Ali Space Rafiq Obituary – What Happened To Him? Death Cause And Family

Ali Space Rafiq

Ali Space Rafiq obituary has been the most searched topic on the internet as many are curious to know more about him. This article will also provide you with insight on his death cause and family.

Ali Space Rafiq was a well-known photographer and cinematographer. Recently, the news of his death has shocked many on the internet.

The late photographer’s ability allowed him to work with the Red Bull Company as a photographer and filmmaker.

The filmmaker established his own business, Rafiq Films, in 2010, specializing in photography for weddings and engagements, commercial and editorial work, and events.

Moreover, the sudden death of the cinematographer has left many people wondering what happened to him and how he died.

Ali Space Rafiq Obituary – What Happened To Him?

Recently, news of the talented photographer’s death has been circulating on the internet, and many are curious to know what actually happened.

Ali Space Rafiq was a talented photographer and cinematographer. He also owned a company named Rafiq Films.

The late videographer initially started his career at ScreenWerks, where he worked as a photographer and videographer as well.

Ali Space Rafiq
The late photographer, Ali Space Rafiq. (Source: Instagram)

In addition, the artist’s amazing skill had led him to a well-known energy drink company named Red Bull.

Similarly, the talented cinematographer can be seen sharing his love for his work on his Instagram account, and many have also loved and acknowledged his work.

It looks like the late photographer also loved cooking, as he has shared a lot of pictures on his Instagram account showing off his culinary skills.

Moreover, the news of his passing has shocked his friends, family, and followers.

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Ali Space Rafiq Death Cause

The news of the talented photographer’s death was confirmed by his sister, Rabia, on her social media account.

Recently, his sister has been using the late videographer’s Instagram handle to provide information regarding his funeral.

Ali Space Rafiq Obituary
Apart from photography the filmmaker also had passion for grilling. (Source: Instagram)

Rabia acknowledged the urge to wonder what caused the photographer’s departure. In an Instagram story, she said, “It’s human nature to ask, what happened? How did he die?agram story, she said, “It’s human nature to ask, what happened? How did he die?” In reality, we don’t know how he passed away; we only discovered him after he had passed away.

In addition, the late cinematographer’s sister noted that the test results, which would indicate the real reason he passed, were still pending and said, “We won’t have any answers from his tests for weeks, so we don’t know.”

Moreover, Rabia has been updating about the photographer’s death on his and her own accounts as well.

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Ali Space Rafiq Family

Ali was a quiet, private person; he had not shared much information regarding his family members on his social media platform.

The late photographer has kept his parents names off the social media platform, as he did post his mother’s photo on his Instagram account on her birthday, but he did not mention her name on it.

Ali Space Rafiq
Ali Space Rafiq’s mother. (Source: Instagram)

The videographer has a sister named Rabia Rafiq, who has been updating about his funeral on social media platforms.

It must have been a tough time for his family members lately. Many fans and friends have been sending condolences to his family.




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