Sunisa Lee Siblings: Evionn, Lucky, And Noah

Sunisa Lee Siblings

Get to know more about the accomplished American artistic gymnast’s close-knit family. Let us delve into the lives of the Sunisa Lee siblings: Evionn, Lucky, and Noah.

Sunisa “Suni” Lee, an American artistic gymnast, made history at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The Hmong-American athlete won the all-around gold medal, becoming the first Asian American woman to achieve this title.

She also earned a bronze medal on uneven bars and was part of the U.S. team that won silver.

The Minnesota native is considered one of the most accomplished American gymnasts, with her six world championships and Olympic medals.

In 2021, Lee was named Female Athlete of the Year by Sports Illustrated and was included in Time’s 100 Most Influential People list for her barrier-breaking Olympic performance.

However, her story goes beyond sports, offering a glimpse into the complex interplay of siblings, family, and ethnicity in shaping her identity and accomplishments. 

Meet Sunisa Lee siblings and find out how they may have influenced her remarkable journey to Olympic success.

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Meet Sunisa Lee Siblings Evionn, Lucky, And Noah

Sunisa has three younger half-siblings through her mother, Yeev Thoj, ‘s relationship with John Lee. The siblings are named Evionn, Lucky, and Noah.

Evionn, like his older sister Suni, is involved in artistic gymnastics and has competed at the regional level. Having a shared interest in the sport was likely a bonding experience for the two siblings.

With the gymnast embarking on her elite gymnastics career at a young age, it must have been inspiring for Evionn to witness his sister’s talent and determination up close.

Sunisa Lee Siblings
Sunisa Lee siblings, friends and family celebrate her gold-medal performance. (Source: twincities)

As the younger siblings, Lucky and Noah probably look up to their high-achieving older sister as a role model.

Growing up in a busy household with three younger siblings has kept the athlete grounded. The family environment seems supportive and loving.

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Sunisa Lee Family And Ethnicity

The American artistic gymnast’s parents are Yeev Thoj and John Lee. They met when Sunisa was two years old, and John has helped raise Sunisa since then.

The athlete’s mother and father have created a stable family environment for Suni and her siblings. However, they have faced significant challenges as refugees building a new life in America.

Yeev was born in Laos and came to the U.S. as a refugee when she was 12. The adjustment to American culture was difficult at first.

She marveled at simple things like wearing jeans and going to the grocery store. However, she built a life in her adopted home of Minnesota.

John was also born in Laos but came to America around age 7. Like Yeev, he was amazed by things Americans take for granted, like cars and electricity.

Despite arriving in the U.S. with trim, the couple has achieved the American dream through hard work. They’ve given their children opportunities they could only imagine growing up.

However, in 2019, the family suffered a setback when the athlete’s father was paralyzed in a fall from a ladder. But he has fought to regain mobility through physical therapy.

He was even able to attend Lee’s Olympic gymnastics trials in 2021. The entire family undoubtedly drew inspiration from seeing John’s perseverance.

Suni has Hmong ancestry. The Hmong constitute an ethnic minority from China, with significant communities now residing in Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar.

Throughout the Vietnam War, numerous Hmong individuals fought alongside U.S. military forces in opposition to communist adversaries. After the war’s conclusion, they encountered backlash due to their alignment with the United States.

Both of Lee’s parents originate from Hmong families that escaped persecution in Laos.

Sunisa Lee Siblings
Sunisa Lee siblings and family: The gold medalist’s parents, John and Yeev, were young when their families emigrated to the United States from Laos during the Vietnam War. (Source: womenshealthmag)

They embarked on arduous journeys to refugee camps in Thailand before ultimately finding new homes in Minnesota, a state boasting one of the largest Hmong populations in the United States.

Sunisa’s family has maintained their cultural practices even in America. As an illustration, they organize substantial gatherings that see the participation of hundreds of relatives.

Growing up within a closely-knit Hmong community provided Sunisa with a profound connection to her cultural heritage.

Her lineage also propels her to represent the Hmong people on the global stage, as showcased through her role as an Olympic gymnast.

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