Angie Smith Accident St Louis, Injury And Recovery Journey

Angie Smith Accident St Louis

Angie Smith had an Accident in St Louis, where she lost control of her motorcycle due to bumps on the racing surface, resulting in a crash and significant injuries to her right side.

Angie Smith is a talented Pro Stock Motorcycle racer in the NHRA. Her birthdate is June 14, 1979, in Winston Salem, North Carolina, and she now resides in King, North Carolina.

Angie has made her mark in the world of drag racing with her skills and dedication. With her crew chief, Matt Smith, she has achieved remarkable success.

Moreover, Smith has earned three career wins. She has made seven career final rounds, showing her consistency and competitiveness.

Her notable accomplishments include setting a career-based elapsed time(E.T) of 6,723 seconds and a top speed of 203.95 miles per hour. This highlights her exceptional performance.

In the 2021 season, Angie finished seventh in the points standings. During that year, she posted two semifinal appearances.

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Angie Smith Accident St Louis

Angie Smith Accident St Louis was a challenging setback. In a recent incident, the NHRA pro faced an unfortunate accident during the qualifying session at the NHRA Midwest National.

Angie Smith Accident St Louis
Angie Smith Accident St Louis injured her on the right side and had to undergo surgery. (Source: YouTube)

Moreover, the Pro was in 13th place before the second session. She managed to improve her position to eight with a fast run.

However, during the race, Angie reportedly lost control of her DENSO-backed Buell at high speed. It led to an accident.

The NHRA on FOX cameras cut away from the run before the accident. Nevertheless, the unfolded situation left everyone in uncertainty.

After the incident, the racer, married to six-time series champion Matt Smith, remained conscious and alert.

NHRA Safety Safari official quickly attended to the athlete. She wa transported to a nearby hospital for further evaluation.

The team’s public relations representative, Sadie Glenn, later confirmed that Angie had suffered two broken ankles and significant road rash.

Mrs. Smith was scheduled to stay overnight and meet with a skin graft surgeon to address her injuries the next day.

Following the accident, Smith’s husband, Math and teammate Jianna Eavaristo decided to withdraw from the day’s third and final session to be with Angie.

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Angie Smith Injury And Recovery Journey

Pro Stock Motercycist Angie faced a brutal injury during a race. Nonetheless, she is on a determined path to recovery.

Angie Smith Accident St Louis
Angie Smith is back in the game after a short hiatus due to an accident. (Source: NHRA)

A few weeks ago, The racer had a bad accident that left her with serious injuries. However, she is back in action with medical clearance and a strong will to get back on track.

After the accident, The stra was injured and underwent surgeries and a skin graft to help her heal. Her recovery has been going well thanks to her dedication and supportive team.

Moreover, Smith is making progress. Her determination to return to racing is unwavering, which is an inspiration to all of her admirers.

The NHRA racer is not letting this setback hold her back. To stay in the Top 10, she is back on the track in Las Vegas.

While She might not race at full speed yet, Smith is earning valuable points and not letting her competitors get too far ahead.

Looking ahead, the motorcyclist is uncertain about the season’s final race. But she is making big plans for the 2024 season.

Despite the challenges, her spirit and determination remain strong. Angie’s journey is evidence of her passion for racing.

Angie Smith’s Accident St Louis won’t stop her from being at the Top. She is persistent in giving her best and remains an idol for everyone.

Furthermore, Mrs. Angie is determined to overcome her injuries and continue doing what she loves. Her recovery is going smoothly, pushing her to do her best.

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