Who Is Amelia Dimoldenberg Sister Zoe? Parents And Husband Revealed

Amelia Dimoldenberg Sister

Amelia Dimoldenberg sister is Zoe Dimoldenberg, who came to the limelight recently because a movie director and designer shared her picture on Twitter. Amelia is a British journalist, TV presenter and Youtuber.

Amelia is an English journalist/presenter also known for her comedy. She has a Youtube channel with more than 1.7 million subscribers. Dimoldenberg was born on 30th January 1994 and grew up in Marylebone nearby the city of Westminster.

And then went to St Marylebone School, and her father, Paul, was a Party member of the City Council.  She has done A-level in English, arts and IT. The foundation of her Art and Design got achieved through her studies for BA in Fashion Communication from London.

Amelia’s first video is dated back to 2014 25th March, named GHETTS Chicken Shop, with more than 1.1 million views.  She has surpassed more than 245 million views. She is famous for her comedic series called Chicken Shop Date.

Amelia Dimoldenberg Sister Zoe and Parents

Amelia’s sister Zoe was unknown to the public till recently; an artist, movie director and designer named Big Smoke shared her picture on his social media with more than 1.1 million followers. Later Amelia retweeted the post quoting that the girl in the picture is her sister Zoe.

Amelia Dimoldenberg Sister
Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Family photo (Source: Instagram)

Her fans and followers thought that it was her or were confused that it might be her and later clarified that it was Zoe. Amelia grew up with Zoe, as she is the only sibling. Her father is Paul Demoldenberg, who has been the Labour Councilor of Queen for about 25 years and was also a Road Councilor for about a decade.

He is currently a Cabinet Member for City management and air quality. Paul was originally from Manchester but later lived in Marylebone in the early 70s. He has done multiple works for the residents too. There is no information about the mother of Amelia and Zoe, but their father posts her picture on his Instagram.

Amelia Dimoldenberg sister
Father and mother of Amelia and Zoe. (Source: Instagram)

The parents were always supportive towards Amelia’s decisions in life. And her sister, Zoe Dimoldenberg, does not like to be in the limelight like her father and sister. Zoe has about 500 followers on tweeter and does not tweet much. Likewise, her Instagram account is kept private, with about 900 followers.

Amelia Dimoldenberg Husband

Amelia has not yet married but has a boyfriend named Aitch. Aitch is a rapper, and his real name is Harrison Armstrong, who made the relationship official with Youtuber Dimoldenberg. Rumors spread throughout the internet that they were together after the rapper posted a TikTok video of them together that created the speculations.

Amelia Dimoldenberg sister
Amelia Dimoldenberg with her rapper boyfriend. (Source: Capital FM)

It is unclear how long they have been together or started dating. In 2019, The rapper Aitch was a guest star as a date for Amelia on her YouTube channel video series called Chicken Shop Date. The episode is the second most viewed video of her, with about 14 million views; her top viewed video is with Chunkz and Yung Filly, with 15 million views.

She has Chicken Shop Date series with various celebrities and artists. The filming process for each episode takes about 40 minutes, Amelia said. She also said humorously that her character in her show is just the exaggerated version of herself.  She had word on various television projects like documentaries and entertainment shows.

Amelia Dimoldenberg Sister
Amelia Dimoldenberg with her rapper boyfriend Aitch. (Source: Instagram)

After three years of that episode, Amelia confirmed the dating rumours to be true. Later the couple confirmed their dating with Tiktok post with a selfie of both Amelia and Aitch. Dimoldenberg captioned the video with the quote you’ve guessed it, haven’t you?

The current relationship with the rapper was Taylor Mullings in 2019, and they broke up the following year. And about her sister Zoe, there is no confirmed information about her relationship status as she does not like to share her personal life with the public.

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