Susie Boniface Husband In 2023: Divorce With Ex And Kids

Susie Boniface Husband

Who is Susie Boniface husband? Did she get married after the divorce? Susie is a British journalist and author.

Susie Boniface was born in 1976 or 1977 in Tonbridge, Kent, and has established herself as a prominent figure in the field of journalism.

With a career spanning national and local newspapers, she has showcased her writing skills in broadsheets and tabloids, working on dailies and Sundays.

Starting her journey as a reporter at the Kent & Sussex Courier at the age of 18, she went on to become the first female defense reporter for the Plymouth Evening Herald.

With extensive experience in Fleet Street, she spent a decade at the Sunday Mirror, covering a wide range of stories.

Featuring discussions with well-known individuals, such as the bathroom attendant who Cheryl Tweedy unfortunately struck.

Also, uncovering stories like George Osborne’s involvement with a dominatrix and cocaine.

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Susie Boniface Husband In 2023

While talking on the topic of Susie Boniface husband in 2023, there is no information related to it.

Moreover, there is no information on whether she is dating someone.

However, we cannot assume that she is single and is not dating one or is unmarried due to the lack of information.

Maybe she is married or is in a relationship but has kept it a secret as Susie does not want public opinion on her love life.

However, her coverage also extended to international crises such as the Boxing Day tsunami and the Niger famine.

Susie Boniface Husband
There is no information about Susie Boniface’s husband after the divorce. (Image Source: The Mirror)

In 2009, Susie Boniface took on the persona of “Fleet Street Fox” and began blogging anonymously, offering insights into the world of journalism.

Her candid and engaging writing style caught the attention of many.

However, we will update you on the topic of Susie Boniface’s husband as soon as we get information from our sources.

Susie Boniface Divorce with ex-wife and Kids

Susie Boniface, also known by her pseudonym Fleet Street Fox, has revealed personal and often humorous details about her life, including her divorce, through her writings.

Her book, “Diaries of a Fleet Street Fox,” provides insights into her experiences, including a divorce, which she addresses candidly and forthrightly.

The book delves into her emotions and challenges during the divorce process, reflecting her trademark acerbic and witty style.

Susie Boniface Husband
Susie Boniface has not mentioned her ex-husband’s name despite saying the book was related to her married life. (Image Source: The Telegraph)

While she expected some criticism and backlash, she found that her readers were surprisingly supportive and appreciative of her honesty.

Through her writing, Susie Boniface has shared her professional journey as a journalist and the personal aspects of her life, including her divorce, resonating with her audience.

She later unveiled her true identity in a reveal that coincided with her book “Diaries of a Fleet Street Fox,” published in 2013.

Beyond her role as a journalist, she has embraced various roles, including a freelance columnist, TV and radio commentator, and media consultant.

She also gave lectures in journalism at the City, University of London.

She also serves as a judge for the Kent Press & Broadcast Awards.

Susie Boniface’s diverse and accomplished career exemplifies her dedication and contribution to the world of journalism.

Additionally, she has not mentioned the name of her ex-husband. 

Moreover, Susie has not mentioned if they were the kids’ parents.

However, we will be the first one to update you on her ex-husband and kids as soon as we get information.

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