Ron Klain Religion – Is He Jewish? Family Background Wife And Age

Ron Klain religion and wife

Ron Klain Religion topic interests many people as they are curious to learn about the White House Chief of Staff’s faith. Is He Jewish? Let’s find out. 

Former lobbyist Klain served under President Joe Biden as White House chief of staff. Also, he is a former chief of staff to vice president Al Gore. 

The consultant began his political career in 1983. Recently, Klain received the spotlight as he planned to step down as staff’s chief following Biden’s State of the Union address in February.

Since his departure announcement, everyday citizens have been interested in learning more about him.

Besides his professional life, people search for Klain’s religion, family background, and personal details, so be with us to learn more. 

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Ron Klain Religion – Is He Jewish?

Former staff chief Ron Klain is Jewish. Klain has confirmed his faith for a while now, and many online outlets have mentioned his religion. 

Ron grew up in a strict Jewish family. His parents introduced him to the religion, and he followed in their footsteps. 

Ron Klain religion
Ron Klain rarely mentions his religious belief in media interviews. (Source: New York Post)

Sources have not revealed his religious transformation, and no such news has been released yet. So, it is safe to say that Klain has not followed any religion other than Jewish.

However, the political consultant has rarely mentioned his religion publicly; so netizens search for his faith in many instances.

Klain was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. His nationality is American.

Regarding his origin, his parents are from the United States. Also, he has not migrated to another country.

Perhaps, he doesn’t want to invest his time speaking of his religious belief as he rarely mentions them in his political agendas. 

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Ron Klain Wife And Family Background

Political consultant Ron Klain tied the knot with his high school sweetheart, Monica Medina. He has been married to the love of his life for more than 20 years now.

Klain’s wife, Medina, is a former military officer. She is now an environmental activist and attorney.

According to Medina’s Linkedin profile, she founded an environmental newsletter, Our Daily Planet. Also, she serves as the publisher of the portal and shares knowledge about conservation and sustainability.

The lovely duo met in college at Georgetown and became each other’s sweethearts. Medina and Klain celebrated their 40th Valentine’s Day in 2019.

Ron Klain Wife
Ron Klain married his high school love, Monica Medina. (Source: Distractify)

The sweet couple shares three kids: two sons, Michael and Daniel, and a daughter, Hannah. Klain’s kids have been living independently and often visit their families to celebrate festivals together.

Regarding Klain’s family background, he was born to Stanley Klain and Sarann Warner. His Father, Stanley Klain, worked as a building contractor, while his mother, Sarann Warner, was a travel agent.

His parents supported his career as they were always there to support him through thick and thin. As Klain was a single child of his parents, he received much attention from his family. 

Ron Klain Age – how old is he?

Ronald Alan Klain, shortly Ron Klain, is an American political consultant and attorney. The former lobbyist was born on 8 August 1961. Klain is 62 years old as of 2024. 

In 2020, Klain became President Joe Biden’s presidential Campaign’s senior advisor. He served as chief staff of the White House following the victory.

However, Klain revealed his step-down plans as chief of staff in January 2023.

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