Aiden Pleterski Girlfriend: Is He Dating Someone? Relationship History

Aiden Pleterski Girlfriend

Is Aiden Pleterski dating someone? Rumors regarding Aiden Pleterski girlfriend have been the talk of the internet. People have noticed the controversial crypto-investor’s declining relationship history fueling rumors about his dating life. 

Aiden Pleterski is a self-proclaimed crypto investor. The young investor also began his way as a social media influencer.

The 23-year-old controversial figure led a luxury lifestyle, drove a lime green Lamborghini, and boated on a multi-leveled yacht.

Hundreds of investors alleged that Ontario’s self-described “crypto king” had conned them out of millions of dollars.

He used social media to flex his luxurious lifestyle and show that he was more educated than he was, which was part of his ploy to accumulate fraudulent investments.

One hundred fifty investors petitioned Pleterski recently. A few months before, he declared bankruptcy.

Judicial records showed that domestic abuse accusations had been brought against him but were later dropped.

The alleged Crypto King’s former partner accused him of domestic violence in 2021. Find out more about Aiden Pleterski girlfriend below.

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Aiden Pleterski Girlfriend: Is He Dating Someone?

Alleged Crypto King’s controversial lifestyle has attracted considerable media attention.

Hence, people are also searching for Aiden Pleterski girlfriend and dating life.

Who is the crypto king dating? Aiden Pleterski isn’t dating anyone currently.

But in 2021, he was in a relationship with a girl for nearly a year.

CTV News released a report based on an affidavit submitted in Winter Haven, Florida.

According to the report, Aiden Pleterski girlfriend alleged he started a verbal altercation when she found out about his Instagram content.

Aiden Pleterski Girlfriend
Aiden Pleterski girlfriend: The self-claimed crypto-investor’s ex accused him of violence in 2021. (Source: CBC)

Moreover, domestic violence charges were filed against him in June 2021.

Similarly, Deputy Zachary Eason noticed many red scratches on the victim’s clavicle and left bicep when he arrived at a house in Davenport, Florida, south of Orlando.

According to Eason’s affidavit, intentional harm was against Pleterski’s now ex-girlfriend, “The suspect yelled at the victim while purposefully grabbing the front of her clothes with both hands.” 

According to the affidavit, Pleterski’s ex attempted to leave, but he grabbed her and pushed her away from the front door.

As per the paperwork, he stood by the doorway immobile for 30 minutes.

The affidavit states that the victim did not feel free to escape during this time. Later the prosecution indicated that the two would not proceed with charges.

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Aiden Pleterski Relationship History

Self-proclaimed crypto investor Pleterski is unmarried and has no girlfriend as of this writing.

Based on his dating history, he might have dated at least one individual in the last several years.

As mentioned earlier, his ex-girlfriend accused him of domestic violence in 2021.

Pleterski is a Canadian cryptocurrency marketer and entrepreneur. The young man has been in the headlines since he was involved in a $29 million fraud.

The crypto investor is believed to have spent most of his ill-gotten money on a private plane, lavish holidays, and high-end automobiles collection.

Aiden Pleterski Trending Case Details

Self-proclaimed crypto investor Aiden Pleterski has been in the trending headlines since his father stated that a handful of his son’s investors kidnapped him in December 2022.

The man disclosed it in the paperwork submitted on 14 March 2023. One plaintiff, Toronto realtor Sacha Amar Dario Singh, brought the initial lawsuit against Pleterski.

Singh made a $4.6 million investment with Pleterski’s business, AP Private Equity Ltd, from April 2021 to January 2022, a Mareva injunction that Ontario Superior Court of Justice Judge Phillip Sutherland approved.

Aiden Pleterski girlfriend
Aiden Pleterski exaggerated his fortune. (Source: Instagram)

Since then, the amount purportedly owed to investors has risen to at least $35 million.

A fraud recovery attorney defending 150 investors who sent Pletersk money, the figures could actually be far higher.

As stated, Aiden Pleterski, 23, is a self-claimed crypto-investor and social media personality from Ontario, Canada.

Pleterski claimed ownership of AP Private Equity Limited, the business involved in his fraudulent foreign investment scheme.

He also claimed to be the owner of a number of other investment companies, but officials found that his claims about his riches were highly exaggerated.

Moreover, Pleterski informed authorities about his issues in November 2021, when he lost his money after a decline in the cryptocurrency market.

The young crypto investor claimed that thereafter, he made an effort to recover the funds to reimburse other investors.

Despite this, he claimed, his losses continued to grow over time.

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