Stephen Satterfield Wife 2023: Is He Married? Dating History

Stephen Satterfield wife

Stephen A. Satterfield is an African-American food writer, media entrepreneur, and host of the 2021 Netflix series High on the Hog about African-American cuisine’s impact. Who is Stephen Satterfield wife? Find out. 

Satterfield briefly attended university, then went to the Western Culinary Institute, becoming a sommelier by age 21.

In 2007, Satterfield created a non-profit supporting black winemakers in Africa. He moved to San Francisco in 2010 to manage the farm-to-table eatery Nopa.

In 2016, he co-founded Whetstone Magazine, exploring food origins, and established Whetstone Media in 2018 to launch the “Point of Origin” podcast adapting the magazine.

Now 38, Satterfield has over 15 years of experience as a wine expert and restauranteur.

He also founded organizations supporting black culinary communities before Netflix tapped him to spotlight African-American food history and culture through High on the Hog.

Satterfield strives to view food holistically as a way to connect with the human experience and gain a deeper understanding of the world. He is dedicated to incorporating diverse perspectives into his food writing.

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Stephen Satterfield Wife 2023: Is He Married?

As Stephen Satterfield is a well-known journalist providing details regarding food and cuisines, his fans are eager to know if he has a wife. So here is what they need to know:

Stephen Satterfield is single now and seems more focused on his career than marriage and having a wife. 

Stephen Satterfield wife
                                                                          Stephen at the Zingermans family of businesses (Source: Instagram)

Hopefully, in the future, the renowned food journalist might find someone very supportive of him and his career.

So, for the time being, he seems to enjoy being single and contributing to the journalism sector, which he has been doing for a long time.

Stephen Satterfield’s dating history

As a famous and talented journalist and traveler, his followers wonder if he has dated anyone in the past. But as of now, he has not revealed much about his dating history either.

There have been rumors about dating one person, but he has not confirmed any rumors or speculation.

Also, the television personality and host might have dated someone in the past, but he has not revealed that person’s identity to protect their privacy.

Stephen Satterfield wife
                                  Stephen’s friend Eliko is pictured with the homemade candle-shaped Georgian creation (Source: Instagram)

So, dating history and love life are a person’s private matters, so these might be the sole reasons behind keeping that information private.

Furthermore, everyone is requested to wait patiently until the news commentator is comfortable sharing details about his dating life.

Stephen Satterfield’s net worth

Stephen has built a remarkable track record of success in his extensive journalism career.

Unfortunately, Stephen has not revealed his net worth at this moment. Nevertheless, considering his talent and extensive experience, he will likely receive noteworthy compensation for his contributions.

There is speculation but no definitive figure regarding the food journalist’s net worth, with some unofficial online estimates placing it between $1.5 and $2 million.

However, Stephen has not disclosed specific details on his earnings and net financial assets.

As a private matter, he appears to be keeping that information confidential and protected from public knowledge.

Stephen’s earnings could fluctuate based on his skillset and experience, either increasing or decreasing.

Maintaining a focus on privacy while dedicating himself to his passion and career, Stephen has not been mentioned in any media outlets regarding his net worth.

Satterfield’s credibility has earned him fame and fortune, showcasing his dedication to delivering exceptional skills that meet high standards.

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