Alexandra Huff Obituary: Woman Killed By Husband In Murder-Suicide Case

Alexandra Huff

Alexandra Huff Obituary can be seen online after her husband tragically killed her. Continue reading the article to learn about her and her murder case. 

Tragedy struck Annapolis on Friday when a 42-year-old man shot and killed his wife and another man before taking his own life. The incident occurred in a full parking lot of the Annapolis Town Center and shocked the community.

The shooter, identified as George Edward Huff of Riva, reportedly killed Alexandra Abbott Huff, 34, of Riva, and George Michael Petrullo, 38, of Annapolis, before turning the gun on himself.

Anne Arundel Police quickly responded to the scene and classified the shooting as “targeted.” Authorities identified the three individuals involved in the incident after 2 pm on Friday. Lt.

Jacklyn Davis, a Police spokesperson, confirmed that George and Alexandra Huff were married but did not reveal any details about Petrullo’s relationship with the couple.

Alexandra Huff Obituary 

Alexandra Abbott Huff’s obituary is a tragic reminder of the senseless violence that took her life. The 34-year-old woman was killed in a targeted shooting in Annapolis, Maryland, leaving behind a grieving family and community. Her obituaries, available on multiple websites, are a tribute to her life and a way to honor her memory.

Alexandra Huff
A picture during Police investigation on the case. (source: wmar2news)

Unfortunately, the online obituaries for Alexandra Abbott Huff only provide details about her untimely death in a shooting in Annapolis, Maryland.

These obituaries do not include personal details or information about her life but instead focus solely on the circumstances surrounding her tragic passing.

Clearly, her family and friends were deeply affected by her loss, and the obituaries serve as a way to honor and remember her life. While there may not be much information available about her personal life, it is essential to acknowledge and recognize her impact on those who knew and loved her.

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Woman Killed By Husband In Murder-Suicide Case

On a Friday afternoon in May 2023, tragedy struck Annapolis, Maryland, when a shooting occurred at the bustling Annapolis Town Center. The incident involved a “targeted” shooting that resulted in the deaths of three people.

The shooter, George Edward Huff, 42, killed his wife, Alexandra Abbott Huff, 34, and George Michael Petrullo, 38, before taking his own life.

According to Lt. Jacklyn Davis of the Anne Arundel Police, George and Alexandra were married, but the nature of Petrullo’s relationship with the couple has not been disclosed.

A witness, Ira Winkler, was sitting at a window booth in Mission BBQ, a popular restaurant in the area when he heard a man rush in and shout about a shooting outside.

He saw George Huff firing shots at a white Acura as it left the parking lot. The chaos continued as George turned the gun on himself in the parking lot of a nearby hotel.

Alexandra Huff Case details

The shooting that took place in a busy commercial section off Riva Road was witnessed by many, including Ira Winkler of Davidsonville, who saw George Huff firing shots at a white Acura before taking his own life.

Likewise, the incident resulted in the deaths of Alexandra Huff and George Huff, whose bodies were seen in the parking lot covered in white sheets. Adding to the tragedy was the involvement of a third victim, George Michael Petrullo, who drove to a nearby fishing store seeking aid after being shot multiple times.

Alexandra Huff Obituary
The incident happened in the 2100 block of Somerville Road on Friday, May 5, in the parking lot outside the Holiday Inn Express in Annapolis. (source: dailyvoice)

Similarly, the desperation of the situation was palpable as he struggled for air while a customer attempted to assist him before first responders arrived.

Detectives ask for help from anybody with information about this case and to call (410) 222-4731. Tipsters who wish to maintain anonymity can dial (410) 222-4700.

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