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Nancy Good

Nancy Good age is the most curious topic among her fan following. The artist recently celebrated her 62nd birthday in February.

Nancy Good is multi-talented, excelling in various artistic endeavors, including acting, modeling, music, singing, and visual arts. Her exceptional skills have gained recognition in Las Vegas and beyond, particularly in commercial work as a lifestyle model and actor.

One notable aspect of her versatility is her ability to transform her appearance to suit the project’s requirements, effortlessly portraying youthful and elderly characters.

She has been consistently cast in challenging, fulfilling roles that resonate with a broader audience.

Recently, the actress embarked on an exciting new venture in cinema. She was selected for a role in Yuval Adler’s highly anticipated film, “Sympathy for the Devil,” which features renowned actors Nicolas Cage and Joel Kinnamen.

Nancy’s big-screen appearance will take place in 2023, showcasing her talents in front of an even broader audience.

Actress Nancy Good Age Wikipedia Bio 

Nancy Good was born in Texas on 1961 February 9, and since 2011, she has made Las Vegas her home and place to work as an artist. She is 63 years old right now.

With a rich and diverse background spanning over three decades, Good’s creative pursuits have been profoundly shaped by her extensive travels to destinations such as Australia, Africa, and Vietnam.

Nancy Good Age
Nancy Good age: She is currently [calculate_years datestring="02/09/1961"] years old. (Source: Instagram)
Additionally, her childhood residency in Japan and her adult life exploring various professions, including artist, photographer, musician, fly-fishing guide, backpacker, writer, and teacher across Montana, Nevada, California, Tennessee, and Illinois, have further contributed to her artistic endeavors.

Moreover, her diverse DNA heritage reflects connections with cultures worldwide, providing her with a unique perspective and inspiration.

As a graduate of Eureka College in Illinois, where she studied voice, creative writing, and art, she continues her education through a relentless self-exploration of visual art.

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Nancy Good Partner 

A prominent actress and model, Nancy has happily married her husband, Pablo Tecopa. While she frequently takes to her social media platforms, particularly Instagram, to share glimpses of her life, she has kept details about her husband relatively private.

Despite the lack of disclosed information, it is evident from her posts that their relationship is filled with love and joy.

Apart from her husband, the artist shares a close bond with her beloved mother, and she often treats her followers to heartwarming pictures of the two together.

Nancy Good husband
Nancy celebrates her birthday with her husband, Pablo Tecopa. (Source: Instagram)

In a heartwarming celebration, Nancy and her husband joined parties with her mother to celebrate her 62nd birthday in February 2023.

As Good continues to captivate audiences with her talent and elegance in the entertainment industry, her commitment to her family shines through in her social media presence, showcasing the love she shares with her husband and mother.

While details about her children remain undisclosed, her fans eagerly anticipate the joyous moments she will continue to share with her loved ones.

Nancy Good Net Worth

The exact net worth of Nancy remains undisclosed at this time. However, given her diverse professional background as an actor, model, and artist, it is likely that she has amassed significant wealth.

One notable achievement in her career occurred in May 2018 when she established CORE Contemporary, a distinguished art gallery with a unique vision.

In 2019 and 2022, she was chosen among numerous applicants statewide to participate in the prestigious Basin to Range (BRX) program organized by the Nevada Arts Council.

Nancy Good
Nancy is the owner of CORE Contemporary, a fine art gallery. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, in the summer of 2020, she took another significant step by establishing CORE Arts Concord Inc., a nonprofit organization. It promotes arts and culture, fosters educational initiatives, and engages with the community while upholding equity, tolerance, and inclusion principles.

As a testament to her expertise and influence, in 2022, Good was appointed as an adjunct faculty member at Roseman University Medical School.

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