Andrei Trazona Father Alvin Aragon And Mother Izzy Trazona-Aragon Ethnicity

Andrei Trazona Father

The celebrity kid recently came out as gay in the public. Andrei Trazona father, Alvin Aragon and Izzy Trazona-Aragon support their teenage son.

Trazona is a well-known TikTok star and singer from the Philippines. He transitioned to “she/her” and is now famously known as drag queen “Sofia.”

Andrei Trazona’s full name is Sebastian Andrei Dewey Trazona. He was a member of the Filipino boy group known as Byondzer0.

Before his debut, the singer was a social media sensation and dancer. He became famous for his TikTok channel “bz_andreitrazona.”

Moreover, Andrei shared his dance moves on his TikTok. He has amassed over 3 million followers thanks to his impressive dance videos.

Then, on August 30, 2021, Andrei and his groupmates signed a deal with a talent management company called House of Mentroque.

The very next day on August 31, 2021, they released individual photo teasers to build excitement in the audience.

Andrei was active within the group. However, the group went on hiatus in 2021 for unexplained reasons.

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Who Are Andrei Trazona Father And Mother?

Andrei Trazona father and mother are Alvin Aragon and Izzy Trazona Aragon. His biological father is Michael Navarro who founded the dance group Philippine Island Assassins.

His real parents got divorced when he was younger. Andrei’s mom, Izzy remarried her current partner Alvin Aragon.

Andrei Trazona is the eldest child of Izzy Trazona. Moreover, the star has three younger sisters, Yanna, Zoe, and Shekhinah.

Andrei Tarzona Father
Andrei Tarzona’s mother expressed her worries about his happiness. (Source: Instagram)

Tarazona is known for his passion for drag queen performance under the name “Sofia.” He shared his true self with the world.

While the LGBTQ community and his fans supported him, his mother Izzy had concerns about his well-being.

Mrs. Izzy Trazona shared a lengthy Instagram post on September 11, 2023. Andrei’s mom expressed her feelings about being Andrei’s mother and her worries for his happiness.

His mother said she missed him greatly and loved him deeply. Moreover, Izzy acknowledged that parent-child disagreement is normal but wished for understanding and common ground.

Andrei had previously said his mom supported him to protect her from criticism. However, he had to be honest about the fact that she didn’t fully support him.

The star in response expressed his love for his mom. Nevertheless, he explained he couldn’t continue in an unhealthy situation where he felt unsupported.

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What Is The Ethnicity Of Andrei Trazona?

Andrei Trazona hails from the Philippines. He is currently at the age of 21 and holds citizenship in the Philippines.

The dancer is a TikTok star who is known for his choreographed lipsyncs video on his TikTok account. Andrei has over 101 million likes on his TikTok.

Additionally, Andrei introduced himself as “Sofia” to the Public. In July 2023, He shared photos of Sofia as he participated in his first drag competition, Bunganga Royal Battle.

Andrei Trazona Father
Andrei Trazona introduced herself as “Sofia” the drag queen. (Source: Instagram)

In his Instagram post, he mentioned that some people did not take him seriously when he started doing drag. 

He wants to prove that he is a content creator and a Drag Queen. This step is for his advancement in his career.

Although his mom is a former Sexbomb dancer, Izzy Trazona disapproves of Sofia’s drag queen lifestyle however, his dad Michael supports her dreams.

His biological father, Michael expressed his full support. Furthermore, he said he sees nothing wrong with what Sofia is doing.

Michael Navarro, a former dancer, encouraged Sofia to pursue her dreams. He claimed to have assisted her throughout his life.

As of 2023, Andrei Trazona is proudly expressing herself as a Sofia. Also, he has gained over 100 thousand followers on his Instagram.

The drag queen has been adamant about winning the Bunganga Royal Battle. He is positive and works hard to win the show and the crown at home.

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