Anil Dujana Wikipedia Bio – Who Is He? Wife And Age

Anil Dujana

Anil Dujana Wikipedia has been the most searched topic on the internet as many are curious to know more about him. This article will also provide you with insight on his wife and age.

Anil Dujana is a gangster from Uttar Pradesh. He had been committing violent crimes inside India.

Uttar Pradesh has the highest record of crime in India, and many gangsters have been found committing crimes in the area.

There have been multiple gangs reported in the area for a really long time, and Anil was one of the members of one of them.

Recently, the criminal has been in the spotlight as he was killed in an encounter by the Special Task Force. And many are curious to know more about him.

Anil Dujana Wikipedia Bio – Who Is He?

Anil Dujana is an Indian gangster from Uttar Pradesh. He came into the spotlight after he was arrested in 2012 after he and his crew attacked Sundar Bhati and his close associates with an AK-47 rifle.

The Dujana family and the Sundar Bhati gang had a protracted conflict, which led him to use the violator method to end the feud.

After being detained in connection with a triple murder in 2012, the gangster started running his criminal business from behind bars.

Anil Dujana
An encounter between feared mobster Anil Dujana and the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF) in Meerut resulted in his death. (Source: India TV)

In 2021, the murderer was granted bail and freed. Later, due to his failure to appear in prior instances, a judge issues a non-bailable warrant for his arrest.

As per the sources, the killer also had a brother who was killed by Sundar Bhati in  retaliation.

The criminal was killed in a confrontation with the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF) in May 2023, close to Meerut.

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Anil Dujana Wife

According to NDTV, Anil Dujana married Pooja, a native of Baghpat in western Uttar Pradesh, after being granted bail in 2021.

The gangster appeared before the court for a hearing, where the engagement took place. Pooja was prepared to run for office in Ward 2 in 2021, and the news was confirmed by the lawyer of the late gangster.

Anil Dujana Wikipedia
Pooja, the wife of the gangster, Anil Dujana. (Source: Times of India)

However, there has been little information regarding their relationship on the internet. Thus, it is also unclear if the late killer also had kids with his wife or not.

Moreover, the family members have not yet come out in front of the media after the news of the criminal’s death.

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Anil Dujana Age – revealed

The exact date of birth of the late gangster has not been revealed yet. Thus, his age is unknown.

He was included in the list of Uttar Pradesh criminal records. In addition to 18 killings, extortion, looting, land grabbing, and other offenses, Dujana was the subject of 62 complaints.

Anil Dujana
The Gangster of UP, Anil Dujana. (Source: India TV)

After killing a guy in Ghaziabad in 2002, the gangster initially caught the attention of the authorities. He was charged with killing Harbir Singh Pehelwan in the Kavi Nagar neighborhood.

He made a reputation for himself in the criminal underworld by brandishing an AK-47 against mobster Sundar Bhati.

It looks like the killer has been involved in the violator act for a very long time. His family background has also not been revealed yet on the internet.


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