Alex Jones Net Worth [2021 Update]

American Radio show host, Far-right political extremist, and a leading conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s net worth is $5 Million as of 2021.

Alex Jones is best known for his show “The Alex Jones Show”. It is a radio talk show syndicated by Genesis Communication Network on a national scale. He hosts the show from Austin, Texas.

Alex Jones originally Alexander Emerick Jones was born on 11th February 1974 in Dallas, Texas. He was formerly raised in Rockwell and later in Austin.

His father David Jones was a dentist and his mother Carol Jones was a homemaker. He attended Anderson High School and graduated in 1993.

Alex Jones
Alex Jones

After graduating high school he went to Austin Community College but dropped out. During his teenage, he read None Dare Call It Conspiracy a book written by conspiracy theorist Gary Allen.

The book influenced him profoundly.

Jones has promoted conspiracy theories claiming that the US government either masked the information about or entirely fabricated the truths about 1969 Moon Landing, the 9/11 attack, the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting, and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

Quick Facts

Full Name Alexander Emerick Jones
Birth Date February 11, 1974
Birth Place Dallas, Texas, United States
Nick Name None
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mix
Education Austin Community College
Horoscope Aquarius
Father’s Name David Jones
Mother’s Name Carol Jones
Siblings None
Age Years Old
Height 5 ft. 10 inch
Weight 176.37 lbs.
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Sports Football
Profession Political Commentator, Radio Show Host, Film Director, Film Producer
Marital Status Married
Wife Erika Wullf
Kids Rex Jones
Net Worth $5 Million
Social Media (Website) InfoWars
Last Update July, 2024

Alex Jones Net Worth and Income

Alexander Jones has amassed quite a fortune over the years.

As of 2021, 45 years old has a net worth of $5 Million. By engaging himself in multiple fields conspiracy theorist has stacked an impressive amount of cash for himself.

Besides radio hosting, Jones is the director and publisher of the website InfoWars.

The website receives right around 10 Million visitors every month. Reportedly the website generates roughly $20 Million in revenue per year.

The website has been into debate many times over the years. Accused of spreading harmful conspiracy theories as well as fake news online this site still gets millions of visitors daily.

Alex Jones in his show InfoWars
Alex Jones in his show InfoWars

In 2017 German magazine Der Spiegel disclosed that two-third of Alex’s income comes from sales of his own products which are marketed through the InfoWars website as well as advertising spots on his show.

The merchandising sold through the website includes bulletproof vests, supplements, toothpaste, and many more.

He spends nearly a quarter of his on-air time promoting the products sold on his website.

In 2020 he was issued a letter from the office of the Attorney General of New York after he claimed with no confirmation that the product sold was actual treatment for COVID-19.

Jones was also warned that the government of the United States could confiscate and penalize him for continuing to sell the products.

Apart from website earning, Jones is also a documentary film producer.

He produced his first film “America: Destroyed by Design” in 1998. Since then he has released around 20 additional documentary films.

Per Day $4,464
Per Week $31,250
Per Month $1,25,000
Per Year $1,500,000

Alex Jones House

Dogwood Creek House

Alex Jones owns a luxurious house in Dogwood Creek, Austin, Texas. He purchased this house for $1 Million.

Surrounded by tall green trees this house also has a swimming pool in the backyard.

Besides the house in Dogwood Creek, the radio show host owns numerous other real estates.

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The industrial park, Austin Office

Just like his lavish house, Alex has an office in Industrial Park worth mentioning. Mr. Jones operates from behind bullet-proof glass.

The place has heavy-armed security. There are split-screen security camera monitors throughout.

Mr. Jones checks the screen as he passes by. There at least 75 employees in the building plus 10 contractors.

Alex Jones Cars

Mr. Jones has been spotted in different vehicles. There is no legitimate information about his wheels but he has been spotted in pickup trucks and SUVs.

Reportedly, in March 2020 Jones was arrested for driving while intoxicated in Texas.

He was fined $3,000 by Travis County Jail.

He failed on the one-leg stand and walk and turn tests and was tested at 0.076 while the limit was 0.08. Jones was set free but Travis County Jail shortly after 4 A.M.

Alex Jones Watches

Host Alex Jones is a Rolex guy. He has a big collection of Rolex watches.

Not just him but the whole InfoWars team wears Rolex.

Reportedly, in 2014 Mr. Jones bought four Rolex’s in a single day. First in his collection is Rolex Tudor black bay red on nat.

Alex Jones Showing off his Rolex
Alex Jones Showing off his Rolex

This particular model of Rolex comes with a price tag of $3,600.

Mr. Jones loves flaunting his Rolex in his shows. Second, in his collection is Rolex Submariner.

