Adha Ceo: Ann Battrell Obituary Death Cause And Family

Ann Battrell

Ann Battrell Obituary was made on June 9th, 2023, after her tragic passing on June 7th, 2023. Let’s explore her death cause and family via this article. 

Yesterday (June 7th, 2023) was tragic for The American Dental Hygienists’ Association (A.D.H.A.).

With much heartfelt sadness, we announce the loss of Ann Battrell, M.S.D.H. – A beloved C.E.O. who paved the way for countless other dental hygienists throughout Ann’s illustrious career.

She worked tirelessly towards forwarding progress within the dental hygiene community, using her voice to advocate tirelessly for those who looked up to her leadership abilities.

Ann blazed a trail throughout A.D.H.A. on various fronts and numerous positions before finally taking office as C.E.O. from 2016 until January 8th, when she passed away peacefully- The dentistry community has lost a strong leader with much dedication towards advancement.

Whether it was her theoretical insight while overseeing education at A.D.H.A. or during her timeline serving as President from 1996 – 1997, which set the wheels turning, ensuring further changes beneficial for all parties involved, or anything else that would help make access fairer and improve healthcare worldwide.

Adha Ceo: Ann Battrell Obituary 

Solemn news is that we have lost paramount Ann Battrel, CEO of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA), who continued inspiring us until Wednesday, June 7th2023 suffering from prolonged illness for years.

Ms. Battrel worked with commitment and passion, acting as a motivational force that pushed ADHA toward modernization in the industry.

Her vision as a leader added to the momentum of Dental Hygienists’ advancement, which led to the betterment & convenience for all those seeking dental hygiene treatments.

Ms. Battrels’ influence was felt beyond work and her leadership, inspiring and encouraging thousands of people worldwide who dreamed of pursuing her career success, charmed by her smile & wit alike.

Ann Battrell Obituary
Ann Battrell with ADHA members. (source: Facebook)

The news has left an enormous hole within the world’s broad community professionals around Dental Hygiene, no doubt mourning one of its most talented figures positively impacting lives near and far.

We would like to take this opportunity to convey our deepest sympathy to Ms. Battrel’s family and friends at this heart-rending time.

For the legacy she has left behind in making the dentistry industry more accessible, we will never forget her spirit restlessly emerging as an inspiration for many businesses across the healthcare industry.

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Ann Battrell Death Cause

Ann Battrell’s cause of death has not been revealed through any public searches available online. However, it was confirmed that she passed away following a prolonged undisclosed illness.

CEO of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA), Ann, contributed tirelessly towards expanding and developing dental hygiene as a field alongside empowering its professionals by allowing them greater accessibility within their workplace, making her a distinguished name in this domain.

Her emphasis remained on achieving enhanced accessibility to oral-care services, mainly among diverse socio-economic groups, concerning increasing scope for areas where hygienists can seek employment while advocating overall betterment through discovery and innovation.

Battrell regretfully passed at a time when everyone was equally affected by Covid-19. However, under her management, ADHA executed out-of-the-box approaches like establishing an online learning platform for quality improvement training segments, raising professional skills up-skill opportunities immensely.

Ann also stood by identifying connections between systemic health disorder risks and dental health while effectively advocating for required curriculum changes to keep pace with emerging patient demands and with continued learning opportunities resulting in groundbreaking initiatives.

Ann Battrell Family

No clues regarding Battrells’s family have been found in available resources.

Understandably, they may be experiencing anguish following her untimely passing. Losing a loved one is always exhausting.

All the more so when they are as highly regarded and influential as Ann Battrell was in her dental hygiene profession.

Ann Battrell
Battrell served as ADHA’s President from 1996-1997. (source: Youtube)

During her illustrious career, she rendered exceptional service to this field with remarkable accomplishments recognized by elite organizations like NIHs National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research in their 2021 publication “‘Oral Health in America: Advances & Challenges edition.

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