Singer Andy Bell Husband: Is He Married To Partner Stephen Moss?

Andy Bell Husband

Andy Bell Husband, Stephen Moss, has been a topic of discussion among the fans of the singer who are interested in knowing the details about their relationship.

Andrew Ivan Bell, the lead singer of the synth-pop duo Erasure, is an English singer-songwriter.

Bell’s charismatic stage presence and soaring vocals have made Erasure a mainstream success, earning him a Brit Award and a dedicated LGBTQ community following.

With over 200 songs penned and more than 25 million albums sold worldwide, Erasure has achieved five consecutive number-one albums on the UK Albums Chart.

Some of their hit singles include “A Little Respect,” “Sometimes,” and “Always.”

The singer’s solo career has also been notable, with albums like Electric Blue, Non-Stop, and iPop showcasing his musical versatility. 

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Singer Andy Bell Husband: Is He Married To Partner Stephen Moss?

Given the singer’s popularity, there is growing curiosity among the fans, which has led to searches such as “Andy Bell Husband.”

The lead singer of Erasure is married to his partner, Stephen Moss.

They got married in January 2013 after Andy’s previous long-term partner, Paul M. Hickey, passed away in April 2012.

The couple has been together for ten years and has a strong and loving relationship.

They live in Tampa, Florida, and also have apartments in Miami and Atlanta.

The musician enjoys the relaxed atmosphere of Tampa compared to the busyness of London.

Andy Bell Husband
Stephen Moss, Andy Bell husband, is a huge supporter of the singer’s singing career. (Source: Daily Mail)

They like spending time at local places like Fly Bar and Ciro’s Speakeasy, enjoying the peacefulness and cosmopolitan vibe of the city.

The songwriter appreciates the convenience of ordering food and casually exploring the mall in Tampa, which he doesn’t do in London because he doesn’t drive.

He feels fortunate to be in a loving relationship with Stephen, who has a positive and easygoing nature.

Stephen’s support was incredibly valuable to the singer during the difficult time after Hickey’s passing.

The songwriter understands the importance of cherishing loved ones and living in the present moment since life is short and material possessions don’t matter much in the end.

Andy Bell Relationship Timeline

Andy’s romantic journey has seen significant milestones. He was previously in a two-decade relationship with his partner and manager, Paul Hickey.

Both Bell and Hickey were HIV-positive, with Hickey being diagnosed in 1990 and the singer in 1998. Tragically, Paul passed away in 2012.

The songwriter’s relationship with Moss began in the summer of 2010 when the musician booked a gig at Moss’s gay club in Ybor City, Tampa.

Andy Bell Husband
Andy Bell and his husband have been happily married for a decade. (Source: femalefirst)

The lead singer recalled their first encounter, comparing it to meeting his previous lover, Paul Hickey, 23 years earlier, since he was captivated by his now-husband.

From that moment on, they became a couple, and they have remained together ever since.

Andy Bell Sexuality 

Bell is openly gay and has been an advocate for the LGBTQ community throughout his career.

Erasure’s music has resonated deeply with audiences, and they have played at Pride events and supported the community since the late ’80s.

The singer acknowledges the growth and significance of Pride events, noting how they have evolved from community-driven celebrations to more commercialized activities.

Andy Bell Husband
Andy Bell openly expresses his sexual orientation and supports the LGBTQ community. (Source: chaospin)

He appreciates the support and love they receive from every community, and Erasure’s music has always embraced inclusivity and acceptance.

While his bandmate Vince Clarke is straight, the songwriter’s openness about his sexuality has had a positive impact on fans and the broader LGBTQ community.

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