Alonzo Muhlach Father Niño Muhlach: Mother Diane Tupaz And Family

Alonzo Muhlach Father

Alonzo Muhlach Father is Nino Muhlach. He is a well-known Filipino actor, primarily recognized for portraying Prinsipe Vladimir in the “Prinsesa” segment of the anthology film titled “My Big Bossing.”

Alonzo Muhlach is a young Filipino star. He embarked on his acting journey at a young age and quickly gained popularity.

In 2014, Alonzo made his acting debut in the film “My Big Bossing.” This marked his first foray into the entertainment world, and he left a notable impression.

Following his successful debut in 2015, Muhlach starred in his second film, “Wang Fam.” He portrayed the role of Vey Wang, which was another significant milestone in his acting career.

Notable in 2015, he starred in his third film “Beauty and the Bestie.”. In the movie, he played the character Jumbo Villaviencio.

In January 2017, the actor ventured into the realm of reality television. He joined the first season of “Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids” on ABS-CBN.

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Alonzo Muhlach Father Niño Muhlach

Alonzo Muhlach father is Niño Muhlach. His dad is a multifaceted individual, proudly serving God and making his mark in various roles throughout his life.

Alonzo Muhlach Father
Alonzo Muhlach Father is a former child actor, Nino Muhlach. (Source: GMA Network)

Notably, Mr. Nino is recognized as an actor and director. However, his identity goes beyond the screen.

Furthermore, the Filipino star’s father is a loving son, a caring brother, a reliable friend, a dedicated husband and a nurturing father to his children, Alonzo and Sandro.

Additionally, Mr. Muhlach shares his culinary talents and passion with the world. He is engaged in delightful cooking adventures.

One exciting endeavour, according to Mr Nino’s Instagram post, is the “sarpdibagma” project, which is already open and inviting all food enthusiasts and sweethearts to join in.

Moreover, Muhlach’s dad has collaborated with Mina Villaroel. He embarks on the culinary journey of cooking crispy chicken binagoongan with her.

Nino’s initiative shows his versatile nature. He plays the role of a dad and brings joy to the entertainment and culinary realms.

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Alonzo Muhlach Family

Alonzo Muhlach is known for his talent in acting. He was born on February 19, 2010, in the vibrant city of Manila, Philippines.

Alonzo Muhlach Father
Alonzo Muhlach celebrates the grand carnival-themed party with his mother. (Source: Pep.PH)

In the year 2023, The Filipino superstar is 13 years old. His full name is Alonzo Andretti Tupaz Muhlach, a name with a unique charm.

Within his family, Alonzon is the son of the renowned former child actor Nino Muhlach. It is fascinating to note that he shares a remarkable connection of talent within the entertainment industry.

In addition to his family background, The young actor’s mother goes by Diane Tupaz. He has an older half-brother named Sandro Muhlach.

Furthermore, Muhlach’s father’s cousins are the notable Aga Muhlach and AJ Muhlach. His family tree includes his great aunt, the postwar movie star Amalia Fuentes.

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Alonzo Muhlach: Is He Christian Or Muslim?

The 13-year-old actor proudly identifies as Filipino. He firmly follows the Christian religion according to the available information.

His upbringing in a family deeply rooted in the entertainment world, combined with his emerging talents, sets the stage for a future that holds great promise in acting.

At such a young age, the Filipino TV star has over fifty-three thousand followers on his instagram account.

His presence on various social media platforms allows him to connect with his audience. Muhlach frequently shares a glimpse of his upcoming projects on his social media.

Additionally, Alonzo can be found on Twitter under the handle @AlonzoMuhlachPH. He has over two thousand followers on his Twitter account.

Also, Mr. Alonzo maintains his YouTube channel. He has over Five thousand subscribers, providing engaging content to his online community.

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