Angie Chong Missing – Where Was She Last Seen? Age And Bio

Angie Chong

If you are wondering about Angie Chong missing case, you have come to the right place, as this article will inform viewers about Chong’s age, bio, and family.

Regardless of age, the vanishing of a child is a significant dread that plagues every parent.

Regrettably, this terrifying scenario has become a reality for a Malaysian mother who is desperately seeking her daughter. The young beautician disappeared following her solo trip to Chiang Mai.

The mother of Ms. Angie Chong Sum Yee took to Facebook on Friday, posting a plea for any details regarding her daughter’s location.

Mdm. Zhu Caiyun expressed her distress as her daughter had been unaccounted for a full day. Mdm. Chu shared her contact number in the Facebook post, urging anyone with information that could aid in locating her daughter to reach out to her.

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Angie Chong Missing – Where Was She Last Seen?

Angie Chong missing case has been making headlines on several online news portals as she has been missing for a couple of days.

According to some sources, the beautician, Angie Chong, was last seen in northern Thailand in Chiang Mai.

In an interview with the China Press, the anxious mother revealed that her daughter’s WhatsApp “last seen” status indicated 10 p.m. on Thursday night (1 June).

Angie Chong missing
Malaysian embassy in Bangkok investigating disappearance of 22-year-old Malaysian woman in Chiang Mai (Source: Yahoo News Malaysia)

Since then, there has been no response from her, and none of the messages sent to her have been read.

Mdm. Zhu emphasized that her daughter never switches off her phone and always keeps it close by.

She noted that if her daughter had read the messages, the double ticks would have appeared next to him.

Angie Chong age and bio 

According to the sources, Angie Chong was born in 2001, as of 2024, 23 years old.

According to Mdm. Zhu, Ms. Chong is employed by a direct sales company in Kuala Lumpur.

On Monday (May 29)), Angie, the talented beautician, embarked on a solo trip to Chiang Mai for purchasing purposes.

Angie Chong
On Friday, Angie’s mother posted on Facebook about her disappearance and asked for the public’s help to locate her 22-year-old daughter. (Source: Yahoo News Malaysia)

Despite Mdm. Zhu’s concerned about the safety of Thailand, as she has come across reports indicating potential risks, her daughter assured her that someone from the company would be there to receive her.

Following the widespread sharing of  Zhu’s plea, a netizen, as reported by China Press, raised suspicion that Ms. Cong could potentially be in Myanmar.

This suspicion arose because the netizen had a “match” on a dating platform with someone who appeared to be Ms. Cong or someone using her photo. The location of the other individual was indicated as Myanmar.

The Angie Chong family

There is limited information about the Angie Chong family, as the Chong family is keeping their private information from the media.

Numerous netizens have made efforts to aid in the resolution of Ms. Chong’s disappearance.

One individual sent Mdm. Zhu took a photograph of a hotel in Chiang Mai where it was rumored that the missing Malaysian woman had stayed.

Adm. Zhu has reached out to friends and relatives in Thailand to gather further information regarding this lead.

Angie Chong
Chiang Mai is under investigation by the Malaysian embassy in Bangkok (Source: Yahoo News Malaysia)

Unfortunately, some individuals have been spreading false information about the case.

Angie’s mother clarified on Facebook that a circulating graphic claiming the case is closed entirely untrue, emphasizing that her daughter is still missing.

Zhu has already filed reports with the police in both Malaysia and Thailand and hopes that compassionate individuals will assist in the investigation by providing any additional information they may have.

The heartfelt desire is that Ms. Chong, wherever she may be, is safe and can contact her family soon.

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