Angelina Bakalarou Age: How Old? Wikipedia And Husband

Angelina Bakalarou Age

What is Angelina Bakalarou age in 2023? Does the paper professional have a Wikipedia entry dedicated to her? Find out below.

Angelina Bakalarou, a gifted paper and paintings conservator, has recently made a notable entrance into the world of television as she joined the esteemed cast of the beloved BBC series, “The Repair Shop.”

With an unwavering dedication to the art of conservation, she has forged a remarkable career centered around the meticulous restoration and preservation of invaluable works of art.

Bakalarou’s dedication to art conservation is not only professional but also a deep passion for preserving the beauty and cultural significance of these cherished pieces.

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Angelina Bakalarou Age: How Old?

Although precise details about Angelina Bakalarou’s age are not explicitly provided, we can make an educated estimate based on her academic timeline.

Her pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art spanning from 2005 to 2011 offers a glimpse into her age range.

Given this information, it is reasonable to infer that she is likely in her late 30s to early 40s in 2023, the year she became a part of “The Repair Shop.”

Angelina Bakalarou Age
Angelina Bakalarou worked as a project conservator and conversation manager at The National Archives for nearly a decade. (Source: express)

This estimation aligns with her established expertise in art conservation.

It also reflects her substantial professional experience, suggesting that she has dedicated a significant portion of her life to honing her skills and contributing to the preservation of artistic heritage.

Angelina Bakalarou Wikipedia

As of the latest available information, Angelina Bakalarou does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

Her BBC series “The Repair Shop” and its increasing popularity may prompt the creation of a Wikipedia entry to provide a more comprehensive account of her life and career.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, she possesses a range of personal interests, including drawing, which she showcases on her Instagram account.

This demonstrates her multifaceted talents and deep-rooted passion for art that extends beyond her conservation work.

The paper and paintings conservator’s professional journey in the field of art conservation is impressive.

After obtaining her Master’s degree in Conservation of Art on Paper, she spent nearly a decade at The National Archives, initially as a project conservator and later as the conservation manager.

This extensive experience allowed her to refine her skills and become an expert in preserving invaluable historical documents.

Following her tenure at The National Archives, she dedicated over five years to The Conservators, further solidifying her commitment to the craft of conservation.

Her expertise is undoubtedly a valuable asset to “The Repair Shop,” where she has made a prominent debut.

Bakalarou’s introduction to “The Repair Shop” occurred in January, and she is poised to become a regular presence on the show.

Angelina Bakalarou Age
The Repair Shop’s Angelina Bakalarou has a stunning home. (Source: The Sun)

Her specialization as a paper and painting conservator aligns seamlessly with the series’ mission to restore and revive cherished items.

The paintings conservator’s appearance on the show garnered praise from both viewers and the show’s team, with fans expressing their excitement on social media about her inclusion.

One noteworthy aspect of her journey to “The Repair Shop” is her friendship and connection with fellow star Will Kirk, a seasoned furniture restorer who has been part of the series since its inception.

Will’s restoration network significantly influenced her introduction to the show, underscoring the importance of professional collaborations in the restoration and conservation field.

This collaboration has undoubtedly enriched the diverse talent pool of “The Repair Shop” and furthered its reputation as a go-to destination for restoring treasured possessions.

Angelina Bakalarou Husband

While specific details about Angelina Bakalarou’s marital status are not disclosed in the available information, it is worth noting that she has been in a committed long-term relationship since approximately 2015.

This insight into her personal life provides a glimpse into her enduring partnership.

In August 2022, she posted a heartwarming selfie featuring her and her partner during a vacation in Sardinia.

Angelina Bakalarou Age
Pictured: Experts Will Kirk and Angelina Bakalarou. (Source: express)

The accompanying caption expressed appreciation for the delightful holiday they had enjoyed together.

This snapshot of her personal life underscores that Bakalarou values and nurtures her relationships.

Her relatable and well-rounded personality, combined with her successful career as a paper and paintings conservator and her contributions to “The Repair Shop,” makes her a relatable figure.

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