Alexis Patterson Missing Or Found? Case Details Family And Age

Alexis Patterson

Even after 20 years, the story of Alexis Patterson missing is still in the news. The search for the lost girl is still ongoing because she hasn’t been found yet.

A young African-American girl, Alexis Patterson, disappeared without a trace after being dropped off at her Milwaukee, Wisconsin, elementary school. This caught the hearts and attention of people all over the country.

She was last seen on Friday morning, May 3, 2002, at Hi-Mount Community School, barely a block from her house.

Despite tireless efforts by investigators and an extensive search operation, the girl has remained missing for over two decades, leaving behind a haunting mystery that confuses the Milwaukee community.

The local government is very determined to find answers, so they have asked the media for help searching for justice. Alexis has been in short parts on popular TV shows like “America’s Most Wanted” and news shows like CNN and Fox News.

But besides these rare mentions, the story of Patterson’s disappearance has mostly faded from the national spotlight, leaving her family and friends desperate for peace and the truth about what happened to her.

Alexis Patterson Missing Or Found? Case Details

Alexis disappeared without a trace on her way to Hi-Mount School in Milwaukee more than 20 years ago. The date was May 3, 2002; she hasn’t been seen since. Her family and friends are in constant pain because they don’t know where she is.

The last time she was seen was at 8:20 am that awful morning. She went to school as usual, this time with her stepfather LeRon by her side.

When they arrived, Alexis crossed the intersection and went to the playground while LeRon watched her. He left the school and returned home because he thought she was safe.

She was studying in the first grade and used to return home from school every day at approximately 2:50 p.m.

Alexis Patterson Missing
Alexis Patterson missing since 2002 and has not been found yet. (Source: Fox TV)

Ayanna Patterson, her mother, started to get concerned when she still hadn’t arrived at 2:55 on a Friday in May of 2002.

She was last seen wearing a light blue blouse or shirt with horizontal stripes. Her outfit included a hooded red nylon pullover jacket with gray stripes adorning each arm, light blue-colored jeans, and blue and white Nike high-top sneakers.

Additionally, she wore sunflower-shaped earrings with gold posts and carried a pink Barbie backpack.

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Alexis Patterson Family

Alexis’s mother, Ayanna Patterson, has gone through more than 20 years of pain and hope since her daughter went missing for no apparent reason.

Despite the passage of time, Ayanna continues to hold onto the belief that her beloved daughter will one day return safely. In May 2002, Alexis resided with Ayanna and her stepfather, LaRon Bourgeois, who have since gone their separate ways.

Ayanna organized a poignant event on Tuesday to honor her daughter’s memory and raise awareness about her case.

Alexis Patterson
Alexis’s mother, Ayanna Patterson, is continually searching for her daughter. (Source: WISN)

Determined to keep her daughter’s story in the public eye, she spoke fondly of Alexis, describing her as a lively and joyful child who always radiated happiness and embraced life’s pleasures.

Tragically, the circumstances surrounding Alexis’s disappearance remain shrouded in mystery.

Similarly, Kenya Carlton Campbell, Alexis’s birth father, was charged 2013 with severely beating his 8-month-old daughter.

Furthermore, the last person known to have seen a seven-year-old missing girl before she vanished, LaRon Bourgeois, passed away from a suspected drug overdose in January 2021 at 52.

After her disappearance, Ayanna Patterson and LaRon Bourgeois underwent extensive questioning by the police. Despite the intense scrutiny, neither has been arrested or charged with the case.

Alexis Patterson Age

In 2002, a seven-year-old girl from Milwaukee went missing, and her whereabouts remain unknown to this day. If she is still alive, she would now be 27 years old.

Despite the passage of time, her mother continues to hold onto hope, believing that her daughter might return safely.

Her disappearance quickly became one of the most prominent missing-person cases in the history of the Milwaukee Police Department.

Alexis Patterson
This could be how she looks at 18 in 2013. (Source: WISN)

Even now, posters adorned with her cheerful smile and neatly braided hair can be found throughout the city, a constant reminder of the ongoing search.

The case has recently garnered renewed attention through the latest “Unsolved” season, a true-crime podcast produced by USA TODAY and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

As the search for Alexis continues, the podcast provides a platform for her story to be told, hoping it may lead to new leads and ultimately bring her home.

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