Tee Higgins Sister Shakia Stewart: Age Gap And Family

Tee Higgins sister

Tee Higgins sister, Shakia Stewart, has been an unwavering and proud supporter of Tee from the early stages of his career to the present day.

Tamaurice “Tee” Higgins is a wide receiver in the National Football League, playing for the Cincinnati Bengals.  The Bengals selected Higgins in the second round with the 33rd overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Before joining the NFL, Higgins played college football at Clemson University, helping them win a national championship in 2019 during his second year with the program.

Initially wearing number 85 for the Bengals, Higgins decided in September 2021 to change back to number 5, the jersey number he wore while playing for Clemson.

Higgins noted that fans frequently called him “Ochocinco 2.0” on social media, comparing him to former Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson.

He stated, “I don’t want to be a 2.0 version of someone else. I want to make a name for myself as Tee Higgins 1.0 in this organisation.”

Although he had hoped to change his number for the 2022 season, he could not do so in time, and the change will take effect in 2023 instead.

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Tee Higgins Sister Shakia Stewart

Tee Higgins has an older brother named Rashard Higgins, also a wide receiver in the NFL. Rashard is five years older than Tee, making him around 29 years old currently.

As per sources, Rashard Higgins signed a one-year contract to play for the Carolina Panthers in March 2022, joining the team as a veteran presence at the position.

Tee also has an older sister, Shakia, who has supported him since childhood.

Tee Higgins sister
 An adorable image of Tee and his late father, Eric Higgins (Source: Instagram)

Having two older siblings who have helped guide him, Tee has been able to develop his football talents from an early age with their support.

With the advice of his family members, who have more life and football experience, Tee has been put on a path to success, culminating in his burgeoning NFL career as a top receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Further details about Tee Higgins’s sister, Shakia Stewart, are not readily available, as Tee maintains privacy regarding his personal life.

Tee Higgins and his Siblings’ age gap

Tee Higgins was born in 1999; as of 2024, he is 25 years old.

In addition, Tee’s sister Shakia “Keke” was born in 1989; as of 2024, she is 35 years old.

Moreover, Tee’s brother Rashard was born in 1994, and as of 2024, he is 30 years old.

So, Tee shares an age gap of 10 years with his sister Shakia and a 5-year age gap with his brother Rashard. 

However, Tee himself keeps factual details about their age gap private, so these are just speculations made by online users. 

Tee Higgins family 

Wide receiver Tee Higgins was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, to parents Eric Higgins and Camilla “Lady” Stewart.

Tee grew up with an older sister named Shakia “Keke.” His parents divorced when he was young after being together for over 4 years.

After the split, Tee lived primarily with his mother, Camilla, as a single parent who provided immense love and support to both kids.

Tee Higgins sister
Tee Higgins shares an image of him and his mother (Source: Sportskeeda)

Tragically, his father, Eric, passed away on August 30th, 2022, at 52 years old. Having been raised primarily by his mother after the divorce, Tee developed a closer relationship with her than with his late father during his upbringing.

Higgins has frequently posted pictures with his mother on social media, accompanied by heartfelt captions.

Interestingly, he reportedly reunited with his father at the 2022 Super Bowl, where his mother was also in the stands, showing her support.

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