Alice Eduardo Family: Kids Parents Ethnicity And Siblings

Alice Eduardo Family

Who is Alice Eduardo Family? The renowned businesswoman is happily enjoying her life with her kids and guiding them to pursue their dreams confidently and with determination.

Alice Eduardo is the formidable businesswoman. She stands as the driving force behind Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation.

Since 1995, Alice has steered her construction firm to unparalleled success. She earned the prestigious AAA and Large B company designation.

In an industry predominantly occupied by men, Eduardo has defied norms. She emerged as the Woman of Steel.

Her secret lies not in emphasizing gender but in delivering quality services. With a keen focus on meeting and surpassing industry standards, Alice works diligently.

Eduardo’s journey is evidence of her unwavering commitment to excellence. She challenged stereotypes and reshaped the landscape of the construction industry in the Philippines.

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Alice Eduardo Family: Does She Have Kids?

Alice Eduardo’s family includes her three children. They are her lovely kids: Jacqueline, Jameson, and Jessica Vitangol.

Alice Eduardo Family
Alice Eduardo is an accomplished businesswoman with three children. (Source: Philippine Star)

Despite the demands of her successful career, the star prioritized her children’s happiness. Jameson, diagnosed with Autism, became a focal point of his advocacy for special needs children.

Their responsible and caring upbringing reflects the CEO’s dedication to her children. She worked hard to provide care and love for her children.

Alice was married to Noberto. Her former husband is a businessman and CEO of a steel construction company called Structural Steel Inc.

The ex-couple got married on December 4, 1994. Nonetheless, they eventually separated due to undisclosed reasons.

Their marriage faced challenges when Eduardo discovered that Noberto had been married before marrying her.

The issue led to accusations of bigamy. Furthermore, Mr. Noberto claimed his first marriage was not legally valid.

Despite the difficulties, the head woman remains a dedicated single mother. Her journey shows her dedication to her family, even in the face of personal challenges.

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What Is Alice Eduardo Parents Ethnicity?

Alice Eduardo, a woman of steel, traces her roots to a traditional Filipino upbringing. Her father and mother appear to be deeply connected to the Philippines.

Compromising with familial expectations, Alice pursued a degree in management. She actively managed the family business, showing her hands-on commitment.

In 1995, an opportunity led her to establish Sta. Elena Construction and Development. Struggling with the challenges of the late 1990s Asian financial crisis, Alice’s business paved the way.

Beyond construction, the notable woman’s philanthropic endeavors include funding the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Isolation Ward at Philippine General Hospital.

The Filipino CEO inspires entrepreneurs, particularly women, to work hard. Her legacy reflects not only construction development but also.

Additionally, She is a compassionate leader, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

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Alice Eduardo Siblings

The Passionate Leader, renowned for her business accomplishments, is surrounded by a supportive circle of siblings.

Alice Eduardo Family
Alice Eduardo’s sisters are doing well in their respective lives. (Source: Pep.Ph)

Born to Andres and Elisa Eduardo, Alice is the eldest child in her family. She has three siblings: sisters Melba and Laude and brother Joel.

Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs, the Eduardos once owned a business. Their business ranged from garments export to rice milling and trading.

The eldest sibling, Alice, carved her path in the construction industry. Her siblings, along with her, contribute to the family’s legacy.

Together, the siblings are from a close-knit unit. Each plays a unique role in their collective journey of success and resilience.

The youngest among the sisters, Melba, is more conservative than the others. Nonetheless, she shares a close bond with her sisters.

Despite Melba’s quiet demeanor, she is recognized for her business acumen. Laude is the most social media-savvy among the Eduardo sisters.

Alice’s sister Laude transitioned from owning Greenhills Learning Center to being a YouTube vlogging sensation.

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