millions of people through her acting skills, so she has many fan followers on her social media.

She has more than 137k followers on her Instagram account, where she is active most of the time.

How Much Does Antje Earn – Net Worth Revealed

The estimated Net Worth of a German actress is $1 million – $5 million. She might have other secondary businesses and assets which may boost her earning.

Before beginning her acting career in the movie industry, she performed and toured with the production for four years.

Even though she struggled for years, she finally got a leading role in Pandorum, since fiction thriller movie, in 2008.

Antje Traue
MAN OF STEEL’s Faora, a.k.a Antje Traue, Co-Stars In THE SEVENTH SON ( Source: Rama’s Screen)

Likewise, in 2013, Man of Steel also became her most-watched movie, and people were impressed with her acting skills in an opposing role as Faora.

In 2014, she portrayed Bony Lizzie in the action-fantasy movie Seventh Son which also got her attention. Still, many people criticized her in the last movie because of her role as Giselle Neumayer.

The social media timelines show her dedication to upgrading her standards as an actress.

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