Meet Alexandra Botez Sister Andrea Botez Parents And Family Details

Alexandra Botez Sister

Who is Andrea Botez, Alexandra Botez Sister? The Botez sister has created a lot of buzz on the internet in recent months. Discover the chess player, Alexandra’s sibling in this article.

Canadian-American chess player, Twitch livestream, and YouTuber, Alexandra Botez is regarded as one of the most well-liked female chess players in the world.

She is renowned for both her engaging demeanor and her capacity to spread the game’s popularity.

Her success as a chess player and as a content creator has helped to raise the profile of the game and to inspire a new generation of players.

In addition to that, Botez has gained popularity on Twitch, a streaming website that enables users to broadcast live video gameplay and other content, in addition to her chess career.

Additionally, she has a YouTube channel where she shares chess tutorials and video highlights from her Twitch streams.

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Alexandra Botez Sister

Andrea Botez is Alexandra Botez sister and she too is a content creator and chess player. Similar to Alexandra, she is a well-known Twitch broadcaster and YouTuber.

She has competed for Canada in international events like the Chess Olympiad as a Women’s International Master. 

Alexandra and Andrea in their chess-themed dress in LA, California. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Alexandra along with her sister co-host the BotezLive channel, where they broadcast chess matches, offer commentary, and interact with viewers.

On Alexandra Botez sister’s own Twitch channel, she broadcasts her own chess matches as well as other material. The Botez sisters are well renowned for their likable personalities, sense of humor, and attempts to spread the word about chess.

She broadcasts chess matches, offers commentary and analysis, and also streams other games like League of Legends and Among Us.

Andrea rose to the spotlight after winning her First ever live poker tournament title in February.

Alexandra Botez Parents

Alexandra’s parents immigrated from Romania. Her father is Romanian, and her mother is Russian. 

She is Canadian, and she grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia while being born in Dallas, Texas. When Botez was six years old, her father introduced her to chess and began teaching her.

Alexandra and Andrea in Roosevelt Hotel, West Hollywood. (Source: Instagram)

She later joined the Golden Knights chess team at the Romanian Community Center, which is taught by chess grandmaster Valer Eugen Demian.

Both Alexandra and Andrea attribute their success at chess to their parents’ encouragement and support.

They stated in interviews that their parents supported them in their chess studies and gave them the tools and encouragement they required to excel as players.

Alexandra Botez Family Details

In general, the sisters have kept their family life private and haven’t revealed a lot of details about their family.

However, Alexandra and Andrea have occasionally brought up their relatives in interviews and on their social media accounts.

For instance, they frequently mention their cousins and other family members and share pictures and anecdotes about their grandmother, an avid chess player.

Despite the fact that very little is known about the Botez sisters’ extended family, it is obvious that the game of chess is a shared interest within their family and that their family members have contributed to their success and fostered their love of the game.

Alexandra with her grandma. Unfortunately, she died at the age of 92 years old. (Source: Instagram)

By the age of 18, she had qualified for the US Women’s Chess Championship and was a Women’s FIDE Master.

She has competed for Canada in a variety of international tournaments, such as the Women’s World Chess Championship and the Chess Olympiad.

Botez was raised in Vancouver, Canada, after being born in Dallas, Texas, in 1995. She started playing chess at an early age and showed a skill for the game almost away.

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