Abby Choi Before Plastic Surgery Pics, Was She Transgender? Parents And Children

Abby Choi

People are curious to know about Abby Choi Before Plastic Surgery appearance. Abby was a model and socialite from China. She was brutally murdered in February 2023.

Abby Choi, a prominent figure in the Chinese entertainment industry, is recognized as a highly successful model, social media influencer, entrepreneur, content creator, and socialite.

Her talent and hard work have propelled her to collaborate with top-tier brands and graced the covers of numerous magazines. She has been honored to work alongside prominent personalities, such as Celia Kritharioti and Vogue China, further solidifying her reputation as an influential figure in the industry.

Regrettably, Abby went missing on Wednesday, sending shock waves throughout the entertainment industry and her millions of followers worldwide. Disturbingly, on Friday, the 24th of February, 2023, authorities discovered scattered body parts that belonged to Abby, raising concerns that something terrible had occurred.

Sadly, her headless body was found in Tai Po Village, Hong Kong, revealing the apparent act of her murder.

The incident has left the entertainment industry and Abby Choi’s followers devastated as they mourn the loss of a talented and vibrant personality.

Abby Choi Before Plastic Surgery Pics

Abby Choi, a well-known socialite and model, had established herself as one of the most sought-after influencers in her field.

Despite her success, her age-defying beauty had sparked rumors that she had undergone plastic surgery to maintain her youthful appearance. Questions had been raised about the genuineness of her smooth, flawless face, leading some to assume that she may have had fillers or other cosmetic procedures.

Abby Choi Before Plastic Surgery
Abby Choi (Source: Instagram)

Her frozen expression showed clear evidence that she had spent a price on her beauty.

Further examination of her facial features revealed signs of plastic surgery, such as full-looking cheeks and an over chin that appeared bright and enlarged.

These features were not naturally occurring but likely the result of surgical enhancements.

In addition to undergoing plastic surgery to achieve her desired appearance, it has also been rumored that Abby Choi may have received skin-whitening injections. It is becoming increasingly popular among individuals seeking to lighten their skin tone.

Despite these rumors, Abby Choi continues to enjoy a successful career as a model and influencer, with her beauty and fashion sense inspiring many worldwide.

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Was Abby Choi Transgender?

It is not possible to determine whether Abby identified as transgender or not, as there is no information available on the subject.

It is essential to understand that an individual’s gender identity is personal and private, and not everyone chooses to disclose this information publicly.

Furthermore, it is inaccurate to assume that because Abby Choi was married and had two children, she was not transgender.

The available information provides no insight into Abby Choi’s gender identity.

Abby Choi Parents And Children

Abby Choi Tin-Fung, also named Abby Choi, was born in Hong Kong on July 11, 1994.

Unfortunately, she was brutally murdered at the young age of 28 on February 21, 2023. She was a Christian. Abby was the youngest of four sisters and was raised in a privileged lifestyle.

Her family had businesses both in Hong Kong and mainland China. However, there is no detailed information about her family background on the internet.

Abby Choi
Abby Choi and her family (Source: pkbnews)

Abby was married twice in her life. Her first husband was Alex Kwong, whom she married when she was only 18 years old.

They had two children together but later got divorced. She then married Chris Tam, who is currently her husband. Chris’s Father is the founder of the Tamjai Yunnan Mixian restaurant chain, and Abby and Chris also have two children together.

Despite her divorce from Alex, Abby maintained a close relationship with him and his family. However, tragically, Alex was arrested and charged with her murder.

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