Adele James Ethnicity And Race – Is She Black Or White? Religion And Parents

Adele James Ethnicity Race and parents

Adele James Ethnicity is the most emerging topic raised online. The Queen Cleopatra star’s supporters are eager to learn about her Religion, Race, and Parents. Let’s reveal the rumors regarding the Queen Cleopatra Actress’s race are true.

Gorgeous British Actress Adele James grew up with her siblings in London, surrounded by their mother’s care.

James won millions of hearts with her charm and outstanding performances.

She ventured into the entertainment industry in 2014. The young talent has appeared in many films and television series. In addition, she also served as a screenwriter.

James shot to fame for portraying Tina Mollett in Casualty. She is set to star as the lead character Cleopatra in the latest Netflix miniseries Queen Cleopatra.

Several ethnic groups complained about James’ casting, sparking huge controversy. The Actress has grabbed massive public attention. In today’s article, we’ll get to know James’s ethnicity, parents, and religious background in detail.

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Adele James Ethnicity And Race: Is She Black Or White?

Gorgeous Actress belongs to the black race. A few sources suggest she is of mixed ancestry.

James’s fame shot to the stratosphere as she portrays Queen Cleopatra VII in the Netflix miniseries Queen Cleopatra. As reported by BBC, the Egyptian community has raised complaints about James’s casting as the young queen.

According to the sources, a lawyer filed a complaint, accusing Netflix of violating media laws that aimed to erase the Egyptian identity. High-ranked archeologists suggested that Queen Cleopatra VII was a light-skinned woman.

Adele James Ethnicity And Race
Adele James portrays Queen Cleopatra VII of the Egyptian race in the Netflix miniseries. (Source: BBC)

However, the Netflix producer stated that the queen’s ancestry is highly debated. In addition, Actress James tweeted, “If you don’t prefer the casting, you have a choice not to watch the show.”

Queen Cleopatra’s director, Tina Gharavi, explained in the Variety guest post that justified her decision to cast Adele as the Queen.

She wrote, “After many processes and several auditions, we cast Adele James an Actor who could convey Cleopatra’s beauty and strength.”

Tina also mentioned that Adele resembles Cleopatra more than Elizabeth Taylor, who played the Egyptian queen’s role in the 1963 film.

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Adele James Parents And Religion

British Actress Adele James was born in London on 20 March 1996. Her parents lived in London, so she is a London native. Several controversies stir around her date of birth as a few online media has suggested that the Actress was born in 1986.

But, according to James’s official social media post, she celebrates her birth in March. The gorgeous Actress shared a picture of her birthday Party on 20 March 2021 and captioned it “over 25 but not yet 30.”

Reportedly, James was raised in South West London by her mother. She grew up with her sibling.

Adele James parents
Adele James respects her mother and sibling’s privacy. (Source: Instagram)

James discovered her acting passion when she was in high school and her mother supported her ambitions. Her parents admitted her to Richmond-upon-Thames College. Adele also earned a degree from the University of Bristol.

During her high school years, James performed as Mrs. Casper’s understudy in Kes’s all-female production. The Actress’s mother revealed that she “had discovered her calling.” 

Despite being a famous star in the British entertainment sector, she has kept her parents and family background under wraps. The talented performer rarely shares pictures of her mother and sister.

However, James’s parents are shy, so she avoids introducing them to her followers. Hopefully, the Queen Cleopatra star’s family will come at ease and share more about their background in the coming days.

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