AJ Urquia Scandal And Controversy Explained: Wikipedia And Age

AJ Urquia Scandal

The headlines about the AJ Urquia scandal have left his fans wondering and speculating about the potential controversy surrounding him.

AJ Urquia is a young and rising Filipino actor and dancer known for appearing in popular Philippine television shows and films.

Despite his youth, he has already amassed a body of acting work, primarily on the small screen. He first came into the limelight as a child actor on the fantasy-drama anthology series Wansapanataym in 2017.

This early exposure helped kickstart his acting career. Even though he is young, the actor already has an impressive collection of roles that he has played.

Given his early successes and commitment, this young Filipino performer, whose career is still in its early stages, appears prepared for future success.

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AJ Urquia Scandal And Controversy Explained

According to the information available, AJ Urquia has not been involved in any known scandals or controversies.

He seems to have successfully maintained a clean profile and reputation during the nascent stages of his career.

As a fresh face in the entertainment industry, the young actor has evaded any significant issues that typically embroil celebrities.

While scandals often help publicize actors, avoiding them has allowed him to focus on honing his craft.

AJ Urquia Scandal
The potential AJ Urquia scandal has sparked a debate among his fans. (Source: Facebook)

At just 18 years old, the dancer is still in the early phases of his acting career. As his fame rises, the Filipino actor will likely contend with the greater public scrutiny typical of celebrities.

But so far, he has steered clear of any major scandals or controversies that could derail his promising career. By maintaining a low-key presence and letting his work speak for itself, the actor has cultivated an image free of scandal so far.

This clean slate allows him to devote his energy to acting and avoid the reputation-damaging incidents plaguing many stars.

Still building his name, Urquia has wisely avoided stirring controversy as he matures into an actor to watch out for.

AJ Urquia Wikipedia

Despite gathering fame and acclaim for his acting, AJ has no Wikipedia page dedicated solely to him.

While many promising young talents tend to get Wikipedia pages highlighting their body of work quickly, the lack of one for him simply indicates his career is still in its early stages.

He will likely get a standalone Wikipedia page documenting his journey as he accrues more substantial acting credits, works on more significant projects, and gains more name recognition.

For now, fans and critics must rely on the information gathered in this article to learn about the Filipino actor.

Urquia first got recognized for his skills on the popular weekend drama anthology, Wansapanataym, where he appeared in recurring roles in 2017.

His debut TV role, however, was on the iconic drama series Maalaala Mo Kaya in 2016.

AJ Urquia Scandal
AJ Urquia debuted his feature film as Kath’s Brother in Vince & Kath & James. (Source: Facebook)

His feature film debut came with 2016’s Vince, Kath, and James, where he portrayed the younger brother of lead actress Julia Barretto.

Beyond acting, AJ and his brother have participated in dance competitions on Dance Kids Philippines.

He maintains an active presence on social media to engage with fans. On TikTok, the dancer’s account, @itsavrilaj, has over 2,600 followers.

He can be found on Instagram at @itsavrilaj, with over 500 followers.

Furthermore, his YouTube channel has around 96.2K subscribers and is currently limited to just one video as of August.

Even as a teenager, the rising Filipino actor has achieved the beginnings of fame. However, his acting journey is still unfolding, and he is an exciting talent to watch.

AJ Urquia Age

According to all available sources, the up-and-coming Filipino actor was born on February 16, 2005. As of 2024, he is  19 years old.

He was born in Laguna, Philippines. AJ’s specific birthplace and details about his parents are not widely known.

AJ Urquia Scandal
AJ Urquia rose to fame as a child for his recurring appearances on Wansapanataym in 2017. (Source: Instagram)

Despite his young age, the dancer boasts an impressive portfolio of acting projects and seems poised for more success. His talents have shone through from a very young age.

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