Amber Alert: Is Wynter Cole Smith Found? Missing Case Update

Amber Alert Is Wynter Cole Smith Found

Amber Alert News began trending online after surprising disclosures on the missing girl’s case. Is Wynter Cole Smith found? Let’s find out what happened to the 2-year-old baby. 

Recently, Wynter Cole Smith, 2, missing news sparked netizens online. The baby girl went missing, which caused fear in everyday citizens. Who abducted the 2-year-old kid? Let’s know the facts.

The abduction news was spotlighted after the kid went missing near her hometown.

Reportedly, she was last seen near Coleman A. Young Airport at around 6:50 pm, and it is believed that Rashad Maleek Trice, a 26-year-old man from Detroit, is a prime suspect in the case.

People recently recognized the missing child as the news began trending online. The baby’s missing news quickly gained everyone’s attention, but sadly she was nowhere to be found.

A few online portals mentioned Rashid Trice, who was charged with Wynter’s kidnapping but is not the child’s father.

The little two-year-old girl was born to her mother, Symari Cole, and her father, Almount “Aj” Smith.

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Amber Alert: Is Wynter Cole Smith Found? 

Missing child Wynter Cole Smith’s latest news has been trending online as everyday citizens have sought the 2-year-old kid’s well-being ever since the tragedy.

Sadly, a body believed to be missing 2-year-old Wynter Cole Smith was found on the city’s east side on Wednesday, as mentioned by Fox 2 Detroit

After discovering the body and Trice’s connection to the alleged assault on Wynter’s mother, the authorities tried to build a connection to the missing case.

However, the police have not yet revealed the specific charges that will be filed concerning the child’s missing case and death.

Is Wynter Cole Smith Found
Is Wynter Cole Smith Found? Reportedly, Rashad Trice has been charged with kidnapping the 2-year-old and sexually assaulting her mother. (Source: Fox 2 Detroit)

Smith’s missing detail concern people, as the case is closely related to the abduction. So, let’s check how the missing baby’s family has been doing since the mishap.

What caused the abduction and missing? is an emerging question among desperate social media users, and we will answer the facts reported by the authorities and trustee media sources regarding the missing kid’s fatal case.

According to the sources, Wynter Smith had a one-year-old brother whose details were not revealed.

According to the sources, the toddler’s younger brother was at the location of the incident but was fortunately unharmed.

The concerned authorities tried their best to locate the missing kid but are tight-lipped as of this writing. 

Initially, to aid in the search for the baby, the concerned authorities announced a reward of $25 Thousand for any information leading to her whereabouts.

Moreover, Lansing police on Monday released two maps outlining the possible routes that prime suspect Trice could have taken.

On Tuesday, they suggested another map indicating potential routes that the man could have travelled.

Citizens using the routes were urged to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious they encountered.

Residents in the vicinity were also requested to review their Ring doorbell footage for possible valuable information that could assist the authorities in locating the baby.

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Wynter Cole Smith Missing Case Update

On Wednesday, 26-year-old man Rashad Maleek Trice was formally charged with the abduction of 2-year-old Wynter Smith. The suspect was from Detroit.

Sources revealed that Trice could face several charges, which encompass assault to commit murder, first-degree home invasion, and two charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Besides, habitual fourth offender Trice has also been booked for unlawful imprisonment, aggravated domestic violence (second offense), and felonious assault.

Wynter Cole Smith Missing Case Update
Is Wynter Cole Smith Found? The 2-year-old missing child’s case update concern people. (Source: Detroit Free Press)

According to the authorities, the missing 2-year-old’s body was discovered in Detroit three days after being kidnapped in Lansing.

Federal investigators located the child close to Coleman A. Young Airport at 6:50 pm, as revealed during Lansing police’s press conference.

Furthermore, the authorities were conducting investigations in the area of Erwin Avenue and Olympia Street concerning the case.

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