The Green Submariner costs around $10,000. These are not the most expensive Rolex available but they’re still a Rolex.

Alex Jones Lifestyle and Vacations


Apparently, Mr. Conspiracy’s theorist likes to live a pretty lavish lifestyle.

According to the report presented to the court his then-wife, Kelly Jones, and he was planning to build a swimming pool complex featuring a waterfall, stone fireplace, and a dining cabana.

We already know about four Rolex’s in one day.

Apart from those his ex-wife Kelly and his assets included a $40,000 saltwater aquarium, $50,000 firearms, $70,000 Grand Piano, and a safe deposit box containing silver, gold, and precious metal worth right around $7, 52,000.

Mr. Jones has spent well over $4 Million on a nasty court battle with his ex-wife Kelly Jones for custody of three children and clashes over the business.

The man is known for his enormously debated beliefs. Jones believes that many acts of terrorism were “inside job”, meaning the US government was involved.

Over the years Jones has been accused of sexual harassment, anti-Semitic behavior, and anti-black racism several times.

He also thinks that climate change is something World Bank created to control the global economy through the carbon tax.

He has a theory of everything, from the moon landing to 9/11 and from anti-vaccination to the Oklahoma City bombing.

Social Media Bans

In 2018 InfoWars videos were removed by YouTube claiming child endangerment and hate speech.

Apple removed the InfoWars application from the app store. So basically the man is banned from every social media platform possible.

Facebook, Apple, YouTube, Spotify, Twitter, has removed his content. In fact, Jones was permanently banned from Twitter and Periscope.

Vimeo also removed all the content, videos of Jones due to hateful content and discrimination. Similarly, PayPal banned Jones for and his business transactions.

Families of Sandy Hook filed a suit against Mr. Alex for spreading false news and stalking in 2018.

Jones believed that everything was staged.

Next year more families go together and won the suit. Subsequently, Jones and InfoWars penalized $1, 26,000 in the year 2019.


Jones in Hawaii
Jones in Hawaii

Mr. Jones loves spending time on vacation. In 2018 Alex was spotted in Hawaii enjoying his time. The photo of him swimming was shown in InfoWars.


On January 6, 2021 Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones assisted push-start the organization’s efforts that ultimately materialized into the “Stop the Steal” rally.

Movies, Investments, Endorsements & Book Publications


Being a conspiracy theorist himself he has been into numerous documentaries and even produced and directed a few of them.

Besides starring, he has also made a cameo in a few of the films over the years.

His first appearance in the movie was 2001 Waking Life.

He made a cameo in the movie. His other movies include 2009 After Last Session, 2016 Amerigeddon.

Similarly, he has been a part of numerous documentaries including 2007 Endgame: Blueprint of Global Enslavement, Loose Change, and 2009 The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off.

Likewise, he has made an appearance in television series.

He made a recurring guest appearance in the television series Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura from 2009-2012.


Mr. Jones has multiple investments. He has a brilliant mind in terms of business.

Apart from his website InfoWars, he owns other two sites Newswars and PrisonPlanet.

Clearly, radio and his websites are not the only investments he’s made. He also made an investment in the supplement business along with his father.

Jones sells the supplements from his website InfoWars.

Books Publications

Mr. Jones is a published author. He has authored two books in his career.

The first one is 2002 9-11: Descent into Tyranny. This book talks about how the new world order plans to turn Earth into a prison planet.

The second book written by Jones is The Answer to 1984 is 1776. This particular book has 4.1 out of 5 ratings from Goodreads.

This book focuses on the theory of the man himself.

Alex sorts through the government trickeries discovering propaganda and the growth of the police state.


Alex Jones gained his initial recognition when he started his career as a radio show host in “The Final Edition”. He tied with Shannon Burke in 1999 for the poll of “Best Austin Talk Show Host”. Later he was fired from KJFK.

He started broadcasting his own show via the web from his home. Jones was a Republican candidate for State Representative in the House District 48 in Texas in 2000.

The syndicated radio show gets around 2 million listeners every week.

Alex Kelly Jones
Alex Kelly Jones

Alex was married to Kelly Jones. They have three children. Unfortunately, the couple got divorced in 2015. Currently, Alex lives with his wife Erica Wullf and also has a kid.

3 Facts about Alex Jones

  • Jones has a very close connection to President Donald Trump and has claimed to have contact with him as well as administration officials.
  • Even though Alex has been banned from almost all social media platforms he still maintains a significant audience.
  • The conspiracy theory of Jones has resulted in real-world acts of harassment and violence.


Who inspired Alex Jones to become a conspiracy theorist?

Gary Allen inspired him to become a conspiracy theorist.

